12 best Asics trail running shoes (November 2017)

1,225 runner reviewed these shoes with an average score of 84/100

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As one of the trusted brands in terms of performance shoes, Asics is frequently dominating more or less 100,000 shoe reviews with their top-of-the-line running range. With their dedication to running, the brand has come up with the best Asics trail shoes for off-road running, hiking, adventure racing, trekking and cross-country activities among others.

How can the best Asics trail shoes help your performance on rugged terrain?

  • Waterproof properties are not incorporated in every trail shoe, but having such features does make a difference when you are running on trails. With the possibility of mud, snow and rain, you need to keep your foot comfortable and dry throughout the run. Look for waterproof features, such as Gore-Tex technology (GTX) to allow better protection against the elements and debris.
  • Trail shoes are believed to be bulky and ugly, but the best Asics trail shoes have better designs for casual and professional runners. You can expect appealing platforms that either camouflage on the trail or pop out with bold colors. Even if you are running on mud, you can still make a statement with aesthetically-appealing shoes from Asics
  • One of the main elements of a trail shoe is the high level of grip and traction on the undersurface. As opposed to road shoes, you need to prioritize an aggressive treading pattern if you want to conquer more rugged trails, like stony paths and mountain ranges. However, you can also choose a tamed undersurface for running on off-road routes and even pavements. The best Asics trail shoes do have great versatility to enjoy.
  • Protection should not be compromised for performance or design. Choose the best Asics trail shoes that can offer better underfoot protection against trail irregularities and impact forces. There are outsoles with premium cushioning to reduce the pressure from shock or trail-specific plates to keep debris from bruising your foot.

What are the priorities in choosing the best Asics trail shoes?

  • Outsole Build. The protection and performance on the trail rely on the shoe’s outsole; thus, it only makes sense to take that part into account when picking the best Asics trail shoes. Asics has quite a few outsole materials innovated to improve trail performance, such as the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Rubber) outsole and the DuraSponge sole technology.
  • Waterproof features. Popular trail shoes from Asics have waterproof counterparts. If your location has regular rain showers or snowy weather, it is wise to use a waterproof pair to keep performance, comfort and protection top-notch.
  • Weight. The weight of the shoe should be an issue if you are into adventure racing. You will need a pair that provides a combination of performance and protection in a lightweight profile so that speed will not be compromised. However, if you are just into cross training or regular trail running, an average weight would be fine.