Profile of the Nike Zoom Long Jump 4

Use - The configuration of the Nike Zoom Long Jump 4 consists of technical features that are best suited for long jump and pole vault. With its stiff spike plate and specific plate shape, optimal performance is to be expected. 

Spike Type - Providing superior grip and traction to the Zoom Long Jump 4 on the tracks is its ⅜ -inch Christmas tree spikes. These are designed to compress the track surface with the energy returning to the athlete. 

Spike Plate - A nylon spike plate is supplemented into this jumping shoe. It acts as its protective layer from the harsh track surface as it employs rigidity. Moreover, it is responsible for permitting excellent grip and traction. 

Updates to Nike Zoom Long Jump 4

  • Since the Zoom Long Jump 4 aims to aid in maximizing the performance of athletes, one of the updates given to the shoe is its number of spike receptacles. Prior to this iteration, the Zoom Long Jump 3 only incorporated 6 spike receptacles. With its improved design, the shoe is graced with more traction and grip. 
  • To maintain the quality of the series, it continues to employ the same spike plate component: ¾ nylon spike plate. It also supports the K.T.S.O (Keep The Sand Out) screen mesh to secure fit and protection against the sand. 

Size and fit

The Nike Zoom Long Jump 4 is available in unisex sizing, following men’s sizing scheme. Female users are advised to go 1.5 sizes down in order to secure accurate fit and size. 

To prevent premature removal and slippage, a Velcro strap and zipper closure is embellished to the shoe. Meanwhile, its synthetic leather upper provides a snug wrap around the foot. 


Because Nike wants to offer optimal performance for the athletes, a ¾ nylon spike plate at the Zoom Long Jump 4’s forefoot- a material that’s both durable and grippy. It features 7 spike receptacles to aid the removable Christmas tree spikes of the shoe to further its traction. 

Extending from the heel to the nylon plate is a textured rubber outsole, configured to maximize the shoe’s grip. The same outsole component is implemented to the Nike Zoom Rival S 9.


For athletes to keep their focus on the competition and last, sufficient cushioning should be provided by their track and field shoes. That is why in the Zoom Long Jump 4, an EVA Wedge is deployed under the heel and midfoot. It is a high-density foam that gives the shoe ample support and cushioning. 


Covering the majority of the shoe’s upper is synthetic leather, intending to provide a comfortable yet supportive fit. To promote the security of the shoe, a locked-down Velcro strap is added to the forefoot, further pressing down the foot. 

Further, a zipper closure is located at the tongue of the shoe, covering its laces to give lockdown fit. 

One remarkable feature of the Zoom Long Jump 4 is its K.T.S.O screen mesh. It provides sufficient ventilation into the shoe while protecting it from the sand. 


The current trend of Nike Zoom Long Jump 4.
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