Profile of the Nike Zoom Rival D 10

Use -  The Zoom Rival D 10 is a track running shoe from Nike that is an excellent option for any runner who wants a bit more underfoot support for longer races. It works well for 800 meters to 1,000 meters race runners.

Spike Type - The shoe's outsole uses five ¼ pyramid spikes. These removable spikes offer custom traction for a better grip on the ground.

Spike Plate - A Pebax plate provides stability in the Zoom Rival D 10 with minimal bulk. The Pebax plate offers reliable propulsion at the wearer's forefoot.

Updates to Nike Zoom Rival D 10

  • The Nike Zoom Rival D 10 track spike is designed to run short and long distances. It has been updated with a single-layer mesh and Phylon midsole cushioning for breathable comfort from start to finish.
  • The Zoom Rival D 10 now uses a single-layer mesh upper with overlays for breathability and support. This single-layer mesh material has no-sew overlays that also enhance durability for improved performance. 
  • The shoe also features a Phylon midsole for lightweight cushioning and support. The Phylon midsole and the added cushioning in the heel provide the shoe with maximum comfort and responsiveness. This full-length midsole foam also delivers lightweight, resilient cushioning, with an attached unit in the heel to increase comfort.
  • An arch band is also incorporated in the midfoot section. It wraps around the shoe's midfoot to help secure the wearer's feet and offer additional support.
  • This is complemented by the Slip Lasting. It involves wrapping and stitching the shoe's upper in a bootie-like shape before attaching it to the midsole. This promotes flexibility while decreasing the shoe's weight overall.

Size and fit

The Nike Zoom Rival D 10 is a unisex track and field shoe. It is available in medium B sizing for men and medium D sizing for women. It has a cushioned, anatomical toe shape that allows room for spacious comfort. The shoe's arch band also wraps the midfoot for a more secure fit. The forefoot area is also open and relaxed, allowing the toes to splay and flex naturally. Additionally, to ensure a secure fit and optimum performance, users may choose track spikes that are a half size bigger from one's standard shoe size.


Same as the well-known Nike Zoom 400, the shoe’s outsole is fitted with the Pebax spike plate. It is computer-designed with geometrical cutouts that help in reducing the shoe’s weight. It also improves flexibility and stiffness where it is needed. The Pebax spike plate also maximizes the outsole’s propulsion and for it to have a smoother toe-off.

The Zoom D 10 has five removable ¼ pyramid spike pins that line the perimeter of the forefoot. It delivers efficient traction across every track surface.

A thin rubber layer then covers the heel and midfoot area of the shoe, providing durability and accommodating any footstrike.


A full-length Phylon platform is incorporated in the shoe’s midsole to provide cushioning, comfort, and a smooth transition. It has a lightweight profile that helps spare the wearer’s joints as they strike down onto the hard track surfaces. The Phylon material is made of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, expanded by heat, and then cooled down into a mold. This process yields the ultimate combination of springy responsiveness and resilience. The thick layer of Phylon foam cushions the full length of the shoe with its better cushioning compared to that of most track and field shoes on the market.

The Zoom Rival D 10 is also sculpted to support under the arch. The shape is also straighter than most track shoes, thus providing more material under the midfoot are and ample width under the ball of the foot. The shoe’s arch band secures the midfoot area that helps to keep the midsole in place and the same time reducing in-shoe slippage. 


The Zoom Rival D 10’s mesh upper encases each of the wearer’s foot in breathable comfort. The upper mesh material features perforations in the fabric that increase air ventilation in the shoe, creating a better and healthier shoe environment.

The shoe also has no-sew overlays that wrap the heel in lightweight support. Additional overlays on the tip of the toe and eyestays offer enhanced durability 

No-sew overlays swathe the heel in lightweight comfort, plus overlays on the toe tip and eyestays improve strength. The anatomical toe shape allows space for comfortable toe splay.

Lastly, the ankle collar and tongue are made of plush material, which is the padding typically found in a training shoe. This also keeps forefoot open and relaxed, allowing toes to splay and flex naturally.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 5.8oz / Women 4.7oz
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Collection: Nike Zoom Rival
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch

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