Who should buy the Nike Metcon 6

If you want to own just one premium training shoe for everything at the gym or in a CrossFit WOD, we highly recommend the Metcon 6. It is a solid all-arounder from Nike’s flagship cross-training shoe line.

Who should NOT buy the Nike Metcon 6

Being great for everything detracts from the shoe’s ability to specialize:

  • It is not a full-fledged alternative to a weightlifting shoe, although it is one of the best cross-trainers for lifting
  • Not good for running, especially if you heel strike or go over 5 km (for this purpose, you may want to check out the Free x Metcon series)

Nike Metcon 6 vs. Metcon 5 - Familiar comfort with added breathability

The experts are elated that the shoe retains its predecessor’s versatility and comfort. Just like the other even-numbered Metcons, it doesn’t bring any major overhauls.

The only update lies in the shoe’s upper: a reconstructed mesh with large pores makes the shoe feel lighter and airier.

Should you update? Only if you find Metcon 5 not breathable enough.

Nike Metcon 6 vs. Metcon 4 - Same stability, more versatility

For those coming from the even earlier version, experts highly recommend updating to the Metcon 6. Here are some of the reasons why those experts who compared these models prefer the 6:

  • more comfortable
  • more flexible
  • slightly more cushioned but still stable for lifting
  • more breathable upper
  • no more midsole squeak

Should you update? Yes, if want a more versatile Metcon.

Breathability - What the update is all about

A consensus is that “the upper feels less bulky, more open, more airy.” One expert also demonstrates how you can even “see the daylight through [the mesh]” inside the shoe.

8 out of 9 experts rave about the difference they feel in airflow. One says that it is “a lifesaver,” given that he is “working out in hot garages in Florida.”

Metcon 6 upper design

Nike Metcon 6 upper light test

Weightlifting - Top stability among cross-trainers

All experts agree that Metcon 6 is yet another successful update to the series which will work for:

  • Olympic lifting (all types of squats, cleans, jerks, snatches)
  • Powerlifting (bench press, deadlift)

The shoe’s stability is delivered through the firm, flat, and wide heel. One tester says that it is “so dense, these shoes make a “clip-clop” sound when you walk – Just like Oly lifters!” All experts describe it as “grippy,” “solid,” “stable,” “supportive,” and offering “a great sense of contact with the ground.”

Olympic lifting in Metcon 6

What brings the Metcon 6 even closer to a full-on pair of lifters are the Hyperlift inserts. They can be added under the heel to elevate the offset from 4 to 12 mm. The opinions split in half on the helpfulness of these:

  • Some find them useful for Olympic weightlifting, pistol squats, thrusters, and wall balls
  • Some are skeptical and “stopped using them after initial tests” or say that they “would not replace the Romaleos

Hyperlift inserts for Metcon 6

Nike Metcon 6 hyperlift insert

Jumping - Good

Those who commented on this part highlighted responsive forefoot and lateral support.

Jumps, lunges, push-ups, burpees are all made comfortable with the flexible and bouncy forefoot cushioning of the Metcon 6. However, one expert wished for a bit higher responsiveness like that in the Nike React Metcon.

At the same time, high sidewalls and a plastic wall around the toebox help to lock the foot in place.

Box jumps in Metcon 6

Running - Okay for sprints under 1 km

All experts who attempted running in the Metcon 6 “wouldn’t recommend these for a 5K and certainly not for running on a daily basis.” However, the cushioned foam in the forefoot makes it “OK for SHORT runs like 400m, 800m.”

Rope climbing - The best

Those who climbed the rope in the Metcon 6 claim it their “absolute favorite” and “the best rope climbing shoe out there.” All of this, thanks to the large side panels with grooves that are “awesome for gripping.”

Rope climbing in Metcon 6

Nike Metcon 6 rope guard closeup

Size and fit of the Metcon 6

The majority of experts find the fit to be perfect and they recommend going with the regular shoe size.

Those with wider feet find the trainer a bit tight and recommend trying half-a-size up, BUT “if you have the Nike Metcon 5 and you are OK with the fit and feel – get the same size.”

Nike Metcon 6 fit

Nike Metcon 6 vs. Reebok Nano X

The two have been going neck to neck ever since their first releases, both growing a rather extensive fan base. Thus, you can’t go wrong with either one:

  • both offer exceptional stability for weightlifting
  • neither is great for running

Still, there are some differences that make the experts prefer one over the other for certain activities.

Metcon 6 benefits:

  • more streamlined, minimized feel
  • includes Hyperlift inserts
  • more breathable
  • better for rope climbs

Nano X benefits:

  • more heel support
  • wider toebox

Overall, the Nano X works best for people with wide feet and those like that extra “beef” in the collar. The Metcon 6 is better if you want “less shoe” on the foot.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 12.8oz
Drop: Men 4mm
Update: Nike Metcon 8
Use: Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Aug 2020
Features: Low drop

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