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The well-known American shoe brand, Nike, understands that Track and Field is a very demanding sport, which means that such a demanding sport means proper equipment will be essential. Nike sees to it that they push the limits on their materials and technology, utilizing their most research and studies to design the best track and field shoes suitable for all types of events.

Of course, since the track and field sport is based on athletics, it just automatically makes sense that the demand for great athletic shoes that can perform at its very best is what is needed. But choosing the right pair does not come so easy. In the end, what is important is for an athlete to find the best Nike footwear available, and we here at Run Repeat, aim to help our readers out with that.

Key factors to consider when buying Nike track and field shoes

best nike track and field shoes
Best Nike track and field shoes - October 2019

The sport of track and field requires a considerable amount of skill and power, that is why one has to match this by being keen and careful about which type of footwear to use for the event that one is competing for. Here below are certain factors worth considering when making a choice to find the right Nike track and field shoes.

Fit. Nike track and field shoes should not fit too tight because it will not be only uncomfortable, but it will also obstruct blood flow, cause muscle, and nerve cramps. Nike makes sure that their track and field shoes have an extra cushion, padded tongues, and collars coupled with a closed lacing system combine to add to the feel and fit of the track shoes.

Functionality. It varies on the levels of skill and events, Nike track shoes perform and function in diverse ways. For instance track events, shoes for racing shorter distances usually have a strong, hard sole along the base of the foot. This allows for good take-off and gaining momentum.

Ventilation. The right amount of ventilation in one's Nike track and field shoes is important for long-distance event runners. This is because mesh fabric and perforations along the toes and uppers ensure proper air circulation during the races which are especially needed for middle or long-distance events.

Nike track and field shoe gear guide for men and women

This is a concise gear guide to be informed about which qualities to look for in competition shoes, based on each specific track and field event.

Sprint (100m, 200m, 400m)

An athlete is so used in relying on all their senses and going fast on the track that they carry that in their daily life. Everything moves so quickly for them that sometimes they do not even have the time to decide on which spikes are perfect for them. They should take the time in considering the right footwear that will carry them to the finish line. A great Nike sprint spike is the one that should help increase power and also delivers impeccable traction to enhance the user's speed. Always look for a snug-fitting shoe and one that has a strategically placed spike plate that provides optimum traction on every stride and to help prevent slipping on the track.

The Nike Zoom Rival S 9 is one of the sprint spikes that can help a sprint runner finish faster. It has a traction pattern on the shoe's outsole and an updated spike plate that provides an ultimate grip as the runner zooms through the track. It also has the ¾ length bootie that keeps the foot securely locked down during the run.

Middle Distance (800m, 1500m)

Finding the right pair of Nike middle distance spike can get a bit tricky. This is because the spikes would be required to perform with the speed of a sprinter combined with the endurance of a distance runner. A good middle distance spike would be something that melds the rigidness of a sprint spike and the comfort of a distance spike all together. 

One of the great choices for a middle distance spike shoe is the Nike Zoom Victory 3. It has a lightweight design built to help achieve in beating or setting one’s personal record on race day. It also has that unique blend of stiffness and comfort that is ideal for the middle distance event.

Long Distance (3000m Steeplechase, 5000m, 10000m)

The Nike long-distance spike is a shoe worth investing in as it will be the game-changer in an athlete's race. And since it is usually worn for running on many consecutive miles, it is preferable to own a Nike spike that will offer comfort and support while remaining lightweight all throughout the competition.

A good example is the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3. It is one of the best all-around distance spikes on the market for years now. The Zoom Matumbo 3 comes in a super lightweight package and has enough cushioning provided by the Phylon midsole. This Nike distance spikes will have any athlete run through consecutive laps of 10000m with no problem and in comfort.

Triple Jump and Pole Vault

For a pole vault and triple jump athlete to run and jump with ease, they would need a hybrid Nike spike shoe. It is a shoe that will fit securely on the feet and at the same time, offers grip to help gain speed. It should also feature comfortable padding to protect the feet from impact upon landing.

The Nike Zoom TJ (Triple Jump) Elite is the right shoe for the job as it is designed with a sharkskin overlay that will help increase traction, a forefoot strap to keep the foot secure, and cushioning in the midsole for that needed comfort.

As named appropriately, the Nike Zoom PV II, which the PV stands for Pole Vault, is the shoe choice for the said event. It is expertly engineered for optimal speed and it has a more accurate posture when approaching take off.

High Jump

To find the perfect pair of Nike high jump shoes, one should look for how lightweight and flexible the shoe is. The shoe’s flexibility will help with the athlete's speed during the approach. It is also important that the shoe will provide traction and offer good stability during taking off.

The Nike Zoom HJ Elite is a good candidate for being one of the best high jump shoes currently available. It made lightweight with its new Pebax plate design that lessens the shoe’s weight in half while still providing the perfect amount of stiffness.

Long Jump

When purchasing Nike long jump shoes, it is essential to look for a shoe that comes light in weight. This is to help power up the speed. An outsole that can provide great traction to grip the board before take-off is also important. Lastly, make sure that the shoe has the right amount of cushioning to protect the feet during landing.

We recommend giving the Nike Zoom LJ 4 a try as it has durable cushioning, a ¾ length spike plate that offers powerful traction, and a zippered shroud which secures the shoe on the user's foot.


May it be for wielding a hammer, a discus, or a shot, it is recommended to get Nike spikes that can deliver an extra boost of energy and power. It should also have an excellent grip to keep the athlete planted during the follow-through.

The robust Nike Zoom Rotational 6 is a good choice for any throwing events. It is equipped with a rubber outsole grip, a midfoot strap for support, a Pebax spike plate for responsive underfoot feel, durability, and improved fit.


Javelin is known to entail hardcore throwing, and that is one of the reasons that this sport requires the best Nike spikes. It should have a secure fit and spikes that are strategically placed on the outsole. It offers the shoe an extra grip and control during the athlete's throw and release.

What is suitable for the job is something like the Nike Zoom Javelin Elite 2. It is fitted with 11 spikes, it feels lightweight, has a responsive midsole, and an added support from the shoe's midfoot strap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Nike track shoes fit tight?

Nike track shoes should fit snuggly without cramping the foot. It is not ideal to have any excess space in the shoes, as that will cause them to lose power and speed during the race. It is suggested that the Nike track shoes should feel tighter than regular athletic shoes, but not too tight to make the athlete wearing them uncomfortable.

How long do Nike track shoes last?

Most Nike track shoes last for at least two to three racing seasons. Track shoes also generally feel better the more they are getting used. Nike track shoes used by distance runners who compete in track and cross country can sometimes use the same shoe for all their racing seasons.

Can high jump Nike spikes also be used for javelin events?

Yes, Nike spikes used for competing in high jump can also be used for javelin. This is because spikes used for both events are similar.

Can Nike track shoes make you race faster?

Nike track shoes tend to be lighter than other types of running shoes, which means that the lighter the track shoe is, the faster it carries the feet without as much fatigue. The weight of Nike track shoes varies, but Nike sprint shoes are the lightest as it performs for only a few seconds, and speed is what mostly the runners need.