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New Balance 247 Sneakers

Best New Balance 247 Sneakers - August 2019

A household name in the sneaker industry and amongst sneakerheads, New Balance has continued to amaze and wow with its footwear. A company that started back in 1908 in Belmont, Masschusetts. Back then, it was called The New Balance Arch Company and the focus of everyone at the company was to solely manufacture arch supports as well as orthopedic shoes. This was the focus of the company for the majority of the 20th century. But things changed for the company and it shifted to what it is doing today.

From great designs and silhouette, New Balance innovates, producing sneakers that are heavily sought after on today’s market. One such sneaker from the brand is the New Balance 247.

Entering the market in the last month of 2016, this particular sneaker from NB was limited to only 247 pairs on initial release. These 247 pairs were available to the most important and influential people in the sneaker industry and world. The nature of its release, the limited availability paired with the excellent quality, made it even more sought after.

A relatively new sneaker to the market, the love, and adoration that people have for it have prompted New Balance to up its game. You can follow on below to know more about the brand and its efforts to bring life to a prolific sneaker.

New Balance 247 Variations

With the sneaker community wanting to get its hand on a pair of New Balance 247 sneakers, New Balance decided to create variations of the sneakers for sneakerheads to enjoy. Here are some NB 247 standouts that we think you should check out and they come highly recommended. Read on and enjoy. Don’t hesitate to get a pair of these kicks, too.

New Balance 247 Mid

For this pair of sneakers from New Balance, the New Balance 247 shoes get a relatively new look with a mid-top collar giving it the spunk it needs, paving the way for the 247 mid to come to life. Here are some things you’ll notice about this pair of New Balance 247 sneakers:

  • It has a monochromatic look with a knitted form-fitting mid-top collar.
  • The upper is made of mesh and textile that makes it very lightweight and breathable.
  • It has speckled shoelace.
  • The white midsole has the REVlite label on it.
  • It has a round toe design for a classy look that’s appealing to a lot of people.

New Balance 247 LFC

When it comes to acclaimed footwear brand New Balance, the New Balance 247 is a superior and comfy casual pair of shoes to own. It’s only right for NB to collaborate and make amazing variations of it with other renowned names. One version of the New Balance 247 sneakers is the 247 LFC. This pair pays homage to the pro-English football club Liverpool Football Club (LFC). The football club had its 125th anniversary back in 2017 and the creation of this sneaker honors the amazing mileage LFC has reached. Find out more about the kicks below:

  • It is decked out in a vibrant burgundy color.
  • Hints of yellow and gold can be observed on the sneaker.
  • The rubber outsole has a honeycomb-ish pattern for better traction and grip.

New Balance 247 Knit

Clean and sleek, the New Balance 247 Knit joins the New Balance 247 line of shoes with much adoration. It’s been lauded to be both breathable and comfortable while being a stellar minimalist sneaker. Basically, a sneaker that is a great choice for fashionistas, too. Interested to know more? Read on below:

  • The sneaker has a sock-like knitted upper.
  • Midfoot straps can be seen on the 247 Knit, giving a secure fit.
  • There is also a suede heel counter on the sneakers.
  • It also has advanced REVlite midsole technology applied to it.

New Balance 247 Luxe

Premium quality takes center stage with this pair of New Balance 247 sneakers. The 247 Luxe is all about good value for money while allowing you to own high quality and luxurious sneakers. Limited in quantity, the 247 Luxe is sleek and made of premium-grade materials. Here’s a little bit more info on the sneaker to get you going:

  • The upper of this sneaker is made of durable nubuck leather.
  • It has the honeycomb gum patterned outsole that provides the wearer with excellent traction.
  • The entire midsole is covered with the REVlite foam.
  • A heel tab can also be found for comfortable wearing.

New Balance 247 Sport

Touted to be the everyday version of the New Balance 247 sneakers, the New Balance 247 Sport offers a lot for wearers and sneakerheads. It’s versatile and even more durable due to the sporty line that it is a part of. If you’re into sneakers that take on a sporty inspiration, here are a few more things you should know about the 247 Sport from New Balance:

  • The upper of these New Balance 247 casual shoes are made of engineered mesh in different layers.
  • A multi-layered upper makes the shoe flexible while still yielding good foot support.
  • On the shoe, you can see a midfoot strap.
  • The NB 247 Sport has the lightweight REVlite midsole for better cushioning.

New Balance 247 Breathe

A recent addition to the New Balance 247 sneakers collection, the NB 247 Breathe  has been said to be perfect to wear during the spring and summer season. The model stays true to its name, keeping thing cool and breathable. Add to it the great and attractive colorways that it has, and you’re all set! Know more about these kicks by reading on:

  • The sneaker is made of an airy as well as a stretchy engineered mesh which makes it very breathable.
  • It has a reflective “N” logo for increased visibility during the night or low-light situations.
  • You can notice a loop on the heel of the sneaker for ease in wearing.
  • The lifestyle sneaker has a REVlite midsole.

New Balance 247 Leather

A favorite go-to for fans of the New Balance 247 sneakers line, the 247 Leather takes things to a whole new level. Despite being done up in leather, the sneaker is still a delight to wear. It’s got superb comfort with a great appearance and look to it. Here’s a bit more info on the kicks to have you wanting to own a pair of the 247 Leather:

  • The upper of the NB 247 Leather has been streamlined and is made for premium leather.
  • Perforations on the sneaker’s toe box give it a classy look while still maintaining the sporty feel of the New Balance 247 sneakers.
  • The sneaker also has an Ariaprene sock bootie construction.
  • It also has a REVlite midsole.

New Balance 247 Classic

New and recent, the New Balance 247 Classic joins the already extensive New Balance 247 sneakers collection. It’s a classic in the truest of sense, simple, sleek, yet still stylish. It’s the new face of the New Balance 247 sneaker. It’s interesting to take note that this is the third variation in the New Balance 247 sneakers collection. Read up more on what makes this shoe great below:

  • The shoe has a mesh toe and synthetic nubuck apparent on the midfoot.
  • It also has a stretchy neoprene collar and tongue.
  • The NB 247 Classic has a neoprene sock.
  • A REVlite cushioning is also used in the sneaker.

 New Balance 247 Suede

A stellar variation of a New Balance 247 sneaker, the suede upper gives it a great style and a new breath of life into it. It’s a clear stunner from afar and a winner for many New Balance fans. Sneakerheads can delight in the following information:

  • As the name suggests, the upper is made of premium suede.
  • Perforations on the toe box are evident. It keeps the foot dry.
  • On the tongue, you can see an embossed logo.

New Balance 247 Decon

Quality construction and durability are evident on the 247 Decon along with so much more. Styling it is easy and a pleasure for many New Balance fans and sneakerheads. It’s perfect for that daily commute and to wear when out about casually. Find out more on this pair of beloved New Balance 247 sneakers below:

  • It has a clean and modern look to it, the collar having been deconstructed for a neater look.
  • The upper is flexible, looking very much like a bootie.
  • It also sports a REVlite midsole.
  • The tongue, the sides, and the heel counter all have clear brandings on it.

Women and Men's New Balance 247 Casual Shoes: Size Guide

When it comes to shoe sizing, New Balance does its very best to make sure that the sizes that it makes available for its shoes, especially with its New Balance 247 sneakers, is accurate. The brand offers shoes for both women and men, some exclusively for one gender, in a good range of sizes. Check the sizing out below:

New Balance 247 LFC
Men’s size: 7-14 US

New Balance 247 Knit

Men’s Size: 4-13 US
New Balance 247 Luxe

Men’s Size: 4-14 US

Women’s Size: 5.5-11 US
New Balance 247 Sport

Men’s Size: 4-14 US

Women’s Size: 5.5-1 US
New Balance 247 Breathe

Men’s Size: 7-14 US

Women’s Size: 5.5-11 US
New Balance 247 Leather

Men’s Size: 4-14 US
New Balance 247 Classic

Men’s Size: 4-14 US

Women’s Size: 5.5-11 US
New Balance 247 Suede

Men’s Size: 4-14 US

New Balance 247 Decon

Men’s Size: 4-13 US

Women’s Size: 5-11 US

Frequently Asked Questions

When was the New Balance 247 created?

The shoe was first teased in the last quarter of 2016 and subsequently released in the months after, specifically in December of 2016.

How did the New Balance 247 sneakers get its name?

How the sneaker got the “247” in its name is pretty simple, actually. The shoes are meant to be worn on the daily and to go with any style that you have in mind. A more simple household term used by people to describe that is “24/7” hence the New Balance 247.

Are New Balance 247 shoes made and built for men or women?

The New Balance 247 sneakers were made to be worn by anyone and everyone. Inclusivity is a big thing for New Balance. Having said that, the shoes are available in both women and men’s sizes, as well as some sizes that are exclusive for either men or women. It won’t make that much or that big of a difference though as size conversion can quickly be done.

How do we keep the shoes clean?

To keep New Balance kicks neat and clean, you should follow the cleaning methods that we present below:

  • Make sure you use a soft bristled brush with some mild detergent when cleaning the sneaker.
  • To avoid staining of the sneaker, use a detergent that is free of dye.
  • For the dirty parts of the sneaker, brush it with the solution.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • For 24 hours, air dry the sneakers.


  • Put the kicks out in the sun to dry as this will destroy it.
  • Utilize a washing machine to clean your sneakers.
  • Make use of a dryer to dry your New Balance 247 sneakers.

What can be paired with the New Balance 247?

A shoe for 24/7 styling, the kicks can be easily styled with a good number of outfits and clothing pieces. Here are some examples of what you can wear your shoes with:

  • Activewear or gym wear
  • Casual clothing
  • Jeans or pants
  • Shorts (gym, sweats or denim)
  • Sweaters
  • Plain tops or t-shirts

Where can one get a pair of New Balance 247s?

Easily the best place to get this pair of New Balance sneakers is at a New Balance store. Of course, you can find most of New Balance stores in major cities as well as major shopping outlets. If going out is something you don’t want to do, then opting to buy online is a safe bet.

How do you differentiate fake/counterfeit sneakers from real New Balance 247 sneakers when buying them?

It’s not that as hard as you think, actually. What’s needed is keen attention to detail. Comparing the fake product in question to the original product will help much. Doing that and imitations won’t be that hard to miss to a trained eye. Another tip would be to check the tags and logos for details. Discrepancies can usually be seen here in fake sneakers.

What is the price range of New Balance 247 casual shoes?

New Balance 247 shoes can sell for as low as $65 to as high as $150, depending on which one you get. The more premium the materials used to make the sneaker, the higher the price. But this doesn’t mean that the sneakers that are available at a lower price are of mediocre quality. All of the New Balance 247 sneakers are made of excellent quality fitting to the taste of discerning sneakerheads.

How long do a pair of New Balance sneakers usually last?

Depending on how you wear them, and how you properly handle, care, and clean your sneakers, a pair of New Balance shoes can last 2 years to at least 3 years. Some people have vouched for the sneaker lasting them even longer than 3 years.

Do the numbers on a New Balance sneaker meaning anything?

The numbers that you can find to New Balance sneaker’s name is actually a naming system for the New Balance brand. If there are letters before the numbers, this can tell us the specific gender that the NB shoes are made for and what activity the sneaker is best worn for. Here’s a more precise and a convenient guide for the system:

MT = Men's Trail

WT = Women's Trail

MO = Men's Outdoor/Multi-sport

WO = Women's Outdoor/Multi-sport

MW = Men's Walking

WW = Women's Walking

MX = Men's Cross-Training

WX = Women's Cross-Training

MC/MCH/MCY = Men's Tennis

WC/WCH/WCY = Women's Tennis

KJ = Kid's Running

KV = Kid's Running with hook and loop closure system

KT = Kid's Tennis

KX = Kid's Cross-Training

RC = Racing/Competitive

US = Made in the USA

On the other hand, the 2 digits at the end in the name refer to a style of the NB shoe in question. Here’s a better understanding of the figures:

40 = Optimal Control

50 = Fitness Running

60 = Stability

70 = Light Stability

80 = Neutral

90 = Speed