10 Best New Balance Sneakers in 2021

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When style, comfort, and quality are your priorities in sneakers, the best brand you must consider is the New Balance. With so many models to choose from, we brewed this foolproof guide to help you find the right NB shoes for you. 

With that in mind, we reviewed and compared more than a hundred New Balance sneakers. We put together a list of the best NB kicks under various categories to make it easier to find the best model that suits your needs.

How we pick the best New Balance sneakers

To help you save time and effort, we narrowed down our top picks under various categories. 

  • We buy all New Balance sneakers with our own money to avoid bias.
  • To gather accurate results, we subject these shoes to countless trials and comparisons. 
  • We also give high value to the reviewers' input and have collated thousands of them for our reviews.

Through these reviews and test results, we graded each New Balance sneaker from 1 to 100. This scoring system called CoreScore will give you an overview of how the model went for most reviewers.  

Best overall

The New Balance 574 V2 is our recommendation as to the best overall New Balance model. This sneaker has surpassed our expectations after subjecting it to tests and countless comparisons. 

Molded from technical running footwear, it was able to reign the sneaker realm for its unmatched coziness. We could not believe how it kept our feet free from pain even after wearing it the entire day. 

We vouch for its supreme arch support and soft cushioning as we get to experience it in actuality. Plus, it is so lightweight, which makes gliding through the streets even comfier and breezier! 

Moreover, we can't get over its classic style. It looks so vintage yet up-to-date. We enjoyed playing around with our attire as it can practically match any ensembles. Its clean and unpretentious style made us love it even more!

We also want to highlight its premium construction and durability. Our summer adventure or spring break vacations are gonna be fussless with this model as it virtually can stand almost any activity!

If comfort, style, and functionality are your priorities, this sneaker works perfectly. It is definitely one of the must-haves in the New Balance impressive footwear arsenal.

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After endless tests and reviews, the New Balance deserves its spot as one of the best NB models available on the market. 

The sneaker that values function, topping the comfort department is just a breeze. We had smooth city cruising while in it, and we did not mind walking another kilometer in these kicks!

We also love how its upper snugly hugged our feet. We did not feel any discomfort at all! We highly recommend this to anyone.

Despite its chunkiness, it is surprisingly lightweight! Yes, you heard that right. It is so light that it will not drag your steps. Less effort, more comfort!

When it comes to its style, this sneaker is one of the timeless pieces anyone should have. This is a match-made-in-heaven for sneaker hunters looking for an all-rounder pair. Plus, you can choose among the plethora of hues available on the market!

Oh! What makes this pair a winner? It is sold at a budget-friendly price! Imagine enjoying all these features without the need to squander! 

This pair is definitely for all sneaker shoppers who rank practicality and comfort over the others.

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Best classic

The New Balance 990 V5 quickly bagged the top spot for the best classic NB models. After countless reviews and comparisons, we've found oodles of reasons why it should be!

Displaying a style that everyone should not miss, this sneaker boasts an exceptionally timeless style that goes very well with a multitude of attires. We had fun and breezy mixing and matching our attires in this kick. 

Its all-rounder construction is another plus! It is a perfect pair if you're too tired for frequent footwear changing. Wear it from work to night-outs; this sneaker will not let you down.

Comfort-wise, it is mind-blowing! In fact, it is even comfier than its predecessor. Its perfect mixture of cushioning and support is a darling. Oh, heavenly it is! We could actually walk in these all day!

When ordering this online, you need not worry, as this sneaker fits perfectly. No sizing up or down as we found it accurate to its sizing. 

Though there seem to be a few reported drawbacks, it's got one of the highest in our overall ratings for its coziness, versatility, and style that never fades.

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Another reputable New Balance model that garnered a high CoreScore rating is the New Balance 997. This remake of a '90s running footwear will seamlessly make your everyday casual style look extra styleworthy. 

Like the other made in USA shoes, we can absolutely vouch for this kick's top-notch quality. We meticulously checked it and saw ZERO imperfection. We were stunned at how the New Balance put so much effort into making this flawless.

After using this many times, its upper amazingly stayed intact, and its rubber sole remained grippy. It is so durable and is worth every penny!

Just in time for the chunky dad sneaker trend, this model made us look a crowd-pleaser! It authentically revamped our usual look into the trendy 90s dad style. 

New Balance inserted this kick with superb innovative technology that kept our feet comfortable throughout. It was able to protect us from impact effectively and gave us a cushy ride. 

Did we mention this is reasonably priced? Yes, you heard that correctly. Expect comfort and premium make without draining your savings!

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Best chunky

Topping our best chunky model list is the New Balance 992. A century since it was launched, we are dumbfounded how this sneaker stayed relevant and fashionable even up to this day.

Available in numerous colorways and collaborations, this sneaker is considered one of the most popular NB models to date. It was seen worn countless times by Apple's CEO, the late Steve Jobs, making this pair more popular.

The 992 highlights its sustained comfort throughout the day. Standing and walking in this kick all day felt so comfortable and easy—no wonder why one of the busiest men favors this sneaker over the others. 

The technologies used on this kick are A-listers! Altogether, it kept our feet secure, protected us from impact, and we were able to enjoy this for a longer time.

Even though it has a chunky profile, we were astonished as this feels so light on foot! We were able to stride through without dragging down sensation. 

The New Balance 992 may be at the crest of the dad sneaker trend, but its outstanding features are definitely not just a fad! It is one of the few sneakers that have a claim on the best chunky models out there.

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Another great chunky NB sneaker is the brand's collaboration with Jaden Smith. After putting it through heaps of tests and comparisons, it quickly landed as one of the best options among the beefed-up NB models. 

The second we slid our feet in these bulky kicks, we were speechless! We just could not believe how comfortable it felt. We had a homey experience throughout the day, virtually free from any leg or foot pain. 

This kick is also a tough one. We were amazed how it remained undamaged after wearing it over and over again. 

Attention magnet, this is what we describe its overall style! Onlookers can't stop staring at our trots. Thanks to its chunky sole, we get to enjoy a bit of the spotlight. 

What makes this pair more mind-blowing is it is constructed with recycled materials! By wearing this, we can help reduce environmental wastes—our little help for our dear Mother Earth.

If you're looking for a New Balance model with fresh new flair, this is the one for you. Be hip, be cozy, be ozone friendly with the Vision Racer sneaker.

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Best new release

The New Balance 327 tops our list of best new release sneakers out of close to a hundred new Balance sneakers. 

The fresh New Balance 327 borrows a few features from the '70s running footwear. Despite its heritage flair, this sneaker effortlessly made our attire look up-to-date. Plus, we were able to pick from countless hues available on the market!

As far as its comfort, it did not let us down. We were able to stroll around the city in a breeze. We just love how it hugged our feet comfortably without having any restrictive sensation. 

Its lightness is another feature that we immensely enjoyed. It allowed us to wander without extra weight on our feet. We get to enjoy a bit of fast strides smoothly. 

It was also a standout when it comes to traction. We don't need to worry when walking on slippery surfaces, thanks to its aggressive studded rubber outsole.

Finally, yet importantly, our excitement is beyond the roof upon learning that the New Balance 327 is reasonably priced! We get to enjoy all these decent features without frittering away!

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The New Balance 57/40 is also a tough one! This New Balance iteration has tons of features that make us include it in our best new release list. 

Staying authentic to New Balance's outstanding top-notch quality, we were astonished to see how the brand finished it flawlessly. We love its soft, plush suede materials that quickly add a luxe vibe to our boring attires.

A perfect beater, it is a hard-wearing sneaker too. We get to enjoy it for a more extended period without wearing it down. Thanks to the well-stitched materials that hold them all together nicely. 

When a humid day comes, wearing this sneaker will not be a problem. It boasts its well-ventilated material that will certainly make your feet feel fresh and dry. 

Style-wise, this sneaker guarantees a chic look from day until the night. The multi-layered upper gave us a retro sporty style, while its funky hues instantly upgraded our regular attire look extra!

The New Balance 57/40 promises you comfort and style from work to leisure, a must-have for dad sneaker fans!

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Best budget

The New Balance 515 was subjected to countless tests and comparisons, and we can now conclude that it clearly deserves its spot as the best budget New Balance sneaker to date. 

We found this sneaker extremely comfortable, day one. Right out of the box, its cushioning is on par with other pricey models. We were amazed how it provided an ample amount of arch support as we pound the pavements. 

Footslogging along the pavements feels so easy as this sneaker felt so light on foot. It did not give us any dragging-down feeling. 

When it comes to versatility, it is a jewel in a crown! Dressing up or down is a piece of cake with the NB 515. Plus, it is available in a comprehensive option of colorways to choose from; it is hard not to feel attracted to its overall style. 

The New Balance 515 is everything you need in a budget sneaker. Simply put, this sneaker will make your city walks bearable and outfit fashionable without hurting your pockets.

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The New Balance 247 V2 landed as one of the bests in our budget New Balance sneaker list. Its quality, comfort, style, and price offer a great deal to any sneakerhead looking for a reliable cruising buddy. 

This slip-on sneaker is so easy to wear to any attire. We got high on its versatility and wore this every single day. From work to light gym workouts, this sneaker worked perfectly!

True to its name, this sneaker gives us comfortable strides 24/7. We felt easy, supportive, and relaxing steps! We delighted in wearing this to almost all our errands!

This sneaker is perfect for the summer days. We were amused by how breathable it kept our feet cool and dry throughout the day. 

Its lightness is another remarkable feature. We savored the airy strides it provided and walked in this for hours.

The New Balance 24/7 V2 may be sold at a reasonable price range, but it stays authentic to the New Balance's quality. It is overflowing with unique features that will undoubtedly make your urban adventures fun and pleasant.

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