10 Best Reebok Sneakers in 2021

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10 Best Reebok Sneakers in 2021

Reebok may be overshadowed by bigger athletic and sneaker brands, but it’s still one of the few labels associated with anything classic!

We filtered the best in comfort, durability, and flexibility from a pool of over 100 kicks with this Union Jack brand. 

But there’s more to Reebok than its heritage-inspired holy grails. Its stellar lineup stretches from minimalist to athleisure. No matter what your style preferences are, this brand gets you covered. 

Each shoe you’ll find here went through a rigorous endurance and stability test. Those that end up among our top picks excel among the rest. Plus, we also take into account the money spent, so we added the most affordable ones in this list.

How we test Reebok sneakers

  • Our dedicated sneaker specialists go through hundreds of user reviews to get into the core of each shoe.
  • Through our proprietary algorithm called Corescore, each shoe gets a user rating ranked between 0-100. 
  • Our sneaker geeks spend several weeks wearing this shoe practically everywhere to see how it fares in comfort, fit, flexibility, durability, and traction from this system.

The result is a filtered listing of the best among the rest, which you'll find below. 

Best classic

There’s something about Reebok Club C 85’s stubbornly old-school aesthetic that we can’t simply ignore. It’s one of Reebok’s vintage soled shoes that survives even with the rise of futuristic running shoes, beasty soled sneakers, and newborn space-age kicks in the market. 

Yes, tennis shoes have morphed over the decades, but this shoe from the ‘80s refuses to change form and remains appealing with its vintage charm.

Not only does it flaunt a classic appeal but a bulletproof kind of comfort. Even with the birth of all sorts of sneaker tech, Reebok has proven time and again that the essential, plush comfort of the Club C 85 is unbeatable!

The terry cloth lining used in this shoe makes it a winner! Whether thickly laid or thinly, this towel-like fabric is Reebok's genius creation. It feels like our feet are tucked in blankets wearing this. 

We may not have experienced the optimum comfort Andre Agassi felt when he played with this on the hardcourt, but we understood why this multi-paneled kick reigns supreme, at least in Reebok’s camp. It's flexible, durable, and versatile!

Its minimalist, sporty style is so easy to pair with any casual or sporty clothes. 

If you want a year-long-worthy sneaker in your wardrobe essentials, you’ll be amazed by how practical, functional, and all-rounder this tennies is. 

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Reebok Workout Plus satisfied our craving for retro tennis shoes even as NASA-inspired kicks, chunky shoes, one-piece knitted uppers are making long rallies in the market. 

This former athletics doesn’t need many workouts to get our attention. After keeping our feet tucked under its homey build, we can’t complain about its trademark towel-like lining. 

Like the other Reebok classics we’ve sported and wear-tested, comfort is this shoe’s winning factor. That in itself is sensational, plush, and heavenly!

The hallmark H-strap panel around its midfoot may seem like a decorative element, but it’s responsible for keeping our feet stable. It gave us that desirable support we wanted.  

Not only did Reebok capitalize on comfort, but it also made this shoe wearable almost year-round. We tried it at different seasons and it kept our feet cozied under from summer until cold and rainy months. Plus, it gave us all the lightness we can desire for. 

There’s an extensive array of colorways available, which gets updated now and then. So regardless of our style preferences, this shoe is a natural amuser. 

Its neutral colors satisfied those among us who prefer the subdued and immaculate tones. On the other end, there are flashy and neon shades for those who want to make bright and bold fashion statements.

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Best head-turner

Reebok Classic Leather Legacy is an entirely classic-meets-contemporary sneaker that makes our heads turn. This sneaker is Reebok’s bold move in weaving the past with the present STUNNINGLY!

There is so much to love about this shoe that surprised us when we dug into its box. Right off the bat, without even trying it on, it does feel ultralight!

The assortment of texture on the upper and vector logo coming from its leather, suede, nylon ripstop, and mesh components are made even more charming by the futuristic-looking sole. 

It’s like having the superb 26-pounder Aztec running shoe reincarnated in the flesh. That’s totally a blast from the past! But what made us swoon over this style is the slick and clean vibe.

Even with a new DNA, it kept the star quality everybody loves about Reebok Classics: comfort.

It doesn’t need an alpha geek, wizard, or rocket scientist to testify that the injection-molded midsole delivers shock absorption and extra cushioning. Did we say it flexes smoothly?

We could only guess that stiffness wasn't part of Reebok's vocabulary when they designed this shoe.

If you want to flaunt a sneaker with so much vintage charm without getting tied to skyrocketing prices, the Classic Leather Legacy will give you that most desired treat. Its multiple colorways will give you tons of options so you, too, can create a lasting legacy wearing this, just like we did.

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From heaps of Reebok kicks we’ve wear-tested, nothing got us so pumped than the InstaPump Fury OG.

It’s the most polarizing blast-from-the-past kicks from Reebok that’s totally hard to ignore.

Designer Steven Smith knew how to get our attention, give us goosebumps, and fall for something “ugly” yet utterly desirable. It’s the same kind of feeling when we tried on Yeezys by Kanye West.

This Frankenstein-looking beast is EPIC! 

Not only did it challenge footwear conventions, but it also got us excited, fusing it with different outfits. The psychedelic colors made it so fun to pair with a long coat and jeans, tanks and tracks. We even tried slipping the highlighter schemed version with a tuxe, and it blended so well. 

Though we initially thought we'd appear like Steve Jobs trying to be cool, it surprisingly completed our look with a bang. It's so stylish but reasonably priced, unlike other dynamite head-turners such as Gucci Flashtrek.

What we loved most about flaunting this shoe for an entire month, aside from the positive attention we received, is that comfy Hexalite cushioning. It may look baggy, but it’s soft. It sponges up stress from our ankles, giving us interrupted 8-hour mobility. 

It may seem like a spacecraft vessel for our feet, but we thought Smith was a brainiac for making everything easy for us. Slipping in and out was so smooth. Despite its multi-paneled structure, it weighs super light!

If you want a space-age-looking shoe that’s a sure-fire scene-stealer, this is a perfect choice. 

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Best chunky

What got us totally electrified with the Reebok Zig Kinetic is the amped jagged sole. The hollowed-out sections make it appear less chunky but still got that cybernetic star quality! 

This beacon is quintessential and one of the beastly soled sneakers we enjoyed wearing practically every single day. The design isn’t far out, but rather very versatile. We hardly had any style issues tossing it together with our sporty and casual clothes. 

We compared it with topflight Nike React sneakers and super responsive Adidas Boost kicks, and it doesn’t fall short when it comes to comfort. Not only is it ergonomically structured, it felt snuggly walking and running around with this. It kept up with our pace superbly!

Arguably one of the most attractive, this shoe is made with top-notch quality. The mesh covering gave us the most wanted breathability. It isn’t wicked as it never in a single chance made our feet sweaty throughout summer. 

After spending more than 8-hours a day sporting this for quick errands, city strolling, and varied business activities, it didn’t age at all. Those almighty, archy, and appealing soles made us agile without showing any wrinkles. 

If you want that runner’s form wearing a sneaker that whistles with style and function, this Reebok Zig option will give you that kinetic power.

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With retro chunky-soled runners making waves, it’s hard to find one that’s a good catch. But after dipping our toes in the water, we’d say the Reebok Aztrek 96 is a real big (beefy) fish! 

The old-school form was an instant hit among us.

There’s no denying that ‘90s throwback kicks like the Aztrek offer an athleisure vibe. It looked fab with any casual wear we tried to pull off. Aztrek charmed us and allowed us to get the Gigi Hadid look without sweating it out.

The mix of colors on its cover makes them flashy in a crowd, while it gave us that dressed-to-kill style. No wonder it’s the go-to silhouette for collab works. We’re pretty sure BAPE and PLEASURES will agree with us that it’s the kind of sneaker that lets anyone embrace confidence in a whiff.

Aside from being a scene-stealer, this shoe is holy when it comes to comfort. Reebok is so generous in keeping the collar and sole padded. It made us strut in style for long hours without getting bothered by ankle pain, foot cramps, or blistered heels. 

It’s one of those dad shoes that’s hard to trade off after giving it a good run for several weeks. Did we say that apart from the protective Hexalite cushioning and super shock-absorbing midsole, this sneaker lasts long like any beastly creature? 

It sure does so.

The outsole can resist abrasion that it didn’t smooth out throughout our extensive wear test. We can’t think of anything else that can top that!

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Best minimalist

From the pool of tennis-inspired sneakers from Reebok that enamored us by their modesty and practicability, the minimalist Reebok Club MEMT is a can’t-miss, foolproof winner. 

It gets its most deserving spot among our top picks as its subtle, unpretentious form works with any gender. It deserves a spotlight among our highly recommendable sneaker essentials. 

We’d say it’s the best choice if you have broad feet, bunions and don’t want a narrow-fitting shoe. Its interior is spacious enough that it can accommodate the extra-wide footed wearers among us.  

Its leather cover is a stealer due to its high quality and gets more pliable through repeated use. Another stellar feature of this shoe is the sockliner that gives out the memory foam sensation. The foam padding on the tongue and collar sends out an extra level of comfort. 

Although we’d prefer the Club C sneakers more for longer walks, this shoe doesn’t weigh our feet down even while we use it practically the whole day. 

It’s one of the best lightweight choices to load up in our carry-on baggage for inter-city travel. Plus, they go well with strings of clothes without giving us any style headaches. 

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Reebok Club C 85 Vintage is an absolute grand slam champion among the minimalist sneakers from this brand. 

We gave it some serious pounding on concrete, marble, granite, parquet, solid wood, grass, and flurry. And it wowed us by how comfy it is. A dual-density foam midsole coupled with a cushy sockliner was responsible for making those long walks bearable.

It didn’t make us worry about durability and stability as its upper isn’t thinly covered, and a high-abrasion rubber compound strengthens its sole. 

Compared to other Reebok street-ready kicks (we tested 100+), this shoe made our feet happy with its soft leather cover and the most wanted terry lining. 

We can’t agree more about the buzzword that this vintage charmer will take us places. We had stress-free days and nights wearing this from home to work with leisurely trips on the side. 

If you're looking for a shoe to add to your daily rotation, try this. Its vintage style works well with anything and everything from casual, business, to sporty clothing. It's another quintessential pair to behold if you prefer a different route than the typical classic Adidas Stan Smith. 

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Best budget shoe

From the retro sneakers that keep on resurfacing now and then, Reebok Classic Leather never fails to amuse us. Priced at not more than $75, this shoe is loaded with tons of bang minus the buck!

From more than 100 Reebok kicks we’ve placed under a rigorous sneaker test, this pair undoubtedly swept our feet off!

It may seem like a poor man’s alternative to the more expensive Yeezy Calabasas, but we think this shoe got a different soul. Aside from having a superb price point, this sneaker is fully versatile and practical. It blends with jeans, skirts, cargos, capris, even with formal wear for unconventional affairs. 

Did we say that this shoe grabs our feet comfortably grants all the needed essential support? It absolutely does. To us, this iconic shoe from the ‘80s is not a single inch boring, but P.H.E.N.O.M.E.N.A.L!

Aside from being light, this shoe has many provisions that allow air to flow freely, adding to the comfy feel.

Its midsole isn’t as squishy as Boost-infused Adidas kicks, but it made us enjoy tailor-fitting inserts or insoles, making everything fully customizable. And the bliss doesn’t end there. This shoe offers loads of flexibility too. 

Get all the best in an everyday sneaker for a price that’s way, way cheap. 

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It’s a clash of champs about which Reebok shoe is a perfect match for budget-conscious sneaker hunters. We’d say the Reebok Club C Revenge is one of the top seeders. 

It’s hard not to include a classic like this kick among our budget-friendly top picks. The Club C Revenge signature ‘80s fashion is imperishable! That itself already means that your $70 will go a looong way!

We love this bacon because it uses full-grain leather on the cover without us needing to shell out more money. Isn’t that sweet? 

It develops some creasing marks through prolonged use. The wrinkling effect is a sign that flexing happened freely throughout the entire month we wear-tested this within the city. 

It didn’t fail us in comfort too. The durable molded sockliner grants us the needed cushiony comfort throughout the whole day. 

Aside from comfort, its usability and versatility are its coups de grace! The design easily adapts to any streetwear clothing lineup we have for the week.  

If you’ve been rummaging for a pair of sneakers that’s for keeps, try this shoe that doesn’t fall short in style, function, and comfort—all for a price that won’t hurt your budget.

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