10 Best New Balance Walking Shoes in 2021

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10 Best New Balance Walking Shoes in 2021

This guide focuses on the athletic walking shoes from New Balance. They are different from classic NB sneakers, like the 574, which are typically associated with the brand.

New Balance walking shoes are made for walking, hiking, and traveling. The primary focus of these shoes is set on comfort and support.

We have reviewed more than 20 walking shoes from NB to help you find your next favorite pair. Our tests covered various categories as some people may appreciate shoes with arch support, some are looking for a light shoe, and some want to add style to their casual outfits.

Our top picks below will help you fulfill each of these needs.

How we test for the best

Our teammates at RunRepeat keep an eye on all the walking shoe offerings from 12+ top brands, including New Balance. We consider both popular and little-known NB models to keep the competition fair.

  • We have researched all the nitty-gritty details of over 25 (and counting) NB walking shoes to understand the benefits they offer.
  • 46,000 reviews from experts and regular buyers have been summarized to compare and shortlist the top-performing shoes.

Our final verdict is presented in the form of CoreScore, a number from 1 to 100 found next to each model name.

Best overall

New Balance has its roots in arch supports and running, so it is safe to say that it is more than proficient (a guru, even) in designing footwear designed for comfort and support.

After putting the New Balance 877 and 20+ other NB models, the 877 thumped them all!

If you’re looking for an all-around walking shoe you can take to work, special occasions, and casual strolls - this should be your best bet.

With the options of several width selections, it can accommodate most foot shapes and custom orthotics, braces, and prosthetics.

Its ABZORB cushioning provided impact reduction AND helped alleviate the sharp pain we experience when we’re on our feet too long. This didn’t surprise us as it bears the A550 code, which basically says it is recommended for individuals with diabetes.

At $90, you really get what you pay for as the all too familiar foot pain starts to fade into history. That alone makes it worth every penny!

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Coming in a close second is NB’s 577 model. While mainly offering the same benefits, it surpassed its contender in other aspects.

For one thing, the New Balance 577 is very stable. We’ve never felt any wobble or loose footing when we took it during our daily 5 mile walks.

No shoe would rank second best if it didn’t offer excellent comfort. It racked up most points in the in-shoe feel and overall quality. Both comfort and durability have withstood our daily walks.

And what’s more, the cushioning is so responsive that we feel jolts of energy waiting to be unleashed in every step. 

All these are offered for just $80; it could be lesser if it’s available at a discounted price! All things considered, the New Balance 577 is a gem when you’re after an affordable yet impressive walking shoe.

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Best for flat feet

The New Balance 928 v3 feels like the best hug that’s so comforting and supportive. We think this is exactly what every individual with flat feet needs!

This shoe made it on not 1, not 2, but 4 different top lists in the walking shoe category! It's just THAT amazing!

The pair's supportive cushioning feels like pillows cradling our feet with every step, while the Rollbar posting system in the heel area keeps the rearfoot in place no matter how aggressive we try to walk.

The midsole is packed with several technologies that work together to help flat feet AND other foot ailments. Think neuropathy and arthritis!

We also found out that it comes in several width selections, making room for every foot size and shape.

With all these, the NB 928 v3 can take you anywhere, and your feet will remain comfortable and stable no matter what.

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If you find the 928 v3 too expensive, we highly recommend its sibling, the New Balance 813.

It may not employ as many bells and whistles as most higher-paying NB shoes, but it is an excellent option if you want a straightforward stability shoe for less than $100.

The shoe really shined throughout our months of testing. We enjoyed taking it to our daily walks and even to all-day casual settings. It’s such a darling that we can easily see it becoming our go-to footwear.

With its excellent stability and broad base, we felt surefooted throughout our tests. 

It may not look as good and as technology-packed as others, but it performs better than most. We think that’s what really counts.

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Best lightweight

Having tested every other New Balance walking shoe currently available in the market, we can confirm that the rumors are true! The Ralaxa calls the shot among all the NB walking shoes!

Just by looking at the category it reigned supreme in, it is obvious that the New Balance Ralaxa is the lightest model in the brand’s range. At 7.2 oz, it sits far beyond the average weight of a walking shoe at 10 oz. If you think this is impressive, you should learn about its versatility.

We know it is common to use walking shoes casually, but this pair’s classic yet modern aesthetic paired with its supportive build can elevate your daily walks and hangouts.

And it gets better! All of these for only $65? It’s mind-blowing, to say the least.

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If you can’t be troubled with unnecessarily heavy shoes and the top pick didn’t work for you, we give you the New Balance Fresh Foam 1165.

With a running-inspired silhouette, the shoe almost feels like one when it comes to its weight. At approximately 550 grams per pair, this walking shoe allowed us to beat our personal best as our feet didn’t experience fatigue at all.

Straight from the box, this pair felt comfortable. Its well-designed arch support had our feet encased and secure, while the breathable upper helped our feet feel cool and dry. We firmly believe that the designers at New Balance have done a remarkable job in designing an uber comfortable shoe.

For you who require their footwear to look stylish enough so they can wear it everywhere, the Fresh Foam 1165 should be right up in your alley. It looks fashionable and casual enough to wear to the mall, on coffee dates, and hang out with friends.

Overall, it is a worthy substitute for our leading contender!

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Best style

What can be more pleasing than looking good, feeling good, and getting affirmed by other people? After testing every New Balance walking shoe available, we got the most compliments whenever we were rocking the 1200s.

Apart from blushing from all the praises we received, we also loved how versatile the shoe is when dressing it up. The 1200’s boat shoe-inspired style can pair well with both casual and business casual attire. 

While it did great in making us look good, it also excelled in making our feet feel good throughout the day. It is equipped with NB’s well-loved ABZORB foam along with a Rollbar insert and other technologies that ultimately work together to disperse impact and keep our feet from rolling inwards.

It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a snazzier and upscale-looking pair of walking shoes that has the right mix of comfort and style!

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Best budget shoe

Comfort? Check. Stylish? Check. Podiatrist-recommended? Check. Revel in these incredible features without breaking the bank. We introduce you to the pair that took first place for the most affordable NB walking shoe - the 623 v3!

After comparing 20+ New Balance footwear, the numbers reveal that the New Balance 623 v3 has the best value for money in the range. Selling for merely $70, we got to experience every necessity we require in an adequate walking shoe in this pair!

We were taken aback by its superb comfort and support! The pain that we usually experience after being on our feet for 10 minutes was nowhere to be found, thanks to the 623 v3’s stable base, shock-absorbing midsoles, and pillowy yet supportive cushioning.

The shoe also looked stylish to boot! With chunky/dad sneakers still in fashion, this pair boosted our confidence as we received many compliments from strangers. 

Despite it not having revolutionary features, the NB 623 v3 ticks off all the essentials for our walking escapades. It certainly earned its spot on the top!

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Our feet felt superb comfort in the New Balance Ralaxa. At $65, it can be considered one of the few pairs that cover all the bases to be an excellent walking shoe while providing excellent value for money.

The shoe’s adequate cushioning prevented our legs and feet from getting fatigued even after a series of 5 mile walks a day. What’s more, it's super light that we tend to forget we had shoes on mid-walk!

The Ralaxa might have other reviewers asking for more arch support, but it sure wasn’t the case for us! It braced our feet so that it felt like our underfoot was being held up with a supportive mattress.

And if you’re the type who doesn’t want to switch to different shoes for every activity, this shoe won’t fail you! From doing errands to strolling in the mall and chilling with friends, it will help you get through your plans for the day.

All of these for $65? What a steal!

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What makes walking shoes from New Balance stand out

Big focus on arch support. Originally started as an arch support manufacturer, the brand has always taken flat feet and overpronation seriously.

Multiple width options. New Balance is one of the very few major athletic brands that make shoes in several width options, from Extra Narrow to Extra Wide.

Diabetes approved. Nearly every pair of New Balance walking shoes is recognized as appropriate for people with diabetes. These shoes are given the A5500code and are subject to Medicare reimbursement.

3 questions to ask before buying an NB walker

1. Use: city or trail?

If you need a walking shoe for commuting, working on concrete or tile floors, going shopping, or simply getting through your day, consider New Balance shoes for urban use.

If what you have on your mind are forest trails, countryside roads, and not very rocky mountain tracks, go for the brand’s trail walking shoes. These models are also waterproof.

2. Style: athletic or classic?












most come with arch support

most are approved for diabetes

some have Velcro straps

more expensive

3. Arch support: needed or not?

If in doubt, see the illustration below to guide you. You can also learn more about pronation and arch support in our meta-analysis of 150+ studies on the topic.


Other New Balance shoes to consider

Apart from the dedicated walking shoes, your daily walking needs may also be satisfied by New Balance sneakers and running shoes.

However, the choice will depend on your personal preferences in footwear. Here is how these three categories differ:

New Balance sneakers

New Balance walking shoes

New Balance running shoes

All-day support

4 star.png

All-day support

5 star.png

All-day support

5 star.png

Motion control

2 star.png

Motion control

5 star.png

Motion control

3 star.png


3 star.png


3 star.png


5 star.png


5 star.png


3 star.png


4 star.png

New Balance walking shoes are best for those who want to feel supported all throughout the day and look for a more conservative shoe style.

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