10 Best Walking Shoes For Women in 2022

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10 Best Walking Shoes For Women in 2022

In this day and age, being fit has become a necessity. One great form and simplest kind of exercise is walking. Whether you walk for health reasons or simply love spending time outdoors, the key to enjoyable and pain-free walking sessions is wearing the proper footwear.

Ladies, to help you out, we've sifted through almost 200 women's walking shoes. We came up with our recommendations of the best walking shoes under various categories.

How we select the best walking shoes for women

To give you unbiased and honest reviews, here is our approach:

  • We buy these walking shoes using our own money. 
  • We put these shoes to tests, assessments, and comparisons to check their cushioning, support, and many other details.
  • We gather all available reviews from the users of these walking shoes. 

Using the results, we rank each shoe from 1 to 100 using the CoreScore system. This scoring system will determine how this shoe performed for the majority.

Best walking shoes overall for women

Ryka Devotion Plus 3  for women
Ryka Devotion Plus 3 for women Ryka Devotion Plus 3  for women

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Top pick

After sifting through almost 200 pairs of walking shoes for women, we pick the Ryka Devotion Plus 3 as the best on our list. This model quickly landed as our top option because of oodles of reasons. 

After 10,000 steps in these kicks, we had no issues when it came to its comfort. We thoroughly enjoyed its cushy insole and ample support, and it felt so comfortable all day long. We were amazed how our plantar fasciitis was paliated while wearing this walking footwear. 

Right out from the box, we instantly felt its superb coziness. We did not worry about breaking it in, as it feels like a glove right off the bat.

It also feels lightweight! Not a single moment did we ever feel any dragging-down sensation, thanks to its lightness that made our steps lighter and faster.

Style-wise, this walking shoe could give Skechers heebie-jeebies. It looks so trendy with its plethora of colorways available on the market.

Grab a pair of Ryka Devotion Plus 3 if you prioritize style, comfort, and affordability in your daily walking footwear.

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Also bagging our top recommendation is the New Balance 877. Beating more than a hundred pairs of walking kicks, we've got more than enough reasons why this should be in your closets, too. 

As we slipped our feet into it, we instantly felt its remarkable coziness. Its cushioning found all over hugged our feet snugly and cozily, which made our day-long walks more fun and bearable. 

Some of our foot problems, like plantar fasciitis, bunions, and corns, were admirably alleviated by this shoe. If you also have other foot problems that need contraptions like orthotics, prosthetics, and braces, worry not as this walking footwear can easily accommodate them. 

Moreover, we also love how NB presents this in various widths. From narrow to wide, this sneaker can surely accommodate your precious feet.

It feels so light when worn, too! This shoe made our steps easier, lighter, and faster.

While NB offers this in an affordable price range, the brand did not skimp on quality. Like most New Balance sneakers, this model offers top-notch quality. We were floored as we saw how impeccably it was finished with premium materials.

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Best women's walking shoes for flat feet

After going through almost four dozen walking shoes for flat feet, we chose the Skechers Arch Fit as our best bet. We've tested it ourselves and came up with plenty of reasons why this kick is on our top list. 

This walking shoe delivers plush underfoot that makes our day-to-day walks easy and comfortable. Its Arch Fit insole contours snugly to the shape of our feet, thus cradling it remarkably.

Meanwhile, its beefed-up midsole is notably firm and solid. It compresses a little and keeps our steps stable and secure as we walk along the city streets. 

While it looks so chunky and stout, we were surprised as it felt so light on foot! It did not give us any dragging-down sensation even while wearing it for hours! 

We also enjoyed its reliable traction. Walking on wet pavements seemed so easy as this kick kept us on our feet.

Apart from flat feet, the Skechers Arch Fit also works best on various foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. No wonder why many podiatrists highly recommend this to their patients.

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Flat-footed users should also get a pair of New Balance 928 V3 if they want to experience comfort, durability, and style while walking along the city streets.

When it comes to comfort, this sneaker is remarkable. It provided us with a notable amount of coziness as we walked along the city's terrains. Its chunky sole gave us stable steps, thus twisting our ankles has never been a problem. 

Furthermore, some of our foot problems, like neuropathy and arthritis, were quickly soothed while donning this fantastic footwear. 

Also, we adore that New Balance offers this in a variety of widths. Now the wide-footed walking enthusiasts no need to size up as the 928 v3 has a version for them!

Its weight is surprisingly light. We were amazed by how airy it feels, especially when worn all day. It made our steps faster and easier. 

The NB 928 v3 is definitely a decent pair to own if you're hunting for walking footwear for flat-footed individuals.

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Best slip-on walking shoes for women

Skechers GOwalk Joy  for women
Skechers GOwalk Joy for women Skechers GOwalk Joy  for women

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Top pick

We checked more than 60 pairs of slip-on walking shoes, and the Skechers GOwalk Joy instantly landed as the best pick on our list. 

After walking for hours and standing for an extended period, the GOwalk Joy gave us nothing but a comfortable experience. Our feet remained free from pain, and no hot spot was ever developed. 

Its easy-to-wear construction is also a plus! We enjoyed how trouble-free it was for us to head out of the door instantly without the hassle of laces. Also, some of our testers who had mobility issues loved how easy it was to wear and remove.

Durability-wise, this walking shoe is a keeper. After numerous times of usage, this kick remained intact. It is truly a walking shoe perfect for your daily use.

If you're unsure about the sizing, you better not worry, as the GOwalk Joy fits true to size. You don't need to size up or down, especially when you're buying online. 

Its style is remarkable! It is indeed a great-looking pair of footwear on a par with Skechers' trendy silhouettes. With the GOwalk Joy, you can both enjoy it as your daily walking footwear or your casual fashionable sneaker.

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We also highly commend the Skechers GOwalk 5 as one of our top picks in the slip-on category. We experienced great reasons why this is a must in any footwear rotation.

After walking the entire day using the GOwalk 5, we've gone through an extraordinary level of comfort. Its cushioning is on par with other pricey footwear available on the market. This shoe is undoubtedly suitable not just for walking, but also for traveling and any leisure activities.

For the summer, this shoe can definitely make your walks cozier. Its breathable mesh upper provides a tremendous level of ventilation, keeping our feet moist free and cool. With the GOwalk 5, you don't need to worry about stinky feet anymore! 

Its style is definitely appealing! It looks so good with a wide array of attire, giving you less time worrying if your footwear matches your ensemble.

Its slip-on construction is its major asset. These shoes make everything easy and trouble-free without the hassle of tying up the laces. 

Add a pair of Skechers GOwalk 5 in your daily beater if you're looking for durable, stylish, and easy-to-don walking footwear, and you will never regret it.

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Best leather walking shoes for women

The New Balance 557 surpassed more than 40 leather footwear on our list of walking shoes for women. After testing and assessing it several times, this shoe gave us so many solid reasons why it should be in anyone's walking shoe rotation. 

This sneaker is one of the most comfortable footwear we have ever tried. After wearing it all day, we felt no pain at all. It is a pair everyone must consider wearing when traveling or working that needs an extended period of standing.

As we slip it into our feet, this pair incredibly fits like a glove. It just has ample room to wiggle our toes and no restrictive feeling at all. 

We never encountered any problems when it came to its thick sole. It feels so stable that twisting our ankles has never happened.

We also felt dumbfounded by its affordability. Coming from a brand known for its pricey range, this walking shoe is one of the affordable NB models we've ever tried. Snag a pair of these walking shoes to enjoy all the comfort and quality the NB brand is known for.

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The Hoka One One Bondi SR landed as one of our best options under the leather walking footwear category. 

Dressed in luxurious leather, this walking footwear will instantly revamp your usual walking attire into a plush one. Its shiny leather is made with top-notch material, giving you not just style but durability as well. 

After donning it countless times, it remained unscathed. We were impressed how it stayed intact even after walking it through pebbles, sand, and slippery surfaces. 

We tried wearing it for 12-long hours, and amazingly, we felt no pain at all. Its soft cushioning cradles our feet like a pillow. Also, some of our foot problems immensely felt relieved! This shoe is not just for users looking for plush-looking footwear but also for users with foot issues. 

Its traction is one you should never take for granted. As we strolled along slippery pavements, this shoe kept us on our feet. We did not worry about slipping or falling; this shoe held reliably on the surfaces.

One thing we love about its leather upper is its maintenance is such a breeze. With just a wipe of a damp cloth, you can quickly remove any surface dirt.

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Best budget walking shoes for women

For walking enthusiasts looking for affordable footwear, we highly recommend the Skechers Summits. This shoe will amaze you with remarkable features despite its budget-friendly price point.

We wore this for our long walks, travels, and activities that needed a long period of standing. We were impressed by the amount of comfort this shoe delivered. It felt like walking on a pillowy cloud as we did not encounter any issues regarding comfort. 

We also love that this sneaker can accommodate wide feet. As we slipped it into our feet, it felt so effortless and did not have any pressure on our feet. It exceptionally feels so comfortable and no pressure area ever formed. 

Wearing it feels so airy on our feet. It was barely noticeable that our all-day walking session had zero dragging-down sensation.

Its stylish look floored us. This walking shoe looks so attractive and fashionable that you can also wear it with your trendy casual attire, like jeans, shorts, or jogger pants.

The Skechers Summits is a must-have for walking fans looking for stylish, comfortable, and affordable footwear for their daily walk sessions.

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We also pick Ryka Dash 3 as one of our top options when you're looking for affordable walking footwear for everyday wear. 

Like most Ryka footwear, this shoe highlights an extraordinary amount of comfort, perfect for long-standing periods, walking, and traveling. Thanks to its exceptional level of arch support, our daily activities felt so cozy and pain-free. 

With the Ryka Dash 3 on our feet, some of our knee, foot, and leg problems were alleviated instantly. It is genuinely heaven-sent for users like me!

It looks so stylish as well! You don't need to purchase another pair of shoes for your everyday activities, as the Ryka Dash 3 can work as your trendy casual sneaker as well. 

It felt so lightweight, too! Our steps became easier, lighter, and faster with the Ryka Dash 3. This shoe is our wonder footwear for our daily walks as well as city strolls and light training.

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