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Motion control running shoes

Motion control running shoes are specifically designed for runners and athletes who exhibit moderate to severe overpronation (when the arch of the foot collapses extremely inward). They aim to provide superior stability and support to prevent pain and running-related injuries. 

Compared to buying conventional running footwear, motion control shoes are more difficult to find. But worry not because RunRepeat is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a long-distance shoe or daily running companion, we have it all for you.

Brands of motion control running shoes

RunRepeat offers great selections of motion control running shoes for men and women. We also partnered with over 200 retailers to help you compare prices and monitor sales without having to visit multiple online shops.

An internationally respected athletic shoe brand, Brooks is among the top suppliers of orthopedically designed motion control footwear. The company works with medical professionals to produce quality shoes that meet the unique needs of runners. 

Another well-known company is New Balance. Their motion control running shoes feature cutting-edge technologies that help correct the most severe overpronation. 

We also feature various choices from popular brands such as Asics, Hoka One One, and more. 

Benefits from motion control running shoes 

  • Less fatigue: Motion control shoes help prevent the foot from experiencing too much fatigue by encouraging a more stable movement of the lower leg muscles
  • Stable ride: These shoes are equipped with advanced stability features and a significant amount of cushioning that promotes a more natural running form. 
  • Injury-free run: These platforms help correct a runner’s gait to be more efficient and stay injury-free.