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7 reasons to buy

  • Heaps of compliments on the Adidas Adizero Defiant Bounce 2 are about its comfortable layout.
  • A majority of the satisfied reviewers applaud the supportive arrangement of this shoe. 
  • According to lots of playtesters, the bootie upper and adjusted lace-up design together hug the foot securely. 
  • Its padded heel that offers an added source of support receives lots of praise.
  • The traction on this all-court shoe appeals to many.
  • Plenty of positive remarks indicate that this trainer is well-made.
  • Quite a lot are highly recommending the Defiant Bounce 2 as it comes reasonably-priced.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reports specify that this Adidas Adizero model runs large. 
  • Some of the playtesters declare that it's quite tight at the forefoot. 

Bottom line

Outfitted with a street-style look, the Adidas Adizero Defiant Bounce 2 stands out with high-performance qualities ready for all-court hustle. Its padded and snug-fitting bootie frame delivers a comfy and secure feel. The modified lacing design provides an adaptive fit, while the altered upper promotes enhanced mobility. It's worth a try if you're eyeing for a lightweight, responsive, and amply stable multi-court footgear at a budget-friendly price.

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Good to know

Who is it for? Whether your a tennis beginner or a pro, the Adizero Defiant Bounce 2 is commendable if you're scouting for supportive, multi-court footwear that's meant for speed. If you're a fan of chic tennis trainers with a foot-hugging built, then its bootie makeup with an engineered lockdown structure may play well with you. 

What is it best for?

- Its light-bearing and supportive textile upper that grants improved mobility makes it advantageous for clay court drills and matches. 

- The presence of a well-cushioned sole that's designed with sufficient spring back element and the use of a hard-wearing rubber outsole gives this shoe an edge on hard-court surfaces too.

Enhanced upper protection. The revised Adizero Defiant Bounce is kitted out with a seamless, multi-layered Space Mesh and a traditional lace-up design. Together, these components aid in boosting the supportive value of the shoe versus the more stretchy upper of the outgoing model that's wrapped with a single-layered knit material. 

Softer internal support. When set side by side with the predecessor, the Defiant Bounce 2 comes with a noticeably softer interior utilizing a padded material around the heel.

The bottom layer is equipped with an abrasion-resistant non-marking rubber that’s engineered to provide longevity as it gets exposed to repeated strain. It can resist external forces like impact and abrasion.

Cushioning efficacy. Its middle slice features the flexible Bounce cushioning property that cradles the foot from pressure during landing. This component aids the foot as it launches back towards the next step.

Stabilizing ability. A durable TPU bridge serves as a stabilizing unit right under the midfoot. Such a lightweight element is attached to the shoe to support the foot when pivoting or changing directions. It meant to lessen the chances of excessive foot rotation, thereby reducing foot aches.

Durable wrapping. The multi-layered textile upper that’s interlaced with TPU foil in key areas has an abrasion-resistant attribute. It forms into a seam-free bootie structure that’s meant to secure and hug the foot as it moves at different trajectories.

Supportive padding. The padding around the Achilles and collar is projected to offer heightened comfort. This feature also prevents the foot from jutting out or sliding inside during aggressive shots.  

Custom orthotics are welcome as this second Defiant Bounce iteration comes with a removable insole. Such soft padding that complements the Bounce midsole is purposed to grant support during landings.  

Fit. Defiant Bounce 2 has a similar length, width, and toebox space as the original all-court profile. Its arch isn't aggressively raised, which benefits those with normal to high arches. 

  • Defiant Bounce 2 is a budget-friendly alternative to the premium-grade Adizero Ubersonics. 
  • Adizero court shoe collection is all about weight reduction and high-speed performance. It uses lightweight technical fabrics and durable outsole, with a close–to-the-court feel.

Under the Adidas Adizero collection, the Defiant Bounce and Adizero Club series are among the most affordable pickups. These are suitable for players who don't wear through their shoes repeatedly but are hunting for a comfy and speedy pair. These all-court trainers are also assembled with bootie uppers and come in lightweight packages. Below are samples from the two lineups and their comparable differences. 

Upper composition. The Defiant Bounce 2 is match-ready footwear that’s built with flexible multi-paneled fabric and fortified with a protective thermoplastic polyurethane foil. The added wear-resistant TPU wrapping is meant equipped for the abrasiveness of different court surfaces. In terms of breathability, the Adizero Club 2 is a notch higher with its air mesh upper composition and integration of Climacool technology for ventilation.

Underfoot protection. Bounce cushioning technology is integrated into the Adidas Defiant Bounce 2 that’s intended to deliver all-day shock-absorption and boost in spring back. Meanwhile, the Adizero Club 2 has the proprietary Adiprene made of soft ethylene vinyl acetate foam that spares the foot from stress.  


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