Our verdict

It is a sturdy, stable, and remarkably versatile shoe that allows me to do a variety of different movements and motions. Assuming you are not looking to log the miles, this shoe makes an excellent addition to anyone’s arsenal. I found it especially good for diversifying and incorporating a more eclectic workout program into the exercise routine.


  • Excellent lateral stability
  • Breathable upper
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Impressive traction


  • Rigid around ankle
  • Could be prettier
  • A bit pricey

Audience verdict


UnderArmour TriBase Reign 2 review 

The Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 is a workout shoe that's a jack of all trades in the gym. While marketed toward CrossFit athletes, the features and utility of this shoe make it a perfect gym companion for anyone looking to diversify their training or train in multiple settings. From squats to box jumps and sprints, the UnderArmour TriBase Reign 2 has got you covered.


Who should buy it

I think that the Under Armour TriBase Reign 2 is suitable for anyone who is looking to diversify their workout and incorporate several different exercises.

Who should NOT buy it

I recommend you look away if you need:

  • a training shoe dedicated to HIIT (in this case, consider the Nike Zoom SuperRep 4)
  • a training shoe with a flexible heel counter. Then, check out the Nike Flex Control 4, its heel counter scored 2/5 (5 being the stiffest) on our lab test.  

Order half a size up!  

The UnderArmour Tribase Reign 2 has a snug fit. You may want to order ½ a size up if you don’t want your toes touching the front end of the shoe.


The Reign 2 is spacious and comfy

The UnderArmour Tribase Reign is spacious and very comfortable. The shoe provides excellent room in the toebox. This, in combination with the sock-like upper, makes for a very comfortable fit.

Squats, box jumps, and sprints, you name it!

The UnderArmour Tribase Reign 2 allows for dynamic training. Again, this shoe was designed with CrossFit training in mind. That said, if your workouts incorporate a variety of exercises, then this is the shoe you’re looking for. 


The added stability of the shoe allows for squatting exercises. The added traction helps with sprints and box jumps. Even the midsole allows for a light run before your feet start feeling the impact (sub 4 miles).

I recommend this shoe for anyone who is a fan of high-intensity interval training, but generally speaking, if you want to do it, the Reign 2 has you covered.

The UnderArmour Tribase Reign 2 is very stable

This is primarily due to an extra-large, external heel counter. There is also padding at the back of the shoe, around the ankle, which adds to the security and stability of the shoe. According to UnderArmour, the collar height has also been increased compared to the original UnderArmour Tribase Reign which adds to the stability.  It is subtle but very effective.

Explosive outsole

The outsole is composed of a signature TriBase construction. Essentially it is a rubber material that promotes stability at 3 points of contact around the base of the toes and heel. This promotes ground contact and offers a lower, more stable base. You essentially feel “one with the earth.” At any moment in my workout, I felt like I could just sprint off in any direction. It feels like the shoe was designed with quick, jerky movements in mind.


Adding to this is the flexibility and traction in the forefoot. This allows for nice mobility and adds even more grip and traction. The bottom line here: The outsole of the shoe allows for maximum stability while encouraging and enhancing your lateral movements. The shoe feels EXPLOSIVE.

Solid midsole in the TriBase Reign 2

So, this is going to be what makes or breaks the shoe for a lot of people. The midsole is fine. Not great, not bad… just fine. However, I’m primarily a distance runner. That said, what I look for in a midsole is added cushion and energy return. That is the optimal midsole construction for anyone who is running anything over a 5K. 


The UnderArmour Tribase Reign 2 utilizes a full-length Micro G foam in its midsole. And it’s great if you’re looking for something responsive that accentuates the ground feel. The shoe is even marketed as having “low to the ground” construction which allows for greater feel and power transfer. 

So, if that’s your preference, then you’ll love the shoe. If you’re looking for something to run in, or log heavy miles in, this is not the shoe for you.

The upper is durable, very durable

Having used the shoe for multiple workouts over the course of a few months, there are no signs of wear and tear. Usually, an upper this sturdy comes at the expense of breathability. That’s not the case here. 


Uninspired aesthetic

Naturally, this is a point of contention. Beauty is subjective. However, I cannot deny that I disliked the look of this shoe. And I can’t really decide if I attribute that to my specific colorway or the design of the shoe itself. 

The shoe looks minimalistic. There is nothing special about the shape. And the Pepto-Bismol meets blue playdough colorway is more an eyesore than an eyecatcher.

The UA TriBase Reign 2 is priced well

At $120, it is priced more than most cross-training shoes (the average price is $94). It comes relatively the same price range as Reebok and Nike competitors.


This shoe was designed with CrossFit athletes and CrossFit exercises in mind. However, I think that this would excel as a training shoe for athletes of any sport.