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What’s in the pair of Meindl hiking boots you just bought? Proud of its Bavarian roots, Meindl produces hiking boots, mountaineering boots, multifunction shoes, and other leisure footwear that many outdoor junkies around the world are raving about.

As a company, Meindl employs over 200 people to produce high-quality boots. While it has expert boot makers, it also uses modern equipment that helps improve the quality of the products. Also a great factor that contributes to the quality of Meindl hiking boots is the material chosen for each model. Together, these factors contribute to the comfort, dependability, and function of every pair that comes out of Meindl’s doors – a tradition upheld for over 300 years.  

Why men and women love Meindl

best meindl hiking boots
Best Meindl hiking boots - December 2019

Choosing a pair of hiking footwear is a crucial step in enjoying the activity. Meindl is one of the European footwear companies that produce high-quality gear loved by many outdoor lovers from all over the world. People choose a pair of shoes for different reasons, and Meindl lovers have these:

  1. High quality. Following a handcrafted tradition, Meindl hiking boots go through the expert hands of experienced boot makers. Considered as an asset, the company’s shoemakers use their expertise to develop and implement their own quality-assurance system to ensure the excellence of each pair.  
  2. Track record. The Meindl family, the people behind the footwear brand, are known for their years of footwear manufacturing experience. The family’s experience spans three centuries and counting.  Through the years, the brand has been given recognition by different award-giving bodies, expositions, magazines, and outdoor organizations.
  3. The marriage of tradition and technology. For many outdoor enthusiasts, the technologies used in developing their boots also dictate its quality. Meindl isn’t shy about adapting new technologies. Different technologies enhance the performance and comfort of Meindl hiking boots. 

Benefits of wearing Meindl hiking boots

Finding a reliable pair of hiking footwear for your next adventures can also mean turning to a tried and tested brand. While there are many other brands out there, fans of Meindl hiking boots love their pairs for these reasons:

Comfort and fit

Everyone wants to wear foot gear that will not torment their feet. For Meindl, fit and comfort make and break the worth of the hiking footwear. Meindl hiking boots are made using German and GB sizes. Aside from standard, there are also narrow and wide hiking boot models.  


Leather is the primary upper material used for Meindl hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and other footwear. This is a dependable material known for being durable and flexible.  

Meindl also uses genuine double stitching for some of its active products. The double-stitched boot has a visible double seam on edge. This tradition and art have been used by Meindl in their leather boots for a long time.  


A pair of Meindl hiking boots needs to offer wearers excellent support whether they are tackling moderate trails or more technical ones. The sole unit is a crucial part of any footwear. It needs to deliver the support needed however challenging the path may be. For Meindl, it may entail using technologies like the Meindl Multigrip which provides protection, cushioning, and shock absorption.  


Shoes for outdoor activities need to offer good traction on different surfaces. Meindl has been relying on different outsole technologies and materials to promote excellent grip. Some popular outsoles used on Meindl hiking boots are Multigriff and Multigrip, both developed together with Vibram.   


As much as the outsole is important, the upper material, which protects the wearer from the elements during the trip, also matters. Most Meindl hiking boots are made with leather uppers. Nubuck and suede are just two types of the many types of leather used by Meindl. These materials protect wearers from the elements, screes, rocks, and animals that might harm them on the trail.  

Qualities of men's and women's Meindl hiking boots

Meindl’s products are not popular because of any fancy gimmicks or marketing ploy. Instead, the boots are manufactured to meet a stringent standard which impresses many wearers. Every pair of Meindl is made up of different components that work together to make them worth every penny. Here are some things that make Meindl hiking boots high quality:

Materials used

The kind of materials that Meindl uses for its boots and shoes reinforce the craftsmanship and technologies used. Hikers can look forward to wearing a pair that is both durable and comfortable primarily attributed to the use of these materials:

  • Leather. There are different types of leathers used in a variety of Meindl hiking boots, but the more prominent ones are nubuck and suede. Nubuck is a top grain leather that is similar to suede but is stronger and thicker. Suede is made from the inner layer of the hide and is more absorbent compared to nubuck.
  • Breathable footbeds. For a lot of hikers, wearing a pair of boots should not be tormenting. As a way to resolve the issue, some Meindl hiking boots come with breathable footbeds that can replace lost or worn out insoles.
  • Waterproof lining. Weatherproof hikers from Meindl put the wearer to great advantage. Waterproof lining technologies like Gore-Tex are added to help keep water out. Aside from making the hike more pleasing, this will also help lengthen the boots’ service.
  • Gripping outsole. Hiking can range from easy trails to more technical ones which mean every hiker must pick a pair that can grip on a variety of surfaces. It can be noted that most models of Meindl hiking boots use Multigrip and Multigriff outsoles that Meindl has developed in cooperation with Vibram.

Technologies used

Meindl acknowledges that part of the secret of their longevity is the adaptation of new technology. For footwear worn on long stretches of time like a pair of hiking boots, these features help provide the needed support and comfort:

  • Comfort Fit last. This last features a roomier forefoot zone but with a firm grip on the heel. With a more defined contour, hikers will have a more natural
  • Air-Active Footbed. This replacement insole is very useful to use on outdoor footwear. This highly-wicking footbed absorbs and manages moisture during activities.
  • Gore-Tex. The go-to waterproof lining by different shoe manufacturers, Gore-Tex is used in some of Meindl hiking boots to help protect the uppers and the wearer’s feet from wetness. The climate comfort technology offered by the lining provides waterproofness and breathability.
  • DiGafix lacing. A perfect fit is a must, and Meindl understands this need. DiGafix is one of the lacing systems that make a tighter hold around the ankle area to prevent the foot from sliding forward. This lacing system is perfect for walking down the mountains.
  • Meindl Air Active Soft Print drysole. This is a light and hygienic insole of chemically neutral fibers that absorb moisture from the foot. The Soft Print Foam conforms to the shape of the foot and cushions the sole.
  • Meindl Multigriff by Vibram. Meindl hiking boots have the right grip on different surfaces with this component. There is a section in the outsole with a characteristically higher hardness to give the necessary stability during hikes. It also has comfort features like the PU cushioning wedge and EVA shock absorber.
  • Meindl Multigrip by Vibram. This was developed decades ago and has been used on Meindl hiking boots and other models. This is characterized by a high skid-resistance, shock absorption, concave cross-section and self-cleaning profile. This outsole is exclusively made by Vibram for Meindl.


Meindl is one of the few European brands revered for their excellent outdoor footwear offerings. It can be expected that Meindl hiking boots are not averagely priced. In fact, Meindls are expected to bear a price tag of $150  to $300.

Meindl hiking boots FAQs

What sizing chart is used in manufacturing Meindl hiking boots?

Meindl uses the German (EU) and GB-sizes (UK) in their footwear models. There are also models available for wide and narrow-footed individuals.  

Will Meindl hiking boots lined with Gore-Tex make me sweat more?

Sweating is natural especially if you will spend the day walking regardless if the Meindl hiking boots you are wearing comes with or without Gore-Tex lining. Boots with Gore-Tex add comfort to the wearer since it helps keep the uppers from getting wet when walking on damp or muddy trails. There are Gore-Tex-friendly socks that could be worn as well to help deal with sweaty feet.  

What if the soles of my Meindl hiking boots feel slippery right off the box?

It is normal for some soles to feel slippery when worn straight out of the box due to the silicone residue from the impregnating agent. The same thing may be observed if the boots are not worn for a long time 

as this is a characteristic of vulcanized rubber.  In such cases, you can rough up the sole using sandpaper or by walking on asphalt or loose chippings.

How do I care for my Meindl hiking boots?

Meindl hiking boots also need tender love and care from their owners so they can join them for many adventures. Care for the boots should start before they are worn. Meindl suggests using some treatment and conditioners to keep the boot in excellent condition. Of course, the basic steps of cleaning the boots after use, air drying them, and storing them in a cool and dry place should also be observed.