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Jordan training shoes

Tap the swagger and grit of Michael Jordan when you’re throwing down at the gym by donning a pair of Jordan training shoes. These workout shoes are equipped with a substantial cushioning unit, a breathable upper, and a grippy bottom.

Jordan training shoes can be used at the gym, in-studio classes, home workouts, and even as a stylish pair of daily trainers. If you’re new to working out, check out our training shoes buying guide to learn more about them.

Why buy Jordan training shoes

First off, the ‘Jordan’ brand is enough reason to purchase one. It bears the name of the basketball legend and uses components that are of high quality and durable.

They are cushioned very well, so wearing them for high-impact workouts would have your knees thanking you. Beginners would find it easy to transition from their street sneakers to Jordan trainers.

Second, Jordan training shoes look really good. You can find a pair with a leopard print upper, or ones that feature the trademark black and red color combination.

However, if you’re into CrossFit, you would fare better wearing Nike CrossFit shoes as they have rope protection and a flatter bottom. Meanwhile, those that weight train will appreciate wearing Nike weightlifting shoes because of their sturdy heel and broad base.

RunRepeat at your service

Jordan training shoes are a bit expensive, with prices ranging from $100 to $150. But here on RunRepeat, you can purchase a pair for as low as $80. This is possible because of the great discounts offered by our partner retailers.

You can also learn more about training shoes as we’ve spent hours collecting various data, including prices, sizes, user reviews, colorways, and features.