Our verdict


Though the marketing hype around it isn't as loud as, say, the Nike Metcons or the Reebok Nanos, the fifth TriBase Reign is surely able to stand its own ground. After all, it's not what the manufacturers say that determines a training shoe's fate; it's the actual experience of those who wear it. Because the praises for the UA TriBase Reign 5 are almost always in the superlatives, it's safe to say that only a fruitful present and a bright future await this trainer.


  • Impressive impact protection
  • Really nice grip on various surfaces
  • Extremely comfortable wraparound
  • Upper breathes pretty well
  • Provides stability for general lifting
  • Dependable ankle support
  • Pretty resistant to abrasion
  • Feels quite light


  • Does not accommodate wide feet
  • Online and actual colors do not match

Who should buy the Under Armour TriBase Reign 5

This Under Armour training shoe is a good match for the following:

  • fitness enthusiasts who do rope climbs and other CrossFit and CrossFit-style exercises
  • wearers who have narrow to normal-sized feet
  • exercisers who like to do box jumps, short runs, and other cardio workouts
  • gymgoers who do light to moderate weightlifting

Who should NOT buy this shoe from Under Armour

Those who care so much about looks may find this shoe a bit disappointing. There are reports that its actual colors do not match the pictures on the brand's website. The Under Armour Project Rock 5 is a better-received trainer, at least as far as aesthetics is concerned.

Wide-footers may need to make size adjustments or look for another shoe altogether. The Under Armour HOVR Apex 3 is said to have an excellent fit; this is going to be a good alternative.

The TriBase Reign 5 reigns supreme!

"[This is the] best training shoe I've ever owned," says one very happy wearer of the TriBase Reign 5. Another has similar sentiments, and they say this pair of UA trainers are "the greatest cardio shoes ever made." 

No problem with the grip here

A gymgoer observes that this shoe has a "great grip when performing squats." An expert reviewer who has a more varied experience with this shoe shares that the bite is actually solid on different surfaces and even on machines.

It's serious with Impact protection

A fitness enthusiast reports that the Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 "absorbs shock like no other." Because of this, they are kept pain-free throughout the workout session. 

No playing around with comfort, either

A wearer shares that this Under Armour training shoe offers "excellent comfort." Another goes so much further with his praises, saying that this shoe is actually "the most comfortable shoe" he has ever worn.

The foot won't heat up

An exerciser points out that the upper is so breathable. This allows him to go for longer workouts and achieve better results. 

As stable as a flat platform

A fitness enthusiast shares that the TriBase Reign 5 affords him a "very stiff, flat, and planted feel" when lifting. This boosts confidence, making them perform better in this type of exercise.

Ankle gets much-needed support

A gymgoer takes note of the ankle support and mobility that this shoe gives. This makes sprints and some quick changes in direction easier to execute.

TriBase Reign 5: Biased toward narrower feet

Even if an expert reviewer says that this pair of trainers have "a nice athletic fit to them," these are still not for those with wider feet. They may size up or look for better alternatives.

It FEELS light

At 12.6 oz or 357 grams, the Under Armour TriBase Reign 5 is actually heavier than the 11 oz or 311 grams average. Fortunately, this training shoe is still reported to feel light on the feet.

Online-offline color mismatch

"[The] colors are off," says one unhappy buyer. He says that the colors in the online pictures do not match the colors of the shoes that actually reached him. A handful of other users have similar reports.

Resists abrasion quite well

An avid reviewer reveals that the upper and sole of the UA Tribase Reign 5 is able to withstand the pressures of rope climbs and other similar exercises. Because of this, he recommends this shoe for CrossFit.