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The Adidas Dropset Trainer features a dual-density midsole that makes it suitable for short runs, plyometric exercises, and light weightlifting. High-abrasion areas in the upper are reinforced to ensure durability. Also equipped with an aggressive tread pattern, this trainer is ready for more grueling workouts outdoors.


  • Reinforced forefoot for durability
  • Breathable upper materials
  • Forefoot is cushioned for short runs
  • Stable heel area for light weightlifting
  • Wide-foot friendly
  • Outdoor-ready tread


  • Hard to break in

Who should buy the Adidas Dropset Trainer

This Adidas trainer is going to make the following happy:

  • wearers with feet that are wider than usual
  • fitness enthusiasts who do light to moderate workouts
  • people who do short runs outdoors
  • wearers who can spare some time to break in their training shoes

Adidas Dropset Trainer dropset trainer buy

Who should NOT buy this trainer from Adidas

The Adidas Dropset Trainer will not be for those with narrow feet; they might just be annoyed by the "excess space" that this shoe has. They are better off with the Adidas Futurenatural, which is touted to deliver the most natural-feeling fit ever. They might also want to check out the Metcon 7 from Nike. After all, the Metcons are known to have a really close-to-the-skin fit.

Adidas Dropset Trainer dropset trainer not buy

This shoe is also not for those who are avid practitioners of CrossFit, which may require more rigorous exercises and heavier weightlifting. The Reebok CrossFit Nano 9 will be more suitable for them.

Dual-density midsole for functional versatility

The midsole of the Dropset Trainer features materials of varying characteristics. The heel and midfoot have firmer tooling to support light weightlifting. The forefoot features a bit of flexibility to support box jumps and other ballistic movements. If your workout regimen does not deviate much from these exercises, then this shoe does not give you a headache.

Adidas Dropset Trainer dropset trainer midsole

Outdoor-ready? The Adidas Dropset Trainer definitely is!

The upper of the shoe is made of materials that are able to withstand abrasion. The outsole is also sturdy enough to withstand pressure. This shoe does not disappoint when used for outdoor workouts. 

Adidas Dropset Trainer dropset trainer outsole

However, the outsole isn't sticky enough for rope climbs and other high-level CrossFit exercises. This is just not designed for CrossFit, but it's still a good training shoe.

Comfortable upper: You will definitely get it!

The Dropset Trainer is made of materials that ensure proper ventilation. The feet will never feel too warm in these bad boys. It is also reinforced in high-abrasion areas, so durability is an aspect that cannot be questioned. 

Adidas Dropset Trainer dropset trainer upper

It must be noted here, however, that initial discomfort might be experienced by many. Just like many shoes for training and even basketball, this shoe needs a bit of getting used to.

Have wide feet? No need to worry with Adidas Dropset Trainer

This trainer accommodates those with normal and slightly wide feet. We must reiterate that the fit becomes commendable only after properly breaking the shoe in. 

Adidas Dropset Trainer dropset trainer wide