29 best waterproof winter hiking boots

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  1. Any color
    Keen Revel III - Brown
    $160 $109 Save 32%
  2. $160 $100 Save 38%
  3. Any color
    Vasque Snowblime UltraDry - Black Olive/Brindle
    $150 $99 Save 34%
  4. Any color
    $160 $99 Save 38%
  5. Any color
    $180 $134 Save 26%
  6. Any color
    $200 $149 Save 26%
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    $180 $110 Save 39%
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    $140 $100 Save 29%
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    $435 $351 Save 19%
  10. $170 $85 Save 50%
  11. $220 $188 Save 15%
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    $160 $120 Save 25%
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    $100 $80 Save 20%
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    $250 $175 Save 30%
  15. $250 $170 Save 32%
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    $350 $310 Save 11%
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Using waterproof winter hiking boots is a must when your trip is set in cold environments. These type of gear is crafted with an emphasis on warmth and water protection. They are also equipped with soles that can withstand low temperatures and components that deliver comfort. If you’re particular about your performance and safety in this kind of terrain, you should take a look at what a pair of waterproof winter hiking boots have in store for you.

Advantages of the best waterproof winter hiking boots

best waterproof winter hiking boots
Best waterproof winter hiking boots - August 2019

They keep your feet warm in cold weather

Waterproof winter hiking boots come with insulating features to keep your feet warm in icy conditions. They are engineered to retain heat inside the gear so you can keep moving in low temperatures. Your feet won’t freeze off, and you can safely continue your trip. 

They prevent your feet from getting wet

Tackling a trail filled with wet conditions in cold weather is a recipe for disaster. The finest boots for winter hikes feature waterproof liners so your feet can stay dry. They are designed to block water from entering while maintaining sufficient breathability. Moreover, some winter hikers sport waterproof membranes that can trap heat for better functionality in this type of environment.

They won’t freeze in low temperatures

The finest waterproof winter hiking boots come with outsoles that can withstand cold conditions. They are made of a durable rubber compound that can retain their flexibility in this kind of terrain. These outsole designs also deliver ample grip, especially on slick and snowy surfaces.

Notable technologies used in waterproof winter hiking boots for men and women

Gore-Tex. Select waterproof winter hiking boots offered by several brands come with a Gore-Tex liner. The surface of this specialized membrane is filled with over a billion pores to prevent water from passing through. The best Gore-Tex hiking boots also use this microporous design to dissipate excess moisture and heat, making them breathable.

PrimaLoft. This material consists mainly of polyester microfibers to trap heat. It’s also lightweight and offers ample protection from water intrusions. The brand offers different degrees of insulation. The higher the number indicated, the more insulation you get.

Thinsulate. Manufactured by 3M, Thinsulate employs a synthetic fiber material to retain heat. It also possesses water-resistant and breathable properties. Some winter hiking boots manufactured by Oboz use this technology for heat retention.

Omni-Heat. A number of high-quality Columbia hiking boots for winter come with the brand’s patented Omni-Heat feature. It uses a reflective liner to prevent heat from escaping the boot.

Vibram. Major footwear brands use Vibram soles in their winter offerings to deliver surefootedness (the term for the ability to tackle challenging trails safely). This component uses specialized rubber compounds that are resistant to cold conditions. It also employs aggressive lugs to render grip on slippery and slushy surfaces.

Danner Dry. Several Danner waterproof winter hiking boots are equipped with the brand’s trademarked Danner Dry membrane. This liner protects your feet from water intrusions while allowing them to breathe.

Keen Warm. Some of Keen’s quality hiking boots for winter employ the company’s patented Keen Warm technology. This fabric works by preventing the heat inside from escaping, warming your feet in the process.

15 best waterproof winter hiking boots

  1. The North Face Back-To-Berkeley Redux Leather
  2. Columbia Firecamp Boot
  3. Salomon Quest Winter GTX
  4. Keen Revel III
  5. Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP
  6. Baffin Zone
  7. Oboz Bridger 10" Insulated BDry
  8. Vasque Snowblime UltraDry
  9. Hanwag Alaska Winter GTX
  10. Vasque Coldspark UltraDry
  11. Vasque Snowburban II UltraDry
  12. Keen Summit County
  13. Lowa Tibet Superwarm GTX
  14. Merrell Thermo Chill Mid Shell Waterproof
  15. Merrell Coldpack ICE+ Mid Polar Waterproof
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