10 best Saucony trail running shoes (November 2017)

335 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 80/100

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Used to produce mainly for people who are really serious in the kind of sports they excel at,  Saucony’s latest footwear incarnations have increasingly included the average or recreational adrenaline lovers. The brand can now be found in the most famous races or in the most ordinary playgrounds. The more than 100,000 reviews posted online are indications of Saucony’s ever expanding general appeal.

What to expect from the best Saucony trail shoes?

  • Outsole configuration and performance almost always spell the difference between a so-so trail shoe and a great one. The best Saucony trail shoes use aggressive lug patterns for unmatched grip on the rugged outdoor trail and is highly durable.
  • Protection from sharp rocks on the trail is improved with the introduction of the new external bedrock outsole. Located in the middle of the outsole and midsole, this foam sufficiently shields the runner from pointy objects in the trail.
  • SRC crash pads are used by the best Saucony trail shoes to enhance shock attenuation and effortless heel to toe transition. These durable crash pads are stretched from the heel to the midfoot to tackle the bulk of the impact upon striking. A smooth heel to toe transition results from the efficient use of energy upon impact.
  • Other protection features common among the best Saucony trail shoes are the gusseted tongue and upper. This eliminates annoying trail debris from getting inside the shoes.
  • Lace tongue pockets are utilized to keep laces tucked away. Often construed as trivial, tongue pockets would suddenly take on an indispensable role once the runner gets his laces tangled with roots or any objects that are sticking out in the trail.
  • A Pro-Lock lacing system is found in most Saucony trail shoes to lock the foot inside the shoe. A moving foot inside the shoe could cause black and blue toes or worse, cause the runner to trip in the challenging and rugged terrain.
  • Protection from trail danger is also lessened with the added mesh rock plate in the forefoot and the rubberized toe guard. These are ample protection from sharp things without compromising weight and flexibility.
  • The more subdued tread patterns or lug configuration among the best Saucony trail shoes would be excellent for road and trail usage. The less aggressive tread patterns would allow runners to use the trail shoe on tracks without feeling like a fish out of the water.
  • Trail shoes that are built for racing abound in Saucony’s ranks. Although lightweight in nature, these racers for the trail still have enough cushioning and protection features to shine in the trails.

What to look for in the best Saucony trail shoes?

  • Waterproof. Saucony offers perfect protection from inclement weather with its trail shoes made with GORE-TEX upper. This is a waterproof upper without sacrificing shoe ventilation.
  • Outsole build. High traction rubber is most often outfitted in the outsole of the best Saucony trail shoes. As the name suggests, this rubber is built to perform best in the most rugged and challenging terrain.
  • Weight. Saucony has heavy to lightweight trail shoes. Whatever the runner sees fit for his biomechanics and running purpose, Saucony has it covered.