49 best Adidas trail running shoes

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  1. Any color
    Adidas Rockadia Trail - Black
    Adidas Rockadia Trail - Black/Black/Energy
    Adidas Rockadia Trail - Grey
    Adidas Rockadia Trail - Blue
    Adidas Rockadia Trail - Grey/Grey/Carbon
    $65 $32 Save 51%
  2. Any color
    Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed - Black
    $120 $53 Save 56%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Terrex Agravic XT - Black/Black/Shock Yellow
    Adidas Terrex Agravic XT - Blue
    Adidas Terrex Agravic XT - Grey
    Adidas Terrex Agravic XT - Blue Beauty/Grey Five/Active Red
    Adidas Terrex Agravic XT - Black
    $140 $58 Save 59%
  4. Any color
    Adidas Terrex Speed LD - Blue
    Adidas Terrex Speed LD - Black
    Adidas Terrex Speed LD - Blue
    Adidas Terrex Speed LD - Core Black
    Adidas Terrex Speed LD - Blue
    $120 $74 Save 38%
  5. Any color
    $200 $62 Save 69%
  6. Any color
    $135 $49 Save 64%
  7. Any color
    $80 $27 Save 66%
  8. Any color
    $80 $45 Save 44%
  9. Any color
    $140 $40 Save 71%
  10. Any color
    $110 $54 Save 51%
  11. Any color
    $150 $75 Save 50%
  12. Any color
    $90 $54 Save 40%
  13. Any color
    $100 $45 Save 55%
  14. Any color
    $110 $40 Save 64%
  15. Any color
    $70 $39 Save 44%
  16. Any color
    $125 $55 Save 56%
  17. Any color
    $160 $70 Save 56%
  18. Any color
    $150 $73 Save 51%
  19. Any color
    $82 $40 Save 51%
  20. Any color
    $135 $89 Save 34%
  21. Any color
    $160 $60 Save 63%
  22. Any color
    $140 $52 Save 63%
  23. Any color
    $65 $33 Save 49%
  24. Any color
    $120 $70 Save 42%
  25. No offers available

  26. $120 $70 Save 42%
  27. No offers available

  28. Any color
    $180 $81 Save 55%

Each of the best Adidas trail running shoes is packed with top-notch technologies to deliver comfort, protection, and traction. For a better performance and protection off the beaten path, go for the best Adidas trail shoes available at reasonable pricing.

Features of the best Adidas trail running shoes

Choosing the right trail running shoes can help you achieve your best run. Here are some of the features you should look when buying a new pair of trail shoes from Adidas.

  • Durable construction - Either you will tackle a rugged or light trail, your shoes are really prone to abrasion. It is important that your trail shoes are made of premium materials, from top to bottom. Some Adidas trail running shoes are using Continental™ rubber material for maximum outsole durability.
  • Aggressive traction - The outsole of the best trail shoe should offer superb grip on varied surfaces. For a muddy surface, the shoe must have deeper and wider-spaced tread. Shorter and closely-spaced lugs are best for hard-packed terrain. Adidas trail shoes feature a Traxion lug pattern. It is aggressive enough to survive both muddy and rough surfaces.
  • Waterproof or water-repellent feature - Some trail shoes from Adidas comes in waterproof versions. For waterproofing protection, the brand is using Gore-Tex materials. This material is efficient enough in preventing water from entering the shoe. Water-repellent and waterproof trail shoes are ideal for wet, cold, and snowy weather.
  • Superb foot protection - If you are running on technical or muddy trails, you need built-in protection to keep your foot safe from injuries. Rock plate and toe bumper will protect your foot from sharp rocks and trail elements. Mudguards and gaiters are basically designed to keep debris and dirt out of the shoes.

Adidas trail running shoe technologies

best adidas trail running shoes
Best Adidas trail running shoes - November 2019

Adidas is a popular brand when it comes to sports shoes, lifestyle shoes, clothing, and sports accessories. Founded in 1924, the brand continues to deliver reliable products to the consumers, and their trail running shoes are no exception.

Adidas shoes are always stylish so you can expect the same athletic appeal in their trail running range. Whether you opt for bold colors to make a statement or want to camouflage in nature, the best Adidas trail shoes will not disappoint. The best Adidas trail running shoes make use of innovative technologies and materials to give runners the best possible experience. Some of these are the following:

  • Gore-Tex Membrane - It is best to prepare for a rainy day –literally. Nobody can expect rain when you start out running under a hot sun, but since the weather can get unpredictable, you need to run safely with a waterproof trail shoe. You can expect waterproof technologies in the best Adidas trail shoes, such as the GTX membrane (Gore-Tex). It is a breathable fabric that gives waterproof protection to the shoe. It is lightweight and durable. Trail shoes with this material are designed for all-weather use.
  • Continental Rubber Outsole -This material is provided by Continental, a known tire manufacturer. Compared to the regular rubber outsole, it offers more grip and durability on varied trail surfaces. This durable outsole material is present in some Adidas trail running shoes.
  • Traxion outsole design -  When you say trail, it could mean muddy areas, snowy locations, grassy terrain, sandy shores or rugged mountain ranges. In whatever terrain challenge you encounter, having a great outer sole feature in your chosen trail shoe is important. Look for a versatile trail shoe that can handle the soft and hard-packed ground. Thankfully, there is the Traxion outsole design. It features narrow and wide outsole lugs which offer superb grip on any outdoor activity. This outsole design performs best when paired with the best outsole rubber compound.

Popular trail running shoe models from Adidas

Adidas provides runners with a wide variety of trail running shoes for everyone. There will always be the right trail shoe for long-distance runners, beginners, and professionals. Some of the popular Adidas trail shoes that are worth-trying include the Questar Trail, Terrex Agravic XT GTX, and Terrex Tracerocker.

Adidas Questar Trail

The Questar Trail is an affordable, well-cushioned shoe from Adidas. This shoe features a heavy-duty outsole with Traxion lug pattern, Cloudfoam midsole, and durable nylon upper. The soft cushioning of the shoe delivers the level of comfort needed for long runs. This trail shoe is available in men’s and women’s versions.

Adidas Terrex Agravic XT GTX

The Adidas Terrex Agravic XT GTX is a premium trail running shoe. It has a waterproof and breathable coverage. It also offers high-energy return and impressive foot protection. In the outsole of the shoe is the Continental™ Rubber outsole, which offers an extraordinary grip on slippery and wet surfaces. It has a traditional lace-up closure and printed overlays for structural integrity.

Adidas Terrex Tracerocker

Designed for daily trail running, the Terrex Tracerocker features a lightweight and durable design. It makes use of a responsive EVA foam and durable rubber outsole. The Traxion outsole pattern offers reliable grip for varied surfaces. This trail running shoe is also available in a waterproof version.

Adidas trail shoe cleaning tips

Some trail runners love to run through puddles and play the mud. However, after running the muddy trail, you need to properly clean the shoe for your next run.

Here are few tips to properly clean your trail running shoe:

  • Before you start cleaning, remove the insole. Remove the dirt with warm water and a brush. You can also use a mild shoe cleaning agent. Do not machine wash your shoes.
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe off the dirty water and fine dirt. Clean the small grooves and tread using a  toothbrush.
  • Dry your shoe properly. Put some kitchen towels inside the shoe to absorb the moisture and dry them on room temperature. Do not place them on the dryer.
  • To get rid of the unpleasant odor, spray the inside of the shoe with deodorizer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run on the road with Adidas trail shoes?

Yes, but be mindful that trail shoes are heavier than regular road shoes, especially if they have rock plates and toe bumpers. If you wear one on the road, expect a slower pace and more effort. You can also use a trail shoe designed for less technical terrain since they are lighter than those designed for rugged surfaces.

Trail shoes are also less breathable because they usually come with thicker upper material. They offer air ventilation but not as airy as the regular road running shoes.

It is expensive to buy a trail running shoe from Adidas?

No. Adidas trail running shoes range from $80 to $200. You always have the option to choose the best pair for you depending on your budget. If you are a beginner, there is no need to purchase an expensive pair. When purchasing a new pair, make sure to determine your running style and the type of terrain you will be running. It will make your search easier and more successful.

Aside from Adidas, what other shoe brands manufacture the best trail shoe?

Salomon, Altra, The North Face, and Brooks manufactures durable and reliable trail running shoes. They designed running shoes for various trail surfaces and running needs. Their shoes are packed with the necessary technologies to survive technical terrain, and they usually range from $130 to $200.

These brands also manufacture waterproof and water-repellent running shoes. They are using Gore-Tex materials and water-repellent coating to keep the foot dry and fresh throughout the run.

Are all Adidas trail running shoes waterproof?

No, only those with GTX membrane are waterproof. Some Adidas trail running shoes are non-waterproof but they still deliver enough durability, protection, and comfort. GTX running shoes are usually more expensive than non-waterproof versions.

Waterproof trail running shoes are best for wet and cold weather since they also offer a warmer environment. GTX membrane efficiently prevents water from entering the shoe.

Does Adidas trail shoes run small?

Adidas trail running shoes are true to size. To get the right fit, measure your feet at the end of the day. It is also important to try the shoes on before purchasing them.

What is the cheapest Adidas trail shoe?

The Questar Trail and Terrex Tracerocker are the affordable options. You can have a pair for less than $100. These shoes are lightweight yet they offer enough grip and underfoot cushioning for the trail. The most expensive trail running shoes from Adidas is sold for $200. This price is more expensive compared to the other brands.

Can I wear trail running shoes on the treadmill?

Yes, no problem. As long as there are not studs, then it should be alright. You can also use trail shoes on paved surfaces. Opt for a much lighter trail shoe that delivers flexibility and responsiveness.

How often should I wash my trail shoe?

It is advisable to wash your shoe 3 to 4 times a week, depending on how frequent you run. The objective of cleaning the shoe regularly is to make the shoe dirt-free and odor-free. Don’t put your running shoes on the dryer and washing machine.

15 best Adidas trail running shoes

  1. Adidas Terrex Agravic Boa
  2. Adidas Terrex Tracerocker
  3. Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed
  4. Adidas Terrex Agravic XT GTX
  5. Adidas Terrex Agravic
  6. Adidas Terrex Speed LD
  7. Adidas Questar Trail
  8. Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX
  9. Adidas Terrex Tracerocker GTX
  10. Adidas Response Trail
  11. Adidas Rockadia Trail
  12. Adidas Terrex Agravic XT
  13. Adidas Terrex CMTK
  14. Adidas Kanadia Trail
  15. Adidas Terrex Two
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