Updates to New Balance 1500 v5

  • The 5th version of the New Balance 1500 is a running shoe that’s designed for the roads. It has an uncluttered façade that encourages natural movement while evoking a sleek visual aspect. A breathable mesh is used for the upper unit, with small air-slits to enable the circulation of air in and through the foot-chamber. The FantomFit support system involves the exterior mesh and an internal sleeve that’s fused without seams.
  • REVlite is a full-length cushioning unit that’s meant to protect the foot from impact while energizing the toe-off. This foam is touted to be 30% lighter than other systems used by the rest of the footwear industry. A rubber outsole with triangular patterns and prominent grooves aims to heighten both traction and flexibility.
  • New Balance describes the 1500v5 as a racing flat that can handle 5K races and the Marathon. Its build is typically an indicator of speed, with a foot-hugging last and upper that fully emphasizes the heel-to-toe transition that’s inherent with taking each step. The semi-prominent convex structure of the forefoot section inspires midfoot or forefoot striking, a technique of running that is considered to be more efficient and less straining to the foot than the typical method of landing the heel on the ground.  

Size and fit

Standard measurements were used to determine the New Balance 1500 v5’s size profile. Runners can use their usual sizing expectations when it comes to getting a pair. The available widths are D – Medium and 2E – Wide for men, and B – Medium and D – Wide for women. The semi-curved shape of this shoe’s last mimics the outline of the human foot.


The outsole unit of the New Balance 1500 v5 is comprised of a thick rubber compound. It has a set of triangular patterns that are meant to improve traction over the surfaces. Flex grooves on the forefoot allow the wearer to bend the toe-joints naturally, especially when gearing towards the toe-off.


The midsole unit of the 1500 v5 is comprised of the REVlite foam. This cushioned piece runs the entire length of the platform, giving support to the whole foot of the wearer. New Balance advertises this product to be 30% lighter than the industry-standard compounds. It protects against landing impact while energizing the toe-off phase of the step. The REVlite foam is also present in some popular New Balance running shoes, like the NB 1400 v6.

An insole is placed on top of the primary cushioning unit. This add-on adds a bit more cushioning to the underfoot. It can be removed or replaced with a new one or a custom insert.


The New Balance 1500 v5 utilizes a breathable mesh upper to provide a well-ventilated wrap. The cloth-like texture of the mesh is meant to permit natural foot flexibility. Small sipes on its surface serve as channels through which air can pass.

A traditional lacing system is used for this running shoe. Flat laces go through discreet, overlay-reinforced eyelets, allowing the runner to quickly adjust the tightness or looseness of the fit without worrying about hot spots or material bunching.

The FantomFit skeletal engineering uses both the exterior mesh and a soft internal sleeve to ensure a sock-like wearing experience. The runner is treated with a foot-hug that is smooth and non-irritating. Such a design may agree with those who do not want to wear socks when running.

The tongue unit of the New Balance 1500 v5 has been connected to the interior of the upper using elastic bands. This gusseting method is coined by the brand as Meta-Lock. It helps the rest of the upper in achieving a snug and secure coverage by centering the tongue and keeping it as close to the instep as possible.

A padded collar cushions the ankles and the Achilles tendon. It also prevents the foot from wobbling inside the shoe or exiting the interior chamber accidentally.

A pull-tab is stitched onto the back of the collar. This fabric add-on is meant to help the runner when it comes to removing or wearing the New Balance 1500 v5, acting as a finger loop and a widener of the shoe opening.

Curated graphics adorn the façade. The NB logo is placed in front, headlined by sharp streaks that represent speed and forward motion. Emblazoned on the left and right sides of the heel area is the ‘new balance’ name.

Competition shoes similar to the New Balance 1500 v5

Altra Escalante 1.5

The Escalante 1.5 is Altra’s contribution to the world of competitive running. It is a lightweight product that’s designed to accommodate the natural shape and motion of the human foot. The brand’s well-known systems, the FootPod platform design, the FootShape toe box, and Zero Drop configuration, all work together to ensure that the foot is given ample space to breathe and relax, even when running. The silhouette is made up of engineered knit material to evoke a cloth-like feeling surrounding the foot.

Hoka One One Clifton 1

Hoka’s highly revered road companion, the Clifton 1, has always been at the forefront of the subcategory of running that involves substantial cushioning in an overall light profile. What it does is subvert expectations by having seemingly contrary features that ultimately benefit the wearer. A hefty-looking shoe in a package that is surprisingly feather light? People have said ‘Yes, please!’ to such an astounding leap in footwear design. Those who enjoy long running sessions and contests claimed comfort and security throughout their runners when they were wearing the Hoka One One Clifton 1.

On Cloudflow

Running on the roads has been a relatively fresh concept as it has only reached its true incarnation within the past hundred years or so. Before the 1960s, people didn’t even have shoes that were specifically meant for running. However, innovation didn’t stop during the tail-end of the 20th century as plenty of creative minds have arisen and taken the reins of making the running experience as comfortable as possible. The On Cloudflow is a product of such an outburst of creativity; it uses the CloudTec platform technology to provide targeted traction and support. CloudTec is comprised of several marshmallow-like pillows that have hollow centers. The segmented configuration of this cushioning system enables a smooth and flexible ride.


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