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5 reasons to buy

  • Some reviewers say that the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is the most comfortable neutral running shoe they have ever worn. 
  • Runners state that the shoe is highly durable because of its full-length Continental™ Stretchweb outsole. 
  • The shoe leaves the foot feeling fresh despite the humid weather because of its engineered mesh upper, according to some commenters.
  • There are no rough abrasion points on the Solar Glide 19’s edges, as reported by a purchaser. 
  • The shoe provides a lightweight feel to the foot, says several runners. 

3 reasons not to buy

  • One runner notes that the Adidas Solar Glide is not suitable for long-distance running as the shoe causes heel slippage. 
  • The shoe lacks breathability, mentions one user. 
  • The shoe does not provide enough support when running, says one runner. 

Bottom line

The general consensus for the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is a mix of good and bad reviews. A lot of the runners really like the durability that is offered by the shoe. They also like the lightweight feel that the shoe offers. On the other side, there are some complaints with regards to the heel slippage that has happened to some of the users when they used the shoe for long-distance running. Overall, the Adidas Solar Glide 19 might not be the best shoe for long-distance running but can be a good companion for mid-distance running activities. 

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Good to know

  • One of the notable features of the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is its engineered mesh upper with haptic print overlays. The engineered mesh provides flexibility and breathability to the foot when running. This material is also meant for giving that lightweight feel when running, which helps the runner move more efficiently. Additionally, haptic print overlays are added to the upper of the shoe in order to provide additional lateral support. This also helps in securing the fit of the shoe when running. 
  • The Continental™ Stretchweb outsole provides durability and protection to the shoe when it comes in contact with abrasive elements when running. Meanwhile, the Boost™ technology is also integrated into the Solar Glide 19, a well-known feature that helps promote maximum energy return. It is partnered with the Solar Propulsion Rail for a more stable running experience. The overall sole unit provides comfort to the foot as it provides more cushioning to the shoe that also helps in shock absorption.

The sizing scheme of the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is available in standard measurement for both men and women. One of the shoe components directly affecting the fit of the shoe is the lace-up fastening system of the shoe. Another element that affects the shoe’s fit is the engineered mesh upper that the Adidas Solar Glide 19 sports. This upper material is also present in other running shoes such as the Adidas Ultra Boost. The shoe also has a Fitcounter heel that helps add security to the foot when running. To even further the secure fit, haptic print overlays are added to the upper to give lateral support.

The outsole of the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is composed of Continental™ Stretchweb technology. This technology is also incorporated into other Adidas running shoes. It is composed of a rubber outsole that is as durable as a vehicle tire. The Continental™ Stretchweb protects the shoe from abrasive elements when running. This outsole feature of the Adidas Solar Glide 19 also allows the shoe to have good traction on different surfaces. This helps runners conserve energy. This technology basically adapts to each foot strike of the runner to ensure that smooth ride. 

The midsole of the Solar Glide 19 utilizes the boost™ technology. The boost™ allows better shock absorption as its TPU components compress together under pressure. This technology also allows the shoe to have a high energy return. The boost™ also provides added cushioning to the foot; thus, increasing the comfort the shoe offers. 

For added support and stability, the boost™ works with the Solar Propulsion Rail. This technology guides the foot to more stable running experience. 

The Adidas Solar Glide 19 also incorporates the Torsion System that allows the rearfoot and forefoot to move independently. This allows a smooth and swift transition. This technology also helps the foot to conserve energy by adapting to varied surfaces without straining the foot with excess motion.

The upper of the Adidas Solar Glide 19 is composed of an engineered mesh material. This upper contains breathability strips and flexibility pannels in order to allow the foot to move more freely. The breathability that the Solar Glide 19 provides leaves the foot feeling fresh even after a run under a humid running condition.  The upper of the shoe also sports haptic print overlays that provide lateral support. This helps ensure that the shoe offers snug fit and stability to the runner.

On the sides of the shoe, the guide rails are incorporated to provide structural support and stability. These guide rails allow the runner to run with flexibility while ensuring that there’s still sufficient stability when running. 

Fit heel counter is also added to the Adidas Solar Glide 19 for added flexibility, security, and comfort. With the Fitcounter, the shoe still feels lightweight. This feature of the shoe also allows the runner to move freely. 


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