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Based on a total of 100, 000 shoe reviews and more, the shoe collections of Adidas feature a great variety of footwear technologies to improve the performance of recreational runners and professional athletes on the track and trail. The best Adidas low drop shoes will not let you down, despite allowing a closer contact with the ground. If you are ready to start the transition from minimalist to barefoot, read about the best Adidas low drop shoes for you.

Why go natural with Adidas low drop shoes?

  • If you are willing to pursue a barefoot feel, skip cushioned platforms and pick the best Adidas low drops shoes with 4 mm to zero heel to toe differential. The lesser differential, the more ground contact you can expect. However, remember that zero drop profiles do not have enough cushioning anymore. If you want a natural feel with cushioning, read up about neutral shoes.
  • The best Adidas low drop shoes have minimal midsole construction, so you can expect a lighter platform. Since the shoe is practically light, you can use it for speed workouts and racing.
  • By facilitating a more barefoot-like feel, your Achilles tendon will be improved over time. Your soles are also developed to facilitate more natural running movement. You will surely improve your foot flexibility when using the best Adidas low drop shoes.
  • The midsole and outsole of low drop shoes often share the same material to minimize the material of the underfoot. Choose low drop shoes with thicker midsole/ outsole technologies when pursuing trail routes, while a normal midsole/ outsole cushioning is great for the road. This will ensure better protection against debris and impact forces while running.

What could make the best Adidas low drop shoes to improve running performance?

  • Underfoot Protection. Not all low drop shoes can be relied on in terms of shock attenuation and debris protection. Even if you want to facilitate a natural running movement, you would not want the stones or other irregularities to bruise your good foot. By choosing the best Adidas low drop shoes with thicker midsole/ outsole features, you can run on varied terrain with great underfoot protection. Outsole technologies from the brand include Traxion Technology and Adiwear Technology.
  • Heel to toe Differential. The lower the drop, the better contact with the ground. However, you should gauge your readiness for a more barefoot-like feel. If you are having comfort issues in the zero drop platform, better start with a 4 mm and work your way until the lowest differential available. The heel to toe drop varies among models.
  • Cushioning. The cushioning varies per model. The technical construction might feature a low drop, but cushioning could still be present in certain areas. Find the best Adidas low drops shoes with a balance between a low profile and cushioning. The Phylite foam is a common midsole technology that functions as both the outsole and midsole.