6 best Salomon road running shoes (November 2017)

3,985 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 86/100

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Power up your pavement performance with the best Salomon road shoes, the footwear options that have shared the limelight in over 100, 000 shoe reviews. Casual and professional runners trust the technologies of Salomon to bring a better running experience on the road, gravel and track. Immerse yourself into the world of road running with the information below.

How will a pair of Salomon road shoes improve your running?

  • Road shoes are great for fitness and sports. Their technical construction is versatile enough to provide the necessary cushioning, support and protection to handle various activities, like cross training, performance running and even trail running. Other runners use road shoes for casual wear.
  • The level of cushioning varies among road shoes. The most ideal platform for racing and speed workouts is a firm and responsive cushioning. It ensures energy return properties and flexibility on even ground. However, there are stability and motion- control road shoes that have support- specific technologies and plush cushioning to control over pronation.
  • Road shoes have great shock attenuation properties. Heel strikers can rely on the construction of the best Salomon road shoes to disperse impact once the sole hits the ground.
  • The best Salomon road shoes do not have as much features as trail shoes. The midsole and outsole are not as bulky as trail- specific parts, unless premium cushioning is present. Sometimes, the midsole and outsole parts of road shoes are merged to guarantee a low heel to toe drop.

How to determine the best pair from the Salomon road shoe collection?

  • Versatility. The best Salomon road shoes rank high in the aspect of versatility. These can be worn for regular running, cross training, speed workouts, racing, sports and other fitness activities. In fact, some shoes are versatile enough to be used on the trail. To reduce the risk of foot injuries, choose a versatile road pair and stick to nature trails that do not have a lot of debris. Salomon road shoes are great for fitness enthusiasts because they can pursue various activities without needing two or more performance shoes.
  • Cushioning. The cushioning in road shoes provides shock attenuation properties. Select a pair of the best Salomon shoes that do not lack cushioning, unless you want to pursue minimalist running. The cushioning will absorb the impact forces in every step, especially if you are a heel striker. It reduces the pressure in the legs and keeps you protected enough to conquer long distances. Inside Salomon shoes, cushioning technologies are in the form of mid-sole features such as the LT Muscle, OS Tendon, and Injected EVA.
  • Durability. As compared to the trail, roads feature slight irregularities. However, your performance shoes should still be durable enough to last 500 miles or so on the pavement. To ensure this, make sure to consider the outsole material of the best Salomon road shoes. Running on rough ground can result in excessive wear and tear on the outer sole and lead to foot injuries. Choosing road shoes with thick, abrasion- resistant outsole rubber will make you last on the road. Salomon’s outsole technologies include the popular Contagrip technology, 3D Grip traction and Dynamic Traction lugs.