8 best Reebok crossfit shoes

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best Reebok CrossFit shoes

Best Reebok CrossFit shoes - November 2018

While there are  so many CrossFit shoes on the market, only one brand is allowed to use the CrossFit branding. Reebok CrossFit shoes are the official footwear of this world-renowned high-intensity fitness regimen and competitive sport, as well as its annual athletic competition.

These pairs are not just everyday training shoes, they are engineered to be used for CrossFit specifically, using special technologies that were created based on the physical demands of the workouts and the inputs of the CrossFit athletes and the close-knit community. Due to the strategic partnership between Reebok and CrossFit, the Reebok CrossFit shoes are made with exclusive access to all this information.

In 2010, Reebok entered a partnership with CrossFit to produce CrossFit and weightlifting footwear, open CrossFit boxes, and sponsor the annual Reebok CrossFit Games. This partnership ushered in a new era for Reebok, positioning itself as a fitness lifestyle brand and phasing out its sports-oriented products and affiliations. It also changed its logo to the Delta symbol to represent the brand’s hyper-focus on fitness.

The first generation of Reebok CrossFit shoes was released in 2011. Dubbed as the Reebok CrossFit U-Form Nano, it was made to tackle weightlifting, high-impact movements, and short-distance running, which are exercises that make up most of CrossFit’s Workouts of the Day (WOD). Since then, the brand has released several reiterations and variations of the shoe to great acclaim. What makes the Reebok CrossFit shoes different from the other brands? Read on below to find out.

What to expect from the best Reebok CrossFit shoes

Since they are the official footwear of CrossFit, the Reebok CrossFit shoes have a lot riding on their shoulders. They have to be at the forefront of developments, which is evident in the shoe technologies that the brand comes up with in its research facility.

It took more than ten months for the brand to develop the first generation of Reebok CrossFit shoes. The resulting output is the Reebok CrossFit U-Form Nano, a shoe that moves with the wearer as if it’s second skin but remains stable during weightlifting. These qualities have set a precedent for the succeeding models and spin-offs of Reebok CrossFit shoes.

Defining qualities of Reebok CrossFit shoes

There is a reason why Reebok CrossFit shoes are one of the most popular among their competitors. Reebok CrossFit shoes are explicitly made for use during CrossFit WODs, which means that they were constructed in a way to address all the possible physical chalennges during the workout. Below are the standout features that set Reebok CrossFit shoes apart.

Lightweight, flexible, yet durable upper

Since WODs tend to consist of diverse and dynamic physical activities, the upper of Reebok CrossFit shoes has to be able to cope with whatever demands the workouts throw at them. Hence, lightness and flexibility are crucial in the upper. Since these workouts can be strenuous, the upper needs to withstand regular wear and tear and the toughest of activities. Reebok CrossFit shoes often use light yet industrial-strength materials such as Kevlar (commonly used for ballistic and stab-resistant body armors), Cordura, and FlexWeave.

Stable and low-profile platform

CrossFit is not for the faint of heart. It is a high-intensity and fast-paced fitness regimen that pushes one to reach their limits. The workouts involve dynamic and explosive movements that require plenty of stability. As such, the Reebok CrossFit shoes are equipped with low-profile and stable midsoles to support the wearer during these activities. Their minimal drop gives a better sense of ground connection, which enhances force transfer when lifting weights, while its wide platform prevents wobbling.

Rope traction and protection

Nothing burns through both shoes and calories as fast as rope climbing does. The rope that is used during WODs is commonly made of abrasive fibers that may cause deterioration of the shoe as the wearer makes their way upwards. It is for this reason that Reebok CrossFit shoes have the RopePro technology to protect the upper from rope abrasions. The medial sides are also textured with a tread pattern to enhance traction on the ropes during climbing.

Grippy and lasting toe cap

Burpees, push-ups, and planks are common exercises in WODs. Since the front part of typical trainers is not created to put pressure on and rub against the floor, they have to be protected from the damage that these activities may cause. Reebok CrossFit shoes have durable toe caps installed on this high-wear area to protect it from such exercises. They are also grippy to help with the wearer’s performance.

Special technologies of Reebok CrossFit shoes


Cordura is a fabric used for the upper in the Reebok CrossFit Speed TR 2.0. It is made of durable nylon that offers support and breathability.


Duracage technology is a lightweight outer shell that wraps around the medial part of the CrossFit Nano 4. It protects the upper and provides support for lateral movements.


Flexweave is a proprietary technology that is used in the upper of the CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave. It has an open figure-eight construction that weaves strands of fibers for a single surface fabric that is lightweight and strong.

RopePro and RopePro+

RopePro is a carbon rubber technology that protects the footwear from shredding during rope climbing exercises. It also adds more bite to the rope through the textured rubber.


The Powerlaunch is a construction style for the toebox employed in the CrossFit Nano 7. It is meant to provide a snugger fit to contain the toes and prevent them from sliding inside the shoe.

Toe Tection

Toe Tection is a protective feature that enhances durability in the toe area. It comes in especially handy during high-intensity workouts.

TPU Kip Klip

Located at the rearfoot area of the CrossFit Speed TR 2.0, the TPU Kip Klip offers the required no-drag traction in order to do handstand push-ups successfully. It also protects the heel from scuffs. 


The U-Form is a technology that is found in the lining of the first generation of Reebok CrossFit shoes for a customized fit. It is a heat-activated feature that softens and molds to the foot.

Popular models of Reebok CrossFit shoes

Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 Weave

The CrossFit Nano 7 Weave is the much-needed upgrade to its critically panned predecessor. The new NanoWeave fabric was complimented by the consumers for its durability, breathability, and flexibility. The sole was also praised for its traction.

  • The standout feature of this model is the NanoWeave upper. It is composed of a seamless fabric that is designed to offer support, durability, and breathability.
  • The model is engineered to be lighter than the original, which was another plus in the users’ book.
  • Its midsole was considered versatile enough for plyometrics while staying supportive during weightlifting.

Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave

Reebok decided to stick to their proprietary technologies with the CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave. It is the fruit of months of research with the inputs from the CrossFit community. This reiteration is built to tackle the full spectrum of CrossFit WODs, which was celebrated by many people.

  • Most purchasers marveled at the comfort that the Flexweave provided. It is a dynamic material that moves and supports the foot.
  • The flex grooves at the forefoot afforded freedom of movement. This feature impressed many of the shoppers.
  • The inner bootie enhanced the fit. The testers complimented the comfortable and snug fit that it gave.

Reebok ROS Workout TR 2.0

The budget-friendly version of the brand, the ROS Workout TR 2.0 is designed to keep up with the demands of plyometrics, rope climbing, and weightlifting without the expensive price tag.

  • The firm EVA heel facilitated improved force transfer during weightlifting, according to numerous fitness buffs.
  • Just like the other Reebok CrossFit shoes, it also comes equipped with RopePro technology. The buyers liked that it protected the shoe from getting shredded by rope climbing exercises.
  • The Finn-patterned outsole displayed increased surface area and traction. It was appreciated for having a strong grip on different types of surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

Are Reebok CrossFit shoes good for weightlifting?

More often than not, CrossFit WODs involve power- and weightlifting. Reebok CrossFit shoes are built to support the foot during these workouts with their broad and stable base, rigid heel, and roomy toe box. However, if you choose to focus more on improving your squatting and lifting posture, you would fare better with specialized weightlifting shoes.

Can I use my Reebok CrossFit shoes for running?

Since WODs also involve short runs and sprints, Reebok CrossFit shoes have the flexibility and the semblance of cushioning for these activities. However, people may feel discomfort for longer runs since these trainers lack the cushioning compared with running shoes. They also have insufficient support for the forward motion of running.

Why should I wear Reebok CrossFit shoes?

You wouldn’t wear a tuxedo in the gym, so why would you wear any shoes other than specialized CrossFit shoes to perform your training regimen. Reebok CrossFit shoes are designed to tackle various demands of different WODs. They are durable to withstand the regular abuses of the strenuous workouts, supportive to prevent wobbling, and flexible to allow the foot to keep up with the explosive and dynamic movements. On the other hand, running shoes lack lateral stability because it is made to support linear movements, while typical training shoes are not supportive and durable enough to keep up with CrossFit. Some even have a higher heel drop, which reduces the stability of the foot.

Which model of the Reebok CrossFit shoes is the best?

It can be difficult to declare the best out of all the versions of the Reebok CrossFit shoes as it varies for different people. It depends on a person’s needs, biomechanics, and preferences. What might work on someone might not work for another. However, there are models that have built a loyal following and have then been re-released by the brand, such as the CrossFit Nano 2.0 and the CrossFit Nano 6.0.

Are there Reebok CrossFit shoes for flat feet?

Flat feet and overpronation require a lot of arch support and stability in order to provide sure footing and safety during intense workouts. Reebok CrossFit shoes are made to cradle the arch and heel with sufficient support. Some models also have removable sockliners that can be replaced with custom orthotics if the user prefers it.

Are Reebok CrossFit shoes true to size?

Most Reebok CrossFit shoes tend to run true to size in terms of length. However, the materials used for the upper of some models could affect the fit as they could feel snug on the feet. Another factor that could influence the fit is the construction of the toe box as in the case of the CrossFit Nano 7. In these cases, buyers may need to order a half or a full size larger than usual to get a comfortable fit.

How do I clean my Reebok CrossFit shoes?

Although your Reebok CrossFit shoes are mostly used indoors, they can still acquire dirt and grime especially if the WOD calls for outdoor sprints and runs even in winter or if you participate in outdoor competitions. There are plenty of ways to keep your Reebok CrossFit shoes looking fresh and clean as if they just came right out of the box.

First is the traditional way of cleaning. Remove the shoelaces first and wash them separately. Next, spot clean the apparent stains and marks on the shoe. For heavier stains, you can toss the shoe into a washing machine with hot water on a low spin cycle. Add several old towels to buffer the rough tumbling during the wash. The inner soles could be washed separately. Just air-dry them after since heat can damage the rubber.

Second, you can prevent stains from forming by spraying waterproof formulas on your Reebok CrossFit shoes. It coats the shoe with a protective layer that makes it resistant to getting wet or stains. You can then rest assured that your footgear will be protected from harsh elements of the environment.

8 best Reebok crossfit shoes

  1. Reebok CrossFit Nano 8 Flexweave
  2. Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0
  3. Reebok CrossFit Speed TR 2.0
  4. Reebok CrossFit Nano 7 Weave
  5. Reebok Speed TR Flexweave
  6. Reebok CrossFit Nano 7
  7. Reebok ROS Workout TR 2.0
  8. Reebok CrossFit Transition
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