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7 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X buyers find the open mesh format breathable.
  • Many like its lightweight makeup as it allows them to move and slide smoothly on the hard court. 
  • Plenty of Nike Zoom fans find this model to be one of the most durable hard court shoes by the brand.
  • Lots of users say they could feel the support of the Dynamic Fit, especially during sudden stops and sharp cuts. 
  • Several buyers find it more comfortable than the Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour.  
  • It offers traction yet allows the foot to slide smoothly, according to a good number of fascinated purchasers. 
  • Some users are happy that it is offered in wide width options.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Few users feel that the Air Zoom Vapor 10 doesn’t have enough cushioning under the forefoot.
  • According to some, its outsole isn’t as flexible as in the other hard court tennis shoes from Nike
  • It’s quite tricky getting the right fit using the lacing system, as per a couple of reviewers.

Bottom line

The highly-anticipated Nike Air Zoom Vapor X did not disappoint the solid Swoosh Vapor followers even though it’s slightly expensive. Its updated design that comes light and breathable is admired for its functional and aesthetic appeal. Wearers also appreciate the modified Dynamic Fit system that gives them the confidence to zoom in different directions without the fear of tipping or falling over. It’s also built with an extra durable outsole with an improved grip around the edges to address the need for support.

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Good to know

The explosive features of the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X start from its well-ventilated upper. Such an open mesh front is airier than the fabric used in the NikeCourt Air Zoom Prestige. This means that the modified profile is made of premium quality and a softer feel than the Air Zoom Prestige. 

Another noteworthy component integrated into this hard court tennis trainer is the adaptive Dynamic Fit system. It’s fused into the midfoot and works as an added support for ultimate control during directional moves, even if it’s built with a flexible upper.

To complete the package, this advanced tennis court trainer is presented with an innovative outsole that offers the right blend of give and grip. Its rubber composition is reported to be more durable than that of the Vapor 9.5 Tour and the Air Zoom Prestige.

Durability. One noticeable difference between the updated Air Zoom Vapor 10 and the earlier profiles of the Nike Zoom tennis trainers is the design of the outsole. Although most of them are structured using the innovative XDR (extra-durable rubber) compound, the Vapor 10 has a thicker tread pattern along the perimeter of the shoe or in areas that are prone to immediate wear. 

Lightness. A substantial amount of rubber is hollowed out from the low-wear areas of the sole. And these carved out sections make this version a bit lighter than an earlier variation such as the NikeCourt Air Zoom Prestige.

Responsiveness. This trainer relies on the pressurized air unit incorporated in the heel called Zoom Air to provide snappy responsiveness. Inside the air chamber are compactly stretched tensile filaments. These fibers compress every time the foot lands on the ground before they spring back to their normal state. Such a quick response generates an explosive ride and improved maneuverability. 

Stability. Its full-length TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) foot frame covers the edges of the shoe for added security on every slide and speedy turn. Under the arch of the foot is a TPU platform that inhibits sudden foot rotation.

Support. Stability is one of the dominant characteristics of the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor 10. If most tennis shoes in the market rely on midfoot shanks for lateral support, the Air Zoom Vapor 10 is built with an added source of control and balance. This system is called the ingenious Dynamic Fit, which clasps the foot from the base of the arch all the way up to the laces for a form-hugging fit.

Extra Protection. An added layer of rubber is placed on the toe and medial side to make the trainer long-lasting. It also serves as added protection against unavoidable toe dragging. 

Despite having an extra layer of protection on the upper, this profile remains to be one of the most lightweight tennis shoes available.

Comfort. The ankle gets support from the adequate padding wrapped around the collar.

  • The Air Zoom Vapor X is worn by such tennis stars as Swiss national Roger Federer and Russian-Canadian Denis Shapovalov.
  • Its tongue has double lace loops. This lace-up design prevents the tongue from sliding to the sides. 
  • Identical Swoosh logos are placed on the medial and lateral sides. A large one also takes up the entire length of the outsole.


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