Profile of the NikeCourt Air Max Vapor Wing MS

Who is it best for? If you’re a recreational and avid club player in a hunt for a uniquely designed multicourt athletic shoe, then the Air Max Vapor Wing might suit you best. It ticks all the essential elements you’ll need for quick drills and light match sets:

  • lightweight build for speed and agility
  • perforated textile for ventilation 
  • soft underside sensation 
  • dynamic tread design for grip


Rubber composition. This trainer shares the same rubber compound with the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X. The high-wear perimeter zones of both shoes are toughened by heavy-duty rubber for added durability. 

Tread design. The outsole is scored with a generative tread design that intends to supply a sufficient amount of grip, especially during powerful brakes, slides, pivots, and cuts. The middle section is hollowed out to trim down the weight of the shoe further and to encourage the wearer to stay agile throughout the playtests, drills, and court matches. 


Cushioning. Visible Air Max unit is showcased right below the heel. Such a visible membrane is filled with pressurized air that dampens the shock before it hits the foot. It also creates a spring back effect to aid the wearer when taking the next step.


Ventilation. Air Max Vapor Wing MS is dressed in a stylish textile cover with a translucent mesh panel on the lateral side. This section is designed with perforations that allow air to flow into the shoe and helps improve the shoe’s breathability.
Midfoot cage. Such a window reveals the snug Dynamic Fit architecture that serves as a midfoot cage. Nike’s Innovation Kitchen and Sports Research Lab concocted this system to get rid of the space between the foot and the shoe and to cater to a glove-like fit. It is made up of a soft material that clasps like fingers around the midfoot and arch for better hold and support.  

Lightness. The mesh panel on this trainer doesn’t only reveal the internal support system and creates an airy environment for the foot. It also takes away a sizeable amount of weight from the shoe for improved mobility. 

Nice to know

  • MS stands for multi-surface. 
  • This shoe welcomes custom orthotics as it comes with removable insoles. 
  • The Dynamic Fit system is also present in other high-performing shoes by the brand like the Nike Zoom trainers.  
  • Air Max technology that incorporates a flexible urethane pouch that was initially used for running shoes to cushion the foot against shock.

NikeCourt Air Max Vapor Wing MS vs. NikeCourt Air Max Wildcard

Ventilation. The outer shells of both Air Max profiles are covered with textiles, but the multi-surface Vapor Wing has a more breathable configuration. The semitransparent perforated panel on one side of the Air Max Vapor Wing MS serves as a window that allows air to flow freely into the shoe. Meanwhile, the thicker textile composition of the Air Max Wildcard makes it less breathable.

Cushioning. Both models feature Nike’s patented Air Max technology in the heel, which helps cushion the impact during landings. However, the Air Max Wildcard provides another layer of protection coming from the shock-absorbing and light Lunarlon foam that takes up the rest of the midsole.

Support. NikeCourt Air Max Vapor Wing MS is designed with internal straps that clasp the foot from the top for a snug fit. Such a dynamic support system is absent from the Air Max Wildcard. However, it’s built a different stabilizing setup, utilizing a strap along the medial side that’s linked to the forefoot laces. 

Weight. Nike kept the weight of the Vapor Wing MS lighter by dressing it up with a thinner layer of textile and slimmer collar arrangement as opposed to the Wildcard.  

Value. Both cushioned court shoes belong to Nike’s most affordable selections. The Air Max Wing MS costs $10 less than the Air Max Wildcard.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 13.8oz / Women 11.8oz
Shoe Type: All Court
Collection: Nike Dynamic Fit, Nike Air Max, Nike Air Max
Features: Lightweight, Breathable
Construction: Cushioned
Material: Synthetic/Textile
BRAND Brand: Nike

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