Nike MC Trainer review

While I may come off in my reviews as a major Nike fan, it is really that I am just a fan of great shoes, and the MC Trainer definitely hit that mark. If you need a shoe to look cool and fit most of your fitness needs, look no further. I would definitely say this is NOT your everyday runner, but it will do for a warm-up jog before you get your workout in!

Who the shoe is and is not for 

This shoe is ideal for you if you: 

  • want a solid foundation for lifting or training
  • need a training shoe with good arch support
  • are looking for budget-friendly trainers
  • prefer a sharp, clean-looking shoe

Don’t buy this shoe if you:

Nike is not known for wide shoes

Arguably, I do not have wide feet, so Nike’s have usually been my go-to in the past for a cross-trainer. This rings true here for the Nike MC Trainer. It is a great shoe, but if you have a wider foot, it will not be the shoe you reach for to get your training on. It might even be a little tight if you have a mid-range foot, but not nearly as bad. 


The MC trainer is grippy but not very flexible

The Nike MC trainer is definitely grippy. This shoe gives you a great solid foundation to really get a good lift in. Whether it is squats, or deadlifts, or even box jumps, the MC Trainer will meet your needs without leaving you feeling like you need to add something else to your arsenal. 


The everyday shoe for lifting 

This training shoe gives you a great comfortable cushion for you to move around in. It gives you a flat, solid base to lift from. The MC Trainer isn’t just lifting shoes, toss the shoe on for a light run, walking around for a long day, the MC Trainer is comfortable doing most things that you need to do. 

Ready to go

Pop this shoe on, and hit your training as hard as you want. The shoe is instantly comfortable and only gets better with wear. Do not hesitate to use the shoe as hard as you want on day 1. 

Light and smooth

I will say that the shoe gets a good grade on lightness. It hardly feels like you are wearing a shoe at all. If you want a light shoe, look no further! 

Amazing durability in the MC Trainer

This shoe is a shoe you can rely on for a while. After wearing the MC Trainer for 2 weeks, and doing a lot in them (lifting, shopping, going to the zoo) the shoe still looks and feels like it is brand new. I would say that the MC Trainer is built for durability, and for the cost, you get your money's worth and then some. 


MC Trainers offers solid lockdown

For a pair of cross-trainers, the MC Trainer feels like a running shoe for lockdown. Lace them up and you’ll feel like your foot is securely locked into this shoe. A lot of cross trainers don’t give you a solid lockdown, so this was a refreshing feeling for someone who moves around a lot when they are training. 

Built for dynamic training

This shoe works well for most types of training, from lifting to dynamic movement. Take it for a light jog, wear it to the park for a long walk. Comfort and function both hit the mark on the MC Trainer.

Breathability is not a perk

Breathability is not something that the shoe really offers. This training shoe is more a solid body construction that does not lend itself to a breathable function. With that said, you will not feel severely overheated in the MC Trainer, but you definitely will not feel the wind on your feet either. 


Light on the wallet, heavy on quality. 

This shoe falls into a more affordable category than your average Nike trainer, but you still get the same quality product. If the $70 price tag is still a little too steep for you, you can also look at the Nike Renew Fusion for a little more wallet-friendly shoe that you will see, also get good marks for your training needs. 

Facts / Specs

Update: Nike MC Trainer 2
Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Nike
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: CU3580001 / CU3580003 / CU3580007 / CU3580010 / CU3584001 / CU3584004 / CU3584010 / CU3584105 / CU3584456 / CU3584500

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