Our verdict

As experts in nitpicking, it was a struggle for us to find flaws in the Hoka Clifton 7. It's cushy, protective, and stable, making it the best Clifton we've ever put our feet on. And yes, that's a bold statement we gladly stand by. With its plush, generous cushioning, it's best suited for long, easy runs. If you're searching for something that can also go fast, this is not the shoe.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Wide option
  • Fits true to size
  • Stable


  • Not for speed runs
  • No heel tab

Audience verdict


Who should buy Hoka Clifton 7 

This is a lightweight maximalist shoe, made for everyday runs and walks. It's a trainer ideal for runners looking for a soft ride during longer road runs.


Who should NOT buy Hoka Clifton 7 

Don’t buy it if: 

  • you’re looking for a race shoe or something to pick up the pace in. In this case, look at Hoka’s Rincon 2 or Hoka Carbon X if you’re feeling elite. 
  • you’re a heavy overpronator. Then, Hoka Arahi 4 is worth looking at as it’s a stability shoe that looks and weighs similar. 

Clifton 7 vs. Clifton 6: Clifton exemplary 

Hoka sticks to what works, but do you need to upgrade to Clifton 7? Only if a gusseted tongue and breathability are important to you. Otherwise, go with Clifton 6. Its price tag is more favorable as well. 

Because the Clifton 6 was already good, it was easy for the Clifton 7 to be the best Clifton ever with the slightest improvements.  

Here’s how the 7th iteration differs from the 6th: 

Clifton 7 vs. Clifton 6

What got better

  • Heel pull tab
  • More breathable
  • Gusseted tongue 
  • More stable
  • More snug
  • Wider toebox

What got worse

  • No heel loop
  • Bad responsiveness
  • Negligible weight reduction
  • No major improvements

Improved upper, improved breathability 

The upper feels comfortable and provides a structure while also allowing for foot flex. In addition, it is a very breathable shoe, keeping the foot comfortably fresh.

Clifton 7 upper

Tongue stays put 

Finally a gusseted tongue! No more moving around mid-run. 

Smooth & stable ride

Run testing the Clifton 7, we felt that it rides very smooth and steady. Its rocker sole feels amazing on heel-to-toe transitions.

The base of the shoe is wide, so the shoe feels and is more stable. 

Hoka Clifton 7 rocker

Clifton 7 is really comfortable

With its foot-hugging upper, our feet felt very grateful for this Hoka shoe. Its comfort is through the roof!

Even though it feels so good, it is not even the softest Hoka yet. If you’re looking for a maximally cushioned and soft Hoka shoe, check out the Bondi 8.

Heel loop is gone

No more good-old hook tab. Hoka’s Clifton 7 has a vertical pull tab that goes up high against the Achilles. Some refer to it as elf curl. 

This curl allows for an easier entry and helps keep chafing at bay. And even though we were used to the pull tab, we still found this extra lip useful. 

Hoka Clifton 7 heel tab

So long, speed runs!

As a plush daily trainer, the Clifton 7 was not made for fast runs and races. It’s just not responsive enough and if you want to pick up the pace, you’ll have to work harder than in other shoes. 

There are other running shoes in the Hoka family made for these kinds of runs: Rincon 2 for fast runs and Carbon X for races. 

Weight you should not worry about

We noticed how lightweight the Clifton 7 was right from the start. It looks like a perfect balance of maximum cushion and lightness. 

While maximalist running shoes tend to weigh more, the Clifton 7 weighs (8.7 oz or 247g) significantly less than other popular shoes in the same range: 

True to size + ample toe room

Hoka’s Clifton 7 fits true to size with a relaxed toebox. Overall, this is a snug shoe so look for a wide option if needed. Its form-fitting upper enveloped our foot and held it very snugly.