10 Best Sneakers For Women in 2021

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10 Best Sneakers For Women in 2021

With over 2000 women’s sneakers to choose from, selecting the best and right one for your beautiful feet can easily turn into a nightmare. It’s a good thing that RunRepeat’s sneaker-doting queens are here to tell you which ones are worth your time and money.

Whether you’re into chunky kicks or minimalist tennis shoes, we got you covered. We even went the extra mile by buying and weartesting the shoes ourselves to know which one is indeed the best choice. So, if you’re in dire need of our help, just sit back, relax, and read on.

How we select the best sneakers for women

Imagine choosing the best sneaker out of over 2000 models from 60+ brands. That will surely take a lot of time. So to help you out, we already did all the dirty work for you. To find the best one, here’s a rundown of some of the things we did:

  • As mentioned, we buy the shoes with our own money and wear them like crazy. No free shoes were used to avoid biased or one-sided reviews.
  • Apart from testing the shoes out ourselves, we also collect reviews from other users and experts.

And since we already have a bunch of data on hand, we might as well put these to good use. CoreScores are calculated (based on all the data collected) and are assigned for each shoe. The ones with the highest scores are the most liked.

Best overall

Want to know what the best women’s sneaker is in our books? The answer is Nike’s Air Force 1 07. 

Yes, this shoe isn’t in any way new. In fact, it’s an old-style that’s been around for years, and this is what makes it so appealing! Just look at it, it has a retro look that never goes out of style. 

More about its looks, we’re sure every gal in the room will agree that this sneak sure looks cute. We tried the neutral-hued AF1 07 kicks and enjoyed every second of it. It looks good with almost everything. It’s so easy to style, it’s the shoe we’d put on every day without any second thoughts.

Now, this wouldn’t be the best sneaker for women if it isn’t comfy and durable. As mentioned, we used this every damn day and each time, it just feels cozy-cool on feet. Yes, it isn’t in any way as bouncy and light as your Air Max kicks, but they’re comfy, PERIOD. 

Part of the reason why this shoe is so comfy is its cool interiors. Despite its crisp leather upper, this shoe still feels breezy, all thanks to the perforations. Surprisingly, these tiny holes actually work. They also last for years, which is a plus!

So, for just $90, this sure is worth it. We can’t wait to see more of this in cute colors. Once we do, we’ll buy one for sure without second-guessing. 

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If you’re a true blue sneakerhead gal, you probably already have the AF1s in your rotation. And so you wonder, what else is there that has the same cute looks but different at the same time. If this is you, then you better check out the Veja Campo.

Adored by both celebrities and fashionistas, we just had to try it to see what the hype is all about. Good thing, we did because after wearing and testing it for months, we just can’t get enough of it. It’s just that good.

Sure, it’s a bit pricey. But, we’re telling you, it’s all worth it! When it comes to quality, the leather on these sneaks looks so good. We can’t help but stare at it. And to top it off, it’s made with chrome-free leather. This improves the shoes’ biodegradability and helps lessen pollution. And who doesn't want to help mother Earth?

Apart from its top-notch craftsmanship and eco-friendly construction, these shoes are also comfy. At first, it did feel a bit stiff. This stiff feeling, though, didn’t last for long. Soon enough, the leather softened up and molded to our feet perfectly. After that, it’s just pure bliss!

Now, when it comes to looks, there’s not much to say about it. As you can see, these shoes’ clean, straightforward look is just so dreamy. We’re sure you’ve already noticed it. So, if you want it, put your worries aside and go grab a pair. Nailing that famous Meghan Markle look is so easy with these kicks!

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Best tennis shoe

When it comes to tennis-turned-lifestyle kicks, the first shoe that comes to mind is the Adidas Stan Smith. It’s a classic, it’s minimalist, and it's a style icon through and through. True, this has been around for ages (1965 to be exact). But this one still tops the list when it comes to the best tennis sneaker. 

Choosing the color that will work for you is downright confusing considering the numerous options. We, however, just had to get the classic white Stan Smiths with the signature green heel tab. Why? Since we’re a bunch of vintage-loving shoe geeks, we might as well stick with the most classic-looking of them all. 

Style-wise, this kick is just so simple and basic. Honestly, there’s not much to tell. But, thanks to its no-frills look, you can wear this with almost anything. We tried pairing this up with jumpsuits, tie-dye skirts and ripped jeans, and it just looks great.

What’s also great about these sneakers is that you can wear this rain or shine. Its leather upper is weatherproof. Small puddles were nothing against its water-resistant upper. Cleaning it up is also easy so don’t worry too much about stains. Gunk and mud can be easily removed by just wiping them off. 

When it comes to fit though, you might need to size down. It runs large and its leather insole tends to get slippery, so getting that snug fit is ideal to experience its cozy interiors and to avoid heel slips and the like. Overall, it’s a good buy for its price. Just a word of advice, though, make sure to wear socks with these. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Another tennis shoe that’s sure to stand out in a crowd is the Reebok Club C 85. Yes, you heard it right. This kick definitely deserves a spot on the list of bests. After all, it’s a good-looking pair of minimalist kicks that’s been around for years. 

From the tennis courts, the Club C 85 soon became a favorite among skaters and casual wearers, and it’s easy to see why. It has that retro look that’s hard to miss. And while it looks clean and all, unlike the Stan Smiths, this kick has a somewhat rugged vibe thanks to its leather overlays. 

As always, we went for the monochrome hue (the white specifically) since this color goes with everything. We went from grass-covered parks to cocktail parties strutting these kicks and loved every minute of it. Apart from looking cute and stylish, they’re also sturdy.

Now, we understand why skaters once loved these sneakers. Its leather upper can definitely take a beating. Sure, creases are bound to happen since it’s made with leather but the somewhat worn-out look made these shoes look more spunky (in a good way).

When it comes to support down below, though, this could honestly use more. Nevertheless, it’s still a sneaker worth buying. Given its $90 price tag, we definitely got more from it than expected.

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Best mid/high top

Looking for the best high-top sneaker for women? Look no further. When it comes to women’s high-top sneakers, the first place goes to Converse Run Star Hike. 

If you’ve seen it, you’d know why. Converse somehow managed to breathe new life into their classic Chucks and add tons of spunk into it. The result is the Run Star Hike. 

Its spiky platform sole just looks crazy cute! Yes, it’s definitely something that would get anyone’s attention. So, if you’re planning to strut these kicks, make sure to do it confidently. 

We wore these and we couldn't help but smile the whole day. A day with these kicks on equates to a day filled with compliments - not just from family and friends, but also from bystanders. 

Now, one thing worth mentioning about these chunky kicks is their cozy interior. The thick soles didn’t just amp up the shoe’s looks, but they also boosted its comfort levels through the roof. So, for that, Converse deserves a pat on the back. 

Unfortunately, this sneak’s canvas upper is a dirt-magnet, So, you might want to choose the dark-hued colorways. But, if you have time to brush the dirt off, the white is still a great choice. We personally like it since it’s a color perfect for summer and it’s also easy to style. 

Overall, we really dig the look of these kicks. It simply gives us that runway look that you wouldn’t often get in a pair of classic Chucks.

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If you find the Converse Run Star Hike a bit too edgy for you, then you might consider adding the Nike Blazer Mid 77 to your rotation.

This isn’t in any way chunky like the Run Star Hike, but it’s still a looker with its mid-top design and clean and sleek construction. The paint-splattered version, however, looks even more eye-catching. 

Same as any mid or high top, this shoe’s heightened collar surely kept our ankles from twisting. And despite its minimal styling, it also gave the right amount of cushioning underfoot. This made this shoe really comfy that we couldn’t help but jump in these sneaks the next day,

And did we mention that these are oh so versatile? It’s so easy to mix and match with whatever outfit we have left in our closet. 

When it comes to price, this isn’t as cheap as your Vans kicks or Chucks. But, then again, we’re willing to spend $110 on these kicks anytime because they’re so well-made. The leather on these looks so good and the stitches are just perfect. To top it all off, these things last.

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Best chunky shoe

Yes, chunky kicks are still in! And if you ladies are looking for a pair of comfy, high-quality, and nice-looking pair of chunky sneakers, your best bet is the RS-X3 from Puma. 

True, this shoe has been around for a few years, but who’s counting?! What matters is that they still look gorgeous. 

And have you seen the colorways of these shoes? There are so many, it’s hard to pick which one is the best. The pink ones look so dreamy. But then again, if you’re the practical type, the neutral-colored ones are a smart choice since they go with everything.

Comfort-wise, these shoes’ multi-layered RS cushioning didn’t fail to impress us. They’re so supportive and bouncy, long walks and short runs felt like a walk in the park. They’re just so darn comfy! 

Now, if your feet are a bit broad, just note that this shoe’s toe box might feel a bit cramped. So, it’s best to consider sizing up a bit. Once you do get the right size, everything else is history.

One more thing worth mentioning is its quality. For $110, these shoes’ materials look so premium. The stitchings are also perfect. Puma really did a fine job and we’re loving every bit of this retro, chunky kick!

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If you have some cash to splurge, then one chunky kick that’s definitely worth your time and hard-earned money is the Nike Air Max 95. Yes, this iconic Nike kick still deserves the spotlight even after over 2 decades. And we’re sure that those who have tried it would agree.

Its sporty, classic design is still considered groundbreaking today, and this is all thanks to the genius mind of its designer Sergio Lozano. He sure thought this through.

We tried the canvas/leather-clad version with the famous Nike Grind sole and didn’t have any regrets. It did take some time breaking in but it was all worth it after. The stiff leather softened up to fit perfectly on our feet. Once it did, the shoes felt super crazy comfortable. 

Its sole was also grippy, and we just loved the thought that it’s made of recycled materials. On the one hand, the multi-layered upper was also sturdy. It’s also watertight. But, it’s best not to let the water soak. Because this shoe already feels bottom-heavy as is, imagine the weight that’s added when they’re drenched with water. 

Overall, the Air Max 95 will always be a great pair of sneaks to strut the city pavements. They’re timeless and having these in your rotation for a few more years wouldn’t hurt at all since you’re sure that this will stay on-trend for many years.

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Best budget shoe

When it comes to budget-friendly women’s sneakers, Vans is the place to be. And if you want the best of them all, the spot goes to the very first Vans shoe ever created - the Vans Authentic.

After over 50 years, this classic shoe is still seen all around the globe and it’s easy to see why. Apart from its $50 price tag, this shoe comes with a look that never goes out of style. It’s so clean and simple, it’s the type of shoe you’ll choose to wear every single day because it goes with everything.

We got the all-white color that effortlessly blends with any outfit. Name it - this just looks good with anything, including skirts, rompers, and skinny jeans. It’s better, though, to keep these away from mud and gunk because these shoes’ canvas upper are difficult to keep clean. 

On the upside, the canvas material in these sneaks is pretty durable and airy. We walked for miles on these kicks under the hot summer sun and our feet felt cool and dry all day. Now, since it’s airy, it’s obviously not water-resistant. So, don’t expect these to keep your feet dry once it rains.

When it comes to comfort, this honestly can use more cushioning and arch support underfoot. But considering its price, who are we to complain?! After all, it’s still a cute pair of kicks that are made to last.

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If you think that Nike kicks are pricey, think again. The Swoosh brand actually offers a good number of sneakers that are perfect for sneaker queens who are a bit tight on the budget. And if you’re wondering what’s the best among all of them, for us it’s the Nike Court Vision Low. 

It looks a lot like the AF1s but slimmer. So, if you have narrow to normal-width feet, this is perfect. And just like the classic Air Force 1s, this also boasts a minimalist design that matches with loads of outfits. So apart from saving some dough on a new pair of kicks, you’ll also save more cash since you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe.

Now, looks aside, these retro kicks also feel comfy. True, it’s not as bouncy as the Air Maxes and not as responsive as the Boost-soled sneaks, but it’s comfortable nonetheless. It offers just the right amount of cushioning to keep your feet feeling cozy all throughout the day. 

Apart from providing adequate cushioning, its leather does not look bad at all. In fact, it looks good considering its price. It does crease a bit, but who cares? They still look lovely - creases and all.

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