7 Best Shoes For Standing All Day in 2024

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7 Best Shoes For Standing All Day in 2024
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Shoes for standing all day are not only meant to take good care of your feet but also keep your entire body supported. Be it an 8-hour shift at work or just a busy day on your feet. Here you’ll find a shoe with all the stability and plushness to keep you upright and pain-free.

Maybe you need a shoe for flat feet and overpronation or a shoe that accommodates wider feet? Or perhaps you prefer a mix of style and comfort or a more budget-friendly option? 

We have reviewed hundreds of shoes and even put some of them through our demanding test lab to help you find the best pair. We recommended models in several categories based on the results of our tests. 

How we test walking shoes

Given the number of options available, how do you choose that perfect shoe that helps you walk and stand all day long? Don’t worry, we’re here to do the dirty work for you. With our extensive knowledge of what makes perfect footwear and a scrupulous shoe-testing methodology, we've selected the best options out there:

  • To keep our reviews honest, we avoid sponsorships and buy all tested shoes ourselves.
  • We spend hours and sometimes days, walking around in the shoes to check every essential aspect, from cushioning to breathability.
  • We take everything up a notch and do mad testing in our lab. We measure almost every imaginable parameter so we can give you the most complete shoe evaluation. We even cut the shoes into pieces for an all-out perspective.

Best walking shoes for all-day wear overall

What makes it the best?

For all-day wear, we couldn’t think of any better walking shoes than Allbirds Tree Runners. When we are in this shoe, we don’t count the hours. Indoors and outdoors, work and leisure, on the ground and in a plane, we had the most awesome and pain-free experience with Tree Runners!

One of the reasons we found behind our impression is Tree Runner’s solid ventilation. Although it only scored an average on our breathability smoke test, we discovered through our source of bright light that the upper’s perforations are well-dispersed. This translated to steady airflows during our strolls. So, it doesn’t matter if we are sockless or not, we do not sweat in this shoe.

We also don’t feel any dragging weight when we’re in Tree Runners. That is why when it only tipped our scales at 8.6 oz (245g), which is 22% lighter than average, we are not surprised at all. Another thing we loved about this walking shoe is its well-cushioned footbed. Back in our lab, we found that our durometer recorded a midsole hardness of 29.6 HA, which is sitting close to the average of 31.2 HA. At this level, our underfoot felt like there is a balance between softness and firmness, perfect for a whole day of use.

Our only concern is its wearability for flat footers. We adored the shoe’s pliability at 12.2N, which is 60% more flexible than the mean. However, we do not like how it made the shoe wobbly and unstable. Hence, we can not suggest Allbirds Tree Runners to those who overpronate and people who necessitate great support.


  • Extra comfortable interiors
  • Equally cozy in 40 and 85ºF
  • Can be worn without socks
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Flexible sole
  • Removable insoles
  • Easy to style
  • Machine washable
  • Sustainable design


  • No half sizes
  • Lacks arch support
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Best slip-on walking shoes for all-day wear

On Cloud 5

What makes it the best?

The On Cloud 5 outclasses all the other slip-on walking shoes for all-day wear because its no-tie mechanism hits the ‘convenience’ spot we like in a walking shoe. What’s unbelievable is that we felt a fantastic lockdown without the need to adjust the shoe’s fit. Hours after hours of wear is also something we didn’t mind with this shoe, as we found it very lightweight and flexible. We also realized that On Cloud 5 is gentle on our feet, whether or not we wore socks – we never got blisters or hot. 

Wearing this shoe felt like nothing was on our feet, and this was supported by the small number we got when we turned the scale on. The On Cloud 5 only weighed 7.5 oz (212g), which is 24% lighter than the average. Furthermore, superb air circulation is also something to look forward to with this shoe based on our test. The amount of smoke we filled the insides of On Cloud 5 with was also the amount of smoke that cleared out insanely quickly, scoring 5/5 on our breathability test. 

As much as we admire the non-heel-slip fit of Cloud 5, we did not like its tightness, especially around the toe box. This snugness manifested in our caliper measurements of the upper, reading 89.5 mm as the widest part of the forefoot (7% narrower than the average), which incidentally is also the tightest among other walking shoes we have measured and evaluated. Due to this, we suggest checking out wide selections if you do not belong on the slim footers' side. 


  • Perfect for all-day wear
  • Unbelievably lightweight
  • Can do low-impact workouts
  • Amazing in-shoe feel
  • Very breathable
  • Super easy on-off
  • Great flexibility
  • Regular laces are added
  • Sustainable materials (44%)


  • Not for wide feet
  • Lacks durability
  • Outsole catches pebbles
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Walking shoes for all-day wear with the best cushioning

Hoka Transport

What makes it the best?

Hoka Transport edged out every other walking shoe in terms of cushioning and overlong wear. We found that overall, its footbed is unequal – lushness, softness, and support included. During our round-the-clock travels, exhaustion and discomfort are out of the shoe’s vocabulary! 

In our lab, we dove in deeper and sliced the shoe in half, revealing a liberally cushioned Transport. Furthermore, our caliper clocked in heel and forefoot stack heights of 34.1 mm and 26.1 mm, which are thicker than the averages by 3.2 mm and 4.7 mm, respectively. 

We were even more pleased when we pressed our durometer to the midsole, as it showed a superb level of softness of 21.9 HA – 25.5% more plush than average. This translated to a phenomenal feel during our extended city strolls. 

Even though it is incredibly soft underfoot, this didn’t lead to any wobbliness. Upon investigating, we discovered that Transport’s stiffness led to a stable platform, along with a wide base.

In our lab, we measured the resistance to the bending of 30.4N, which is 59.2% stiffer than average. However, for people who prioritize flexibility over everything else, we advise seeking other pairs that allow for more natural bending of feet while walking.


  • Unbelievably comfy
  • Spacious toe box
  • Adequately cushioned
  • Superior traction
  • Reliable outsole durability
  • Easy to slip in and out
  • True-to-size fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Sustainable


  • Not great for warm weather
  • Squeaky during break-in
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Walking shoes for all-day wear with the best style

On Cloudnova

What makes it the best?

Our most trusted walking shoe for all-day wear with the best design is On Cloudnova, and all its features and our lab test results backed us with our decision. It’s our #1 pick because, for one, it looks so damn good, a real eye candy! Cloudnova even features small reflective elements that up the aesthetic and make it literally great from day to night.

Besides the superficial aspect, we found it does not bring about heel aches and fatigue no matter how long the journey is. Moreover, we discovered that this shoe is not only comfortable for all-day travels but also during extended work shifts!

One thing we appreciated is how our feet bent naturally with On Cloudnova. Looking at our digital force gauge, it read 29.9N, which sits just around the average, making it as flexible as an average walking shoe. The midsole also made standing on hard surfaces for hours a treat. We checked in our lab and our durometer reflected 29.9 HA, making it 8.4% firmer than the average. Even so, we felt the foam was perfectly balanced for long walks.

Breathability is not On Cloudnova’s best suit. We say this based on our breathability test, where we blew smoke inside the shoe, and only a moderate amount of smoke escaped. We also did the transparency test and put the upper over a flashlight to see which sections of the shoe are the most breathable, and only a small area of the upper became slightly transparent. Thus, we do not recommend On Cloudnova during extremely humid days.


  • Perfect for all-day wear
  • Great travel shoe
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable in-shoe feel
  • Fits well straight from the box
  • High quality
  • 10% recycled materials


  • Pricey
  • Sole catches debris
  • Mid-cut is not for everyone
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Walking shoes for all-day wear with the best support

What makes it the best?

Walking and even working our asses off from nine to five is a glee-filled experience with On Cloudnova Form. This is second to none in all-day wear and support because our feet’s well-being is surely taken care of by the pair, preventing them from collapsing and suffering from pain and potential injuries.

One thing that made us don’t mind the time was the overloaded cushioning. With our caliper, we logged stack heights of 36.1 mm in the heel and 19.3 mm in the forefoot. Although the forefoot is 1.7 mm lower than the average, the heel totally made up for it by being 4.8 mm chunkier. This equated not only to a dreamy sensation but also to strain-free trips.

The midsole’s very supportive nature is also something we loved about the Cloudnova Form. Our durometer turned up a 31.5 HA hardness, which is firmer than others by 25%. This served as the underpinning our feet needed to help avoid pronating. Its supportiveness even got better with its 4/5 torsional rigidity which provided us lateral stability. 

For whole-day trips, we look forward to enduring shoe materials. However, the upper and sock liner of Cloudnova Form didn’t make the cut. During our durability test using our Dremel, we observed that the tool effortlessly punctured the said parts. With that, we suggest searching for more robust pairs if you want to secure long-lastingness.


  • Excellent for all-day wear
  • Very stable and supportive
  • Great in-shoe comfort
  • Non-constricting toebox
  • Reflective elements
  • Sustainable materials
  • Appealing design


  • Lacks durability (especially the upper)
  • A little heavier than average
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Best slip-resistant walking shoes for all-day wear

Hoka Bondi SR

What makes it the best?

When it comes to non-stop use during the day, the clear winner in having divine comfort and unbeatable traction is the Hoka Bondi SR. This shoe got us out of many slippery situations plus it carried us through hours of walking and standing without leaving us with any displeasure. 

No wonder Bondi SR provided us with a home-like environment for our feet, especially with its bulk of cushioning and padding inside. Working with our caliper, we identified exactly how substantial the cushioning is: 39.4 mm at the heel and 31.2 mm at the forefoot. This amount exceeds the typical stack heights of walking shoes by 25.9% and 48.6%, respectively. The tongue, on the other hand, punched in a thickness of 11.1 mm, which makes the 3.9 mm average nothing in comparison, or 184.6 thinner, to be specific! 

Moving on to the outsole, we established that it is 0.8 HC harder than the average at 73.1 HC. A softer outsole corresponds to stickier traction. However, its slight difference from the standard still afforded us safety whether we were walking on wet floors or smooth tiles. The only thing holding us back was the shoe’s weight, which we recorded to be 14.25 oz (404g). If you care about the 57.8% weight increase from the usual walking shoes, then we advise skipping the Bondi SR.


  • Comfort is off-the-charts
  • Extra thick cushioning for all-day support
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transitions
  • Alleviates foot discomfort (podiatrist approved)
  • Stable for a neutral shoe
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Superior material quality
  • Water-resistant leather upper
  • Accommodating toebox


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not breathable
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Best budget walking shoes for all-day wear

Skechers Summits

What makes it the best?

Does not empty the pocket? Check! The epitome of perpetual indulgence? Yes! These are the highlights of our experience while using and testing the Skechers Summit, which is why it is our number one best-budget walking shoes for all-day wear.

Summits set us back by only $65. Relative to the usual price of walking shoes, we found that this shoe has a 26.6% price advantage. But the cheap cost didn’t stop it from having a jampacked cushioning. In fact, we measured the stack heights in our lab to be 36.4 mm in the heel and 20.6 mm in the forefoot. This resulted in a 15.8 mm drop, which is 53.4% higher than average. It seemed like we were stepping on plump pillows, so we never mind being on our feet the whole day.

Another test that confirms its cushiony and pillowy characteristics is the midsole hardness test using our durometer. We discovered that Summits’ midsole is 16.3% softer than most at 21.1 HA, turning our day-outs into incredibly comfy trips.

One factor that affected the shoe’s wearability from day to night was its lack of proper ventilation. The upper released a little volume of smoke compared to the amount we injected inside, so we scored its breathability a 2/5. If your future all-day travels involve strolls at high temperatures, we suggest switching to other breathable walking shoes.


  • Like walking on soft clouds
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Very affordable
  • Highly flexible
  • Surprisingly durable upper
  • Suitable for casual attire


  • Lacks breathability
  • Exposed foam wears out fast
  • Memory Foam doesn't last long
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