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Europe walking shoes

If you’re going on a trip to Europe, there’s a good chance you’ll be staying there for at least a week. During your stay, you’d be doing lots of walking as you explore cities, museums, tourist spots, and even beaches. Thus, you need to arm yourself with a good pair of walking shoes for Europe. 

How to choose walking shoes for Europe

You need to consider various factors when deciding what walking shoe to bring on your trip to Europe. There’s the season, the parts of Europe you will be visiting, and what activities you will be doing.

Some areas are rainy for the most part of the year, so waterproof walking shoes should be considered. Some of them are a bit bulky and heavy, so keep that in mind when packing.

Cobblestone roads are pretty common in Europe. The uneven surface makes it tricky to walk on, so choose a pair that offers a lot of grip and flexibility at the forefoot. Lightweight walking trainers often have these features.

Now, if you’re hitting the beaches of Europe, better pack walking shoes with a mesh top as these are likely to dry faster if they get wet. Walking trainers with collapsible back are also a good option as you can turn them into sliders. Transforming your look from casual to beachwear in a jiff.

RunRepeat, your travel buddy

With tons of walking shoes to choose from, the task of buying a new pair can get daunting. Check out RunRepeat’s travel walking shoe buying guide to learn more and help you pick which style suits you best.

Going to Europe cost serious money, and we’re here to help you save on shoe cost, without sacrificing quality or comfort. A pair of walking shoes cost $100, on average. However, there are cheap walking trainers for Europe for only $65. The great news is, you can get them at a lower price because of our partner retailers.