Our verdict


The Cloudaway is a unique hybrid shoe from On. It is a truly adventure-ready trainer that can accompany you from the urban jungle to the great outdoors. Its bold looks and quality craftsmanship have attracted many return customers. Not to mention that it is reasonably priced compared to its On counterparts.


  • Versatile design
  • Can handle all-day wear
  • Exclusive look
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Sock-like fit
  • Quick-to-adjust lacing
  • Feels supportive
  • Quite durable
  • Good traction
  • Uses recycled materials (20%)
  • Reflective details


  • Firm cushioning
  • Lacks breathability

Who should buy the On Cloudaway

On created Cloudaway for the adventurous people who never know how far they’ll go stepping out of the doorway. This is a great all-arounder if you need a shoe for the following:

  • walking on the city streets, hitting shops, cafes, and pubs as well as hopping on a trail;
  • spending all day walking and standing on your feet;
  • traveling: commutes, flights, sightseeing, etc.

Who should not buy the shoe

Being a hybrid shoe, the Cloudaway compromises some of the characteristics in favor of versatility. So, if you need a shoe for the urban settings only, a better option would be On Cloud 5 or On Cloudswift.

If, on the other hand, you are more outdoorsy and need a more rugged and protective trail shoe, consider the On Cloudventure, or expand your options beyond On Cloud by checking our selections of best trail running shoes and best hiking shoes.

Versatility is at the core of Cloudaway

A shoe expert and avid traveler loves the idea of having a walking shoe that can do it all and thinks that the shoe “hits this segment head-on.” Another reviewer goes as far as saying that it works for “any activity under the sun.”

Overall, the Cloudaway has become a go-to travel shoe for many people, especially for situations where you don’t know exactly where you’ll end up later in the day: an office, a pub, or a forest trail.

For the latter, the shoe is equipped with vegan suede mudguards placed at the base of the upper. The sole creates wavelike sidewalls which also enhance protection.

And if you happen to finish your adventure late in the night, the reflective elements throughout the upper will keep you visible from both the front and back.

Secure fit with easy on-and-off

The majority of reviewers had no issues with the Cloudaway’s bootie design and sewn-in tongue. They say that it helps to create a sock-like fit with a secure heel cup.

An expert says that the shoe is “soft to slip on” and the single toggle lacing really saves time when going through airport security. It is somewhat similar to the Quicklace from Salomon. The combination of this speed-lace system and two loops also helps to slide into the shoe with ease.

On the downside, one reviewer found the crossed lacing pattern “fiddly.” He warns that the first time adjusting your laces takes longer than usual because of the criss-cross lacing above the forefoot but once you’ve done it once, the speed-lace system takes care of speedy adjustments going forward.

Supports you all day long

With a heel-to-toe drop of 8 mm, the Cloudaway offers plenty of underfoot cushioning and support. The wearers reported having no soreness or tiredness in the feet after walking a while in the shoe.

A couple of heavier people also commented that the shoe really helps their feet, ankles, and knees. “They support my frame,” says one of them.

Cushioning is NOT a cloud for the foot

However, not everyone was a fan of this On shoe’s firmer foam. The feedback ranges from “pleasantly firm” to “a real letdown,” coming from those who expected a more bouncy experience.

Don’t wear the Cloudaway on hot summer days

According to the general feedback, the shoe’s got some breathability but it’s not enough for super hot days. An experienced shoe reviewer conducted a smoke test to demonstrate how slowly the smoke comes out of the shoe’s upper. He concluded that the Cloudaway “sadly does not offer the breathability that the On running website says it does.”

Weighs below average!

A lot of wearers agree that the On Cloudaway definitely belongs to that lightweight category of walking shoes. Not only does it feel so but it can also be supported with numbers.

The shoe weighs 9.9 oz (280 g) in a men’s size 10, while the average among walking shoes is 11.3 oz (321 g).

The shoe’s lightness and flexibility make it easily packable, which is a treasure for those who value traveling fast and light.

The shoe is built to last

An expert who has tested the Cloudaway for 3 months reports that it “has held up pretty well” and he sees “no wear on it whatsoever.”

The traction is there

From the look of it, the outsole on the Cloudaway does not appear so grippy as it lacks traditional lugs. But according to the wearers, it does offer a good grip. A runner who has worn many different On shoes reports that it’s no different in terms of traction.

The only warning coming from the testers is that you better stay away from muddy trails “as the tread isn’t evasive enough.”

Yet another sustainable shoe from On

On Cloudaway is the shoe for those who care. It contains 20% of recycled materials in total. The upper is the most sustainable part of the shoe as 90% of it is made of recycled content. The rubber outsole also has 10% of eco-friendly materials in its makeup.

On Cloudaway even looks adventurous

“Bold,” “funky,” and “have an edge to them,” - these are some of the words used to describe the shoe’s visuals. The wearers are ecstatic about how exclusive and unique the shoe is. “Only a few other people will be wearing them.”

The buyers especially praise the Bronze white colorway as it is “a real nod to the road-less-traveled vibe.”

It also boasts some interesting details such as the oversized upper stitching and the meaningful treading. The latter is a 3D print of the Engadin Valley in the Alps, also referred to as “the spiritual home” of the brand.