• Use


    Shoes with optimum cushioning, lateral support, and flexibility for daily workouts and studio sessions. See workout shoes


    Versatile, low-profile shoes for constantly varied exercises including plyometrics, sprinting, weightlifting, and rope climbing. See CrossFit shoes


    Heavy-duty shoes with a wedge and an elevated heel that create a sturdy platform and promote ankle mobility. See weightlifting shoes


    Shoes for daily wear that ensure a smooth walking gait cycle. Check out walking shoes


    Multi-purpose training shoes which can be used for a wide variety of exercises. See *cross-training shoes*
  • Arch support


    For people with normal pronation. Also provide support for high-arched feet with underpronation (excessive outward rolling of the foot). See neutral training shoes


    For people with low-arched or flat feet and moderate overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). See stability training shoes

    Motion control

    Shoes feature stabilizing technologies for people with severe overpronation. See motion control training shoes

    Good to know

    Stability and motion control add-ons are uncommon for workout shoes and are never present in CrossFit or weightlifting footwear. They are mostly found in walking shoes where the gait is easier to correct.

  • Price
  • Width
    Men: X-Wide, Normal, Wide
    Women: X-Wide, Narrow, Normal, Wide
  • Release date
    Nov 2018
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  • The 5th iteration of the New Balance 608 continues the brand’s popular workout series. This trainer comes in both men’s and women’s options to accommodate everyday athletic endeavors of both. It is a versatile workout shoe which can be sported for gym sessions, fitness classes, walking, and light jogging.
  • Stylewise, the shoe bears a strong resemblance to its predecessor. In fact, the upper has not undergone any changes, except that multiple perforations have been added throughout the unit for better breathability. Aside from that, the trainer still employs leather for a secure foothold and additional overlays for enhanced support in the key areas.
  • The shoe uses the same full-length foam midsole unit for responsive and consistent cushioning. However, in this version, its upper edges have been extended upwards to create additional support on both sides of the forefoot and around the heel.
  • The bottom of the platform has been made flat, eliminating the curve under the midfoot which was present in the previous iterations of the shoe. This construction is meant to deliver a more stable underfoot support.
  • The outsole design has been fully revamped. The new lug pattern is supposed to improve traction while the updated flex grooves serve to make the forefoot more flexible.

The New Balance 608 v5 is available in both male and female variations. Gentlemen can choose between US sizes 6.5 and 18 while the ladies’ option is offered in US sizes 5 to 12. Just like most New Balance training shoes, this model can be purchased in a variety of width profiles. Men’s width profiles include D - Medium, 2E - Wide, and 4E - Extra Wide, while women’s widths range from 2A - Narrow to B - Medium and D - Wide. The leather material is designed to hold the foot firmly, while the lace-up closure allows wearers to adjust the tightness of the fit. A pull-tab is added at the back to assist in putting the trainer on.

The underside of the New Balance 608 v5 is lined with rubber. This layer is made to be durable to protect the platform against abrasion. It also has a grippy nature and a geometrical tread pattern to deliver traction on gym floors and other training surfaces. The rubber is claimed to be non-marking which implies that it doesn’t leave undesirable scuff marks on floors.

The outsole slightly protrudes up on the lateral side to form a supportive outrigger. It contributes to the stability during side-to-side movements. The unit also extends up at the front to cover the toes and keep them protected against bumps.

A deepening can be seen at the bottom of the sole. This piece has been carved out intentionally to reduce the overall weight of the shoe.

A full-length foam unit is responsible for keeping the underfoot cushioned and supported. It is created to be durable to withstand the repeated impact of regular workouts. At the same time, it is lightweight and flexible to provide a comfortable in-shoe experience.

The cushioning in the heel section is amplified by the brand’s proprietary Abzorb technology. It is a blend of the lightweight and responsive foam and the hard-wearing Dupont Engage Isoprene rubber. This component is capable of resisting compression better and longer than the standard EVA foam used in most shoes. The Abzorb heel pad also protects the wearer’s feet and legs against the harmful effect of the impact.

Besides cushioning, the midsole also contributes to lateral support. Its edges protrude upwards around the heel and on both sides of the forefoot, creating supportive barriers. They do not let the foot slide around during multi-directional movements.

Just like its predecessors, the 5th edition of the New Balance 608 utilizes leather for its upper unit. While the material is not as flexible and stretchy as mesh, it can benefit the wearer with a firm and secure foothold. Additional leather overlays are placed around the heel and at the toes to reinforce structure and support. The tightness can be customized through the lace-up closure. 

Inside, the footwear is kept fresh and aerated with the help of perforations throughout the leather, the breathable mesh tongue, and the mesh lining. A pleasant in-shoe experience is also enhanced by the padded collar and tongue.


The style, materials, and technologies of the New Balance 608 v5 make it very similar to another popular workout shoe from the brand, the New Balance 624. Both shoes have gathered positive user reviews and are offered at the same price point.