Updates to Brooks Glycerin 12

  • The feet are going to feel very comfortable with the Brooks Glycerin 12. This running shoe uses systems and technologies that are very much made to secure the foot and make the running experience as consistent as possible. Secure coverage and plush cushioning keep the runner performing with confidence and grace.
  • The upper unit of this Brooks running shoe makes use of a comfortable fabric that is able to manage moisture, which is actually helpful when it comes to preventing mild water retention and odor. The overlay system is printed using 3D technology. It adds a flexibility to the coverage while maintaining the upper unit’s lightweight nature.
  • The mid-sole has technologies that enable it to follow the shape, form, and speed of the runner. The cushioning capability of the platform is sound and it doesn’t lose efficacy after a short while. The quality of the materials used here is dependable, so runners can expect this shoe to be very comfortable throughout every running session.
  • The Brooks Glycerin 12 features an outsole unit that’s made to protect the foot from the impact forces of the ground. Flex grooves make the platform more flexible, so natural movement can easily take place. Ideal Pressure Zones distribute pressure during each step, making all phases of the gait cycle protected from impact and shock.

Size and fit

The Brooks Glycerin 12 runs a bit small. It is recommended for runners to buy ½ size larger to get a more relaxed fit. The available width is medium, so it is able to accommodate those with medium sized feet. Its forefoot area is a bit wider to accommodate better toe splaying. This running shoe follows the natural shape of the human foot, so runners are able to fit well into it when wearing it.


Durable rubber covers the outsole unit and keeps it protected from wear and tear. It doesn’t peel off easily or lose functionality after a few uses, so it stays efficient for a long time.

Ideal Pressure Zones are the sections of the outsole that are made to distribute pressure when weight and force is placed on the platform. With these zones, the foot feels less impact with each step. It’s applied throughout the gait cycle. The Ideal Pressure Zone is also present in the new Glycerin 16 running shoe.

The full-length crash pad makes each step feel smooth and comfortable. Striking the foot on the ground is less taxing to the runner because it won’t let them feel the impact shock as much.


The Super DNA is a cushioning technology that features 20% more plush cushioning than the BioMoGo DNA foam. It is able to conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot, enabling a more personalized fit. Contoured support is also given because of this technology’s ability to mold itself to the curves of the underfoot.


The Element Mesh is a breathable fabric that makes up the main cover system of the Brooks Glycerin 12. It has an open construction, so air is able to easily enter the shoe and keep a well-ventilated experience for the runner. It also wicks off moisture.

The 3D Fit Print uses 3D printing technology to create a custom fit that follows the correct dimensions of the human foot. It’s fused onto the fabric’s surface, making it lightweight and free from seams. Connected to the lacing system, they adjust when the shoelaces are tightened or loosened.

A conformable saddle wraps the mid-foot area, securing the foot and preventing any wobbliness while wearing the shoe.


The current trend of Brooks Glycerin 12.
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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