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10 reasons to buy

  • A lot of consumers wrote that the Brooks Beast 16 was comfortable.
  • Many purchasers appreciated the supportive mid-sole unit of this running shoe.
  • Several runners welcomed the design of this model, stating that it was handsome to look at.
  • This running shoe was able to provide relief for testers who had plantar fasciitis.
  • The traction-capability of the outsole was lauded by a lot of runners.
  • The cushioning system received great remarks from consumers who noted that it was supportive and comfortable.
  • Some testers were able to use this for a variety of activities—even casually—and they wrote that they didn’t have any issues with it.
  • The different width profiles of this shoe were able to accommodate those who have different foot-dimensions, and they appreciated such an inclusion.
  • There were runners who wrote that, through the recommendation of their podiatrists, they were able to get great service from the Brooks Beast 16.
  • The consumers who suffered from over-pronated foot motion lauded the stability mechanics that are present in this model.

5 reasons not to buy

  • A runner didn’t like the available color schemes for this model; he thought that they were too bland and not very endearing.
  • The fabric in the forefoot area tore off after only a few months of use, stated a tester.
  • A consumer reported that the outsole tread has already started to wear off after only 150 miles.
  • For some testers, even when opting the correct size and width this running shoe still felt a bit too tight, particularly in the forefoot section.
  • Many comparisons were made between the Beast 16 and its previous iteration from 2 years ago, the Beast 14; many wrote that the predecessor outshone the new one in terms of comfort, fit and style.

Bottom line

Many runners took a liking to the Brooks Beast 16. They have considered this to be a solid motion control shoe very much like the Beast 18, because it was supportive and it gave them reliable stability. Much praise was also given to the way that it was constructed; the testers noted that it was comfortable and reliable. Inversely, there were purchasers who had concerns with regards to the durability of its upper, as well as its durability.

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Good to know

  • The Brooks Beast 16 is a running shoe that’s meant for runners who want to fight off severe overpronation. It utilizes top-tier stability mechanisms, which work in tandem to deliver a stable and well-balanced ride. A variety of color schemes make this version visually appealing to men.
  • This running shoe has been optimized to fit men. The upper unit uses the moisture managing Element Mesh, which is a staple in many Brooks shoes. The foot-chamber has been measured in such a way that it embraces the regular dimensions of masculine feet. This shoe is also heavier than its counterpart, the Ariel, which was designed for women.
  • The mid-sole unit of the Brooks Beast 16 makes use of the Super DNA, the cushioning material that delivers more cushioning than the standard foam units. It is able to conform itself to the shape of the wearer’s underfoot, giving a customized wearing experience in the process. Excess pronation is addressed by the EPDRB or the Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar.
  • Durable rubber technologies shield the mid-sole unit. They make sure that the structure and efficacy of the platform aren’t negatively affected by abrasion or continued use. They also provide reliable surface traction, which is vastly essential in the running session. Runners also get flexibility through flex grooves.

Unlike other Brooks running shoes, the Brooks Beast 16 runs slightly smaller than what runners are used to. It is recommended for runners to choose half-a-size bigger in order to get a more relaxed fit. The available widths are Medium - D, Wide - 2E, Extra Wide - 4E. This shoe was created to specifically cater men’s feet.

The HPR Plus is a rubber material that’s highly resistant to abrasion. It’s placed in the rear section of the outsole. It doesn’t peel off or rub off easily, and it delivers surface traction.

The HPR Green is a skid-resistant rubber that’s made from environmentally friendly materials. It ensures traction on dry and wet surfaces.

The Flextra rubber compound is an add-on in the forefoot that provides the right amount of flexibility, depending on the gender of the wearer.

The MC Pod Configuration is the design structure of the Brooks motion control shoes. It makes sure that the foot is placed on a platform that’s supportive, comfortable and stable. It basically helps the runner in achieving a smooth and comfortable heel-to-toe transition.

The Super DNA is a mid-sole material that offers more cushioning than any other Brooks foam unit. It conforms itself to the shape of the wearer’s foot, therefore making the underfoot experience more in-tune with the individual’s needs.

The Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar or the EPDRB is a triple density foam that corrects over-pronation. This material efficiently assists the foot in achieving a more stable gait when running, walking or standing.

The DRB Accel helps in reducing underfoot muscle strain and fatigue by providing torsional rigidity. Basically, it mimics the way the underside of the foot tenses when going through the gait cycle, therefore allowing the foot’s tendons and muscles to relax.

The Caterpillar Crash Pad segments the mid-sole into sections, like the body of a caterpillar. It makes the platform suppler and more compliant to the natural movements of the foot. It follows the pattern of the gait cycle, placing the impact shock protection and cushioning to the area of the foot that currently needs it.

Omega Flex Grooves make the platform more flexible, but they do not diminish the level and quality of cushioning that the foam systems provide. The Ultimate Sock Liner has been added and placed right above the main cushioning unit. It is a well-cushioned add on. It is also capable of staving off moisture.

The Element Mesh is a breathable material. It encompasses the foot yet it accommodates airflow into the foot-chamber, effectively providing a well-ventilated running experience. It also wicks off moisture.

Synthetic overlays have been fused directly to the upper unit. They make the coverage more secure by adapting to the lacing system. The absence of seams makes the whole package less heavy and bulky. Some stitches were added, but they’re only to reinforce the materials.

The Element Lining ensures a dry and cool interior environment for the foot. It manages moisture, as well.

An Internal Support Saddle provides a more secure fit in the mid-foot section. This mechanism is a means to prevent wobbliness while the foot is inside the shoe. It also prevents the inner fabrics from rubbing irritatingly against the skin.


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