Who should buy the New Balance FuelCore Coast v3

You will love the New Balance FuelCore Coast v3  if you want a lightweight fashionable all-around neutral shoe that provides efficient performance

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 shoe

Updates to the New Balance FuelCore Coast v3

  • New breathable upper that sports a modern, minimalist design
  • The midsole unit features the Acteva technology patented by New Balance

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 whole

Flexible outsoles of New Balance FuelCore Coast v3

The outsole of the FuelCore Coast v3 is a ground contact EVA. This material, also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate, is an elastomeric polymer that has rubber-like characteristics.It enables the outsole to be flexible, as well as it provides the shoe with a good amount of rebound or energy return with every stride. 

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 forefoot outsole

The tread is symmetrical, designed with several indentions, structures, and flex lines in order for the shoe to move freely with the runner’s movements. This type of tread not only enhances the flexibility of the shoe, it also aids in providing the shoe with a decent amount of grip on most common surfaces.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 heel outsole

New Balance's Acteva technology in the midsole

The primary New Balance technology found on the midsole is called Acteva. Being a highly engineered foam, it resists compression satisfactorily due to its consistent cell wall thickness, uniform cell size, and consistent cell shape.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 heel midsole

This innovation is made to be lightweight, approximately 24% lighter than other standard foam units from the same company. New Balance, made it so that the durability won’t be compromised.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 rear view midsole

To make the shoe more comfortable, the Response 2.0 Performance footbed was added. This acts as an extra piece of cushioning that, not only provides comfort but, complements the rebound and responsiveness the shoe awards the runner.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 midsole toes



The upper is constructed like a cleatie, making the fit of the FuelCore Coast v3 more sock-like and snug. This type of construction hugs the foot in all the right areas, but not to the point of constriction. As a result, runners feel more secure and protected during runs without the restraining feeling of a compressed foot.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 toes upper

Mesh mainly makes up the upper. To make the cleatie construction more flexible, a textile-construction was incorporated. This design makes it possible for the upper to cater to different foot shapes. Not only does it have breathable qualities, it also has a flexible nature.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 back back

Since the upper of the shoe is stretchable, New Balance added a synthetic saddle that hugs the midfoot and helps keep the heel in place. The support this structure gives is only lightweight, but it still aids in preserving the shape of the shoe while minimally locking down the midfoot and heel.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 rear upper

This entire area of the shoe was made with a no-sew technique. This simply means that New Balance did not use stitches to put the upper together. Although a minute feature, it reduces the chances of skin irritation since the runners don’t have cumbersome thread rubbing on their skin while running.

New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 laces

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 201g / Women 176g
Drop: 8mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: New Balance FuelCore Coast v4
Collection: New Balance Fuelcore
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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