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Asics cross-training shoes

Whether you're in for a light workout or ready to throwdown hard at the gym, there's a pair of Asics cross-training shoes for you. Asics cross-trainers are not minimalist training shoes. However, their sole unit is thin enough to provide wearers with better ground feedback. This is especially useful during dynamic training. By being able to 'feel' the ground, fitness aficionados can position their foot properly to maintain balance, direct which part of the foot lands first, and position itself ready for the next step.

Which Asics cross-trainer to get

If you love the barely-there sole unit of Asics trainers but wish for more underfoot cushioning, then choose one with Gel under the forefoot, rearfoot, or both. The colloidal component is thin enough not to make the shoe bulky but still effective in reducing each foot landing impact.

Not many may know this, but Asics has a line of CrossFit shoes called the Conviction. What sets them apart from other Asics gym shoes is using several tough components like the AHAR outsole built to take on rough surfaces. Some Convictions even sport the Rynoskin upper material that has been engineered to be tear-resistant.

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