Adidas is doling out the products that feature its SUMMER.RDY collection. The models that are under this banner feature open-weave upper units and accommodating in-shoe experiences. The Adidas Ventice is a part of this family. It has a relatively thin upper construction and a set of thin panels for the overlay system. Thermoplastic arch walls support the medial and lateral sides of the midfoot.

Size and fit

The standard sizing schemes are used for for the Adidas Ventice. Still, it would be prudent to have personal testing or observation of user reviews to make the purchase decision as secure as possible.


The external pad of the Adidas Ventice is made of a rubber compound. The task of this layer is to protect the bottom portion of the midsole unit from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. Its naturally grippy nature, along with a pattern of thin lines, affords the traction that the wearer needs for precise movements and surface control.

Shallow flex grooves along the heel and forefoot of the outsole unit are meant to heighten the flexibility of the platform. Smooth landings and enabled takeoffs can be enjoyed because of the presence of these channels.


An industry-standard foam is used for the midsole unit of this Adidas running shoe. The job of this full-length piece is to protect the foot from impact during the landing phase while also providing energy for a responsive takeoff. It is touted to be lightweight yet full-bodied enough to resist early sagging.

The sides of the midfoot are graced with thermoplastic walls to heighten the supportive purpose of the platform. These relatively firm elements seek to maintain the steadiness of the foot while also preventing strain/injury.

A perforated insole is placed on top of the main cushioning unit. This add-on offers an additional softness for the underside of the foot. It maintains breathability through the ventilation holes that it has on its entire facade.


The upper unit of the Adidas Ventice is made of an open-weave textile. This cross-weave material offers security and form-welcoming comfort. Yet it also focuses on breathability because it has open vents for proper airflow. Breathable uppers are present in many series, including the well-known Adidas Ultraboost.

The sides of the silhouette feature stitch-on panels. These elements are meant to help the textiles when it comes to locking the foot in place. They have net-like structures to remain thin, see-through, and able to preserve ventilation.

A smooth in-shoe lining with relatively thin padding provides some cushioning for the topmost portions of the foot, including the Achilles tendon, the ankles, and the instep. Skin irritation is also averted by this in-shoe accoutrement.


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