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Weight: Men 13.9oz
Use: Crossfit / Gym / Cross-training
Weight: Men 13.9oz
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6 reasons to buy

  • According to a majority of expert reviewers, the Reebok Nano X is one of the most stable training shoes they've worn for lifting.
  • The inner sleeve fits close to the skin, which helps with the secure lockdown, says many of those who have tried this Reebok CrossFit shoe.
  • The net overlay provides durable protection against abrasion, several people have stated.
  • Multiple individuals appreciate the unique shape of the collar as it prevents the chafing of the Achilles.
  • A lot of the shoppers like the stretchy tongue of the Nano X because it feels good on their instep.
  • The sneaker style of this model is appreciated by most of the owners.

2 reasons not to buy

  • According to an expert, the toe box is a bit stiff and needs some breaking in.
  • Though you can run using the Nano X, it is not meant for long-distance running because it is stiffer than running trainers.

Bottom line

The Reebok Nano X comes as a welcomed redesign of the Nano line. It now features a more street-style design that is a step-up from the toned-down silhouette of the previous models. It is more flexible and soft compared to the older iterations, but not so much that it causes instability when you're lifting heavy. The top uses a re-engineered Flexweave that provides a secure foothold, while also promoting breathability and movement. Overall, it comes highly praised by the training experts.

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Who is it for? The Nano X is designed for CrossFitters. This model is released in celebration of Reebok's Nano line which was released 10 years ago. However, this model has been reworked to be more versatile, so it can be used for other fitness regimens without experiencing discomfort.

  • The 'CrossFit' branding has been dropped from the name of this model, signifying the end of Reebok's exclusive contract with CrossFit.
  • The lacing system has been redesigned, it now features hidden eyelets.
  • The upgraded Flexweave material hugs the foot for uncompromised security.  
  • The presence of overlays provides targeted support.

Traction. Rubber makes up the bottom of the Reebok Nano X. It features a tread pattern that prevents slippage, in or out of the box. 

Flexibility. The forefoot section of this training shoe has the Metasplit innovation. It promotes dexterity of the toes as well as controlled multi-direction movements.

Stability. The outsole is split in the middle. This construction allows the front section to be pliable without compromising the steadiness of the heel. The section under the hindfoot is relatively flat, allowing wearers to lift heavy without losing their balance.

Cushioning. A compressed EVA foam serves as the midsole of the Reebok Nano X. This compound softens the lands during plyometrics and running. 

Steadiness. A hard EVA element wraps the heel section of the midsole and extends to the lower part of the upper. This rim protects against abrasions during rope climbs. It also serves as an external heel cup, reducing unnecessary movements at the back of the foot.

Coverage. The Reebok Nano X employs an updated Flexweave top. This material is soft and has a bit of stretch that allows it to deliver a sock-like fit. It is also breathable, which helps with temperature and moisture regulation of the foot chamber.

Lockdown. Unlike the Reebok CrossFit Nano 9, this version uses hidden eyelets. It improves the aesthetics of the footwear without compromising the function.

In addition, the high collar is laden with high-density foam. It helps with locking the foot inside the shoe and also preventing chafing and blisters. 

Steadiness and support. This pair of CrossFit shoes has synthetic overlays strategically placed on various parts of the upper. They form the Reebok Vector logo on the medial and lateral sides of the midfoot which helps with supporting the foot during side-to-side movements. There are also extra overlays on the side of the forefoot which works in the same way.

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