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Who should buy the Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo 

While it was intended as a studio trainer that ended up being the go-to street footwear for most wearers, Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo nevertheless still has the features of an efficient workout companion. It boasts of its reliable foothold, impact-dulling platform, and grippy outsole.  This offering from Reebok is a solid choice if: 

  • You are into aerobics and dancing and in need of a shoe that facilitates bounces and pivots without much trouble. 
  • Budget is an issue yet you prefer a quality-built trainer at an affordable price.
  • You are looking for a pair that offers an 80's style retro vibe yet its functionality as a workout companion isn't compromised. 

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Logo1

Traction for the studio

A high-abrasion rubber covers the bottom of the Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo. The hexagonal tread with discs offers grip on smooth studio floors.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Outsole2

Outsole designed for dancers

Because a grippy outsole can make it hard for wearers to do quick turns, Reebok placed a Turnzone under the ball area. This smooth disc allows wearers to twist and turn without torquing their knees, making this footgear is suited for dance classes.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Outsole1

The Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo's platform

The Freestyle Motion Lo employs a full-length foam for cushioning. It has a thick heel that allows it to support the weight of the wearer and the impact of each step. It is shaped to cup the heel, keeping it steady during quick transitions.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Midsole1

Keeping your feet fresh

Inside this workout shoe is the OrthoLite insole. It is a layer of foam that follows the shape of the foot to deliver maximum coverage for all-day comfort. It is also a breathable element that keeps the feet fresh during rigorous workouts.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Insole

Cozy warp

Mesh fabric is used for the upper of the Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo. It is soft and breathable, which provides wearers a comfortable foot cover during workouts.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Upper1

Quick put-on and off action

This footgear sports a bootie construction. It allows wearers to quickly put on and remove them.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Booty Construction2

The Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo's lacing system

Meanwhile, if added foothold is needed, this trainer has panels integrated with the lacing system. When the laces are tightened, the cage-like structure enhances the lateral support of the top.

Reebok Freestyle Motion Lo Lacing System2

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: DV5184 / DV5904 / DV9119 / EF5179 / EF5180 / GNG57

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