10 Best Reebok Running Shoes in 2021

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen on

Reebok has been known globally for producing some of the most lightweight, high-performance running shoes on the market. And since there’s a ton of options available, choosing can be quite tedious. 

To help you pick the right model, we have come up with a list containing the best shoes across categories. We have taken the time to run and do our lab test in these running shoes to make sure you only get the greatest.

How we test Reebok running shoes

There are 90+ Reebok running shoes, and our goal is to help you select the finest, most reliable pair. To do so, we purchase the shoes with our own money to keep our reviews bias-free and transparent. 

Not only that, we also made our own shoe testing lab, and strictly do the following to ensure we’ve examined the shoe down to the nitty-gritties: 

  • We run 30-50 miles in each shoe to do some rough wear testing. 
  • To see the anatomy of the shoe, we then cut them to pieces. 
  • With our scales, durometers, calipers, and custom smoke machine, we measure the shoes in 30 parameters to help us gather data on how heavy, flexible, thick, and breathable each shoe is. 

To rank these Reebok running shoes, we also gather thousands of expert and user reviews to come up with a CoreScore (0-100). It’s essentially a rating that tells you how the shoe stacks up against thousands of other running shoes. 

Best overall

We can confirm, the Reebok Floatride Energy 3 is true to its name. It’s got all the energy return we could dream of, lively is an understatement to describe its ride. 

It’s springy and bouncy, we were ready to take off when we laced it up. Even better, it wasn’t responsive at the expense of comfort. It was the perfect mix of both, which is why nothing compares to the Floatride Energy 3 in performance. 

If it's a wide toe box you’re after, this bad boy will serve you. It’s superbly roomy up front, our toes experienced peak comfort. 

Speaking of, the shoe’s cushion was only there to make everything a thousand percent better. It’s so soft and peppy, it was like a couch to our feet. 

Everything about it is so plush, you can even run in it barefoot! You don’t have to worry about blisters and rubbing, it’s definitely made to pamper the feet.

Want a shoe that’s budget-friendly and is made to last? The Reebok Floatride Energy 3 is the real deal. After putting it through the wringer, it still looks and runs brand-new!

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Best tempo shoe

Reebok really has its naming game strong. The Floatride Run Fast 2 didn’t just pace us, it sent us flying! 

It’s undisputed, the real star of the show is the midsole. It’s got loads of pop, it’s easy to bounce from one step to another. And if you’re looking to set or beat PBs, this shoe won’t fail you. 

What makes it a standout among all the tempo shoes we’ve run in from Reebok is that it’s not rigid and harsh to the feet. It has some give for comfort, and a bit of stiffness for that springy sensation. 

It’s easy to blaze through the streets with this speed devil. Apart from its energetic foam, it’s also very light. At 7.6 oz, it’s far lighter than the average running shoes (9.4 oz in our lab tests). More importantly, it’s not just light on paper. It’s also very light on foot, it almost felt like a feather! 

Sharp turns? Don’t sweat it. This speedster has got all the support you need. The upper is snug, and the midsole has sidewalls to keep your feet straight and your motions in check. 

At $140, the Reebok Floatride Run Fast 2 is the tempo shoe that’s worth every penny. It’s a no-frills speedster that will make you go lightning fast in your training runs.

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Best race flat

Want to run like an elite? We strongly recommend you getting the Floatride Run Fast Pro from Reebok.

It’s got speed written all over it, and if you want to outrun the competition, it’s a light challenge that the Run Fast Pro can take on easily. 

This shoe kills it in the performance arena. It’s so bouncy and peppy, you don’t need to push it forward. IT will push you. Even better, it’s extremely light. It almost felt like we had nothing on. 

Unlike the racing flats in our arsenal, it’s exceptionally comfortable. Underfoot, it’s very plush, we don’t mind wearing it all day long! 

And if you think it forgoes support in favor of coziness, it does NOT. The cushion has some touch of rigidity, keeping the feet stable and supported throughout. 

At $250, it’s nowhere near budget-friendly. But with its race-ready features and performance, the price is more than justified!

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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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