Our verdict

As observed in our wear tests, the Lite 3 from Reebok is a daily trainer whose chief focus is comfort. We really enjoyed its plush and lively ride that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. At $65, it's a budget running shoe that we feel is perfect for runners who want a bang for their buck. And if it's a supportive neutral shoe you're after, the Reebok Lite 3 won't be anticlimactic.


  • Comfortable all day
  • A fun, peppy ride
  • Supportive underfoot
  • Affordable
  • Welcomes wide feet
  • Grippy on roads & light trails
  • Great for the gym and walking


  • Laces are short
  • Poor outsole durability
  • Not for hot days

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Reebok Lite 3

The third iteration of the Reebok Lite is a much-needed addition to your running shoe rotation if you want a: 

  • budget-friendly running shoe that can double for gym training and casual wear
  • cushy daily trainer for daily runs and walks
  • lightweight yet supportive shoe


Who should NOT buy it

If you don't want to run short on laces, we suggest the New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V2 as a better purchase than the Reebok Lite 3.

And if you want a shoe that breathes better, the Zig Dynamica 4 scored 3/5 on our breathability test, while the Lite 3 scored 2/5. Small improvement but worth mentioning! 


Upscale comfort on a budget 

Because of the shoe's low-end price, we kept our expectations really low. But we must say that the shoe was a great surprise! We were able to wear it comfortably all day long and the comfort persisted!

This Reebok shoe really feels like a pair of slippers with its plush, pillow-like interiors and cushioning.

Based on our durometer measurements, this Reebok shoe proves to be rather soft. At 22.5 HA, it is 6% softer than the average.

Disclaimer: The photo shows 1 out of 5 measurements that we took with the durometer to ensure accuracy. 

But if you plan on running in the shoe in cold weather, keep in mind that the foam tends to get firmer in low temperatures. We tested this by keeping the shoe in the freezer for 20 minutes and then measuring the softness again. The cushioning got 42.2% firmer.


Not so breezy in the Lite 3

While this Reebok shoe keeps the interiors somewhat aerated, it is definitely not the shoe to reach for on a hot summer day.

With the help of a smoke-pumping machine, we assessed the amount of smoke passing through the shoe's upper. On a 1-5 scale where 5 is the most breathable, we rated this Reebok shoe as only 2. In the video below it is compared to the least breathable shoe in our roster (1 out of 5).

Reebok Lite 3 (left), Adidas Runfalcon (right)

And in the transparency test below, you can see where the shoe's ventilation pores are concentrated.

A home for the feet

In addition to its soft cushioning, the Reebok Lite 3 also does an exceptional job absorbing the shock during impact. This creates a very pleasing environment for the foot.

For a budget shoe, the Reebok Lite 3 has a pretty generous amount of heel cushioning. We measured the shoe's heel stack at 32.7 mm, which is right at the average of our lab-tested road running shoes. The forefoot stack, on the other hand, is 19.3 mm, only 5 mm thinner than the average.

Disclaimer: We include the insole in our measurements. It is 5.5 mm thick in the Reebok Lite 3, which is 1 mm thicker than the average.


The heel-to-toe drop measurement is not provided by the brand. But we measured it to be 13.4 mm. It is on the taller side but falls within the norm for beginner-friendly daily trainers.

A higher drop is also more optimal for walking as it means that your heels receive more protection on each landing.


The Reebok Lite 3 has a good deal of support

And hey, it's a neutral running shoe. We didn't even expect any arch support from such a low-priced shoe!

Thanks to the shoe's supportive nature, we were able to run and walk in this Reebok shoe for hours without experiencing fatigue or pain. 

One of the major contributing factors to stability is the shoe's wide base, especially in the forefoot. We measured it at 117.7 mm which is 5 mm wider than the average.


Usually, there is a correlation between the shoe's torsional rigidity and stability (the stiffer it is, the more stable the shoe feels). But the Reebok Lite 3 manages to stay flexible without compromising support. We gave it 2 out of 5 in our subjective flexibility assessment.

An everyday trainer isn't always dull

The Reebok Lite 3 even has a little bit of bounce to it which makes it an enjoyable ride. 

The shoe also has a good flex in the forefoot which helps the ride feel more fluid. As our force gauge test shows, the Lite 3 is 25% more flexible than running shoes on average.

Almost weightless

This road running shoe is very light which definitely affects the overall comfort. Putting the Lite 3 on a scale in a men's US size 9, we got 8.8 oz (250g). This is 0.7 oz (20g) lighter than average! 


A win for wide feet

The toebox of this Reebok shoe turned out to be pleasantly roomy. Measuring it with a caliper, we got 99.3 mm in the widest part of the forefoot. This is about the same as the average of road running shoes.

What helps to create more toe space in the Lite 3 is the not-so-pointy toebox. 


Putting it on is quick and easy

You can just slide your foot in the Reebok Lite 3 and you're good to go. And taking it off is a cinch. It doesn't have a lot of fuss. On top of this, the laces stay tied.


But if you want to lace-lock the shoe, it might be difficult or impossible even because the laces are rather short. 


Grip that goes beyond road running

Trying the Reebok Lite 3 on both roads and light trails, we experienced no slips on either! The shoe's grip is solid and inspires a lot of confidence. 


Durability is a miss 

The outsole may be grippy, but it fails when it comes to strength. That's where the budget-friendly price tag really starts to show.

Measuring the firmness of the outsole rubber at the bottom, we can see that it's 6% softer than the average. Usually, shoes with softer outsoles tend to last less and we can see why the Reebok Lite 3 is prone to abrasion.


Skimping on price but not on looks 

With its not-too-chunky design, variety of colors, and overall neat aesthetic; we believe that the Reebok Lite 3 is an eye candy.