Our verdict

The Runfalcon is among the most affordable Adidas running shoes that we have tested. And for a shoe of this caliber, we found that it is doing very well! Rather basic in its design, the shoe still packs all of the essentials, making for a reliable daily beater. If you don't expect much from it, the Runfalcon can be a nice surprise.


  • Great value for price
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth transitions
  • Accommodating fit
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Stylish


  • Firm cushioning
  • Not for fast runs

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Adidas Runfalcon

The Adidas Runfalcon is the perfect match for runners who:

  • look for a budget-friendly option to mix for daily runs, walks, and casual wear
  • run on roads and other maintained surfaces
  • have neutral pronations and don't need any arch support


Who should NOT buy

If you expect plush cushioning, you can write off the Runfalcon. We recommend considering the slightly softer Adidas Racer TR21 instead.

And if you want a pair of speed trainers to set new personal bests, we think it's best to check out the Adidas Adizero Boston 12


Smooth and easy

The Runfalcon has the same EVA midsole as the Duramo shoes, and it runs just as seamlessly.

The shoe creates some pretty smooth heel-to-toe transitions, making the ride easy.

The Runfalcon also appears to be pretty flexible. Based on our lab findings, the force gauge shows that it is indeed 43% more flexible than the average.

The Adidas Runfalcon is NOT for summer

Although the shoe uses a mesh upper with large perforations, it fails to provide proper ventilation. Thus, we cannot recommend it for summer runs. Look how little smoke passes through the fabric in our breathability test below.

The Runfalcon gets the lowest breathability score from us - only 1 out of 5.

And in our transparency test below, you can see ZERO light passing through the mesh. This is what waterproof shoes normally look like on this test.

Locked-in fit with no slips

The shoe's upper conformed to the shape of our feet quite well.


On top of this, there's a synthetic cage that locks the foot in place.


And in the rear, there's a heel cup that provides extra stability. Translation: Expect a supportive fit from the Adidas Runfalcon. Feeling the heel counter, we gave it 3 out of 5 on the stiffness scale (5 is the stiffest).

Hey there, good lookin'

Even though the style of this Adidas shoe is rather simple, it is far from dull. It still catches the eye and comes in appealing basic colorways.


The Adidas Runfalcon is a bust in the comfort arena

Truth be told, we found the shoe's cushioning to be underwhelming. The Runfacon doesn't live up to the comfort required from a long-distance shoe. We recommend keeping it to light jogs and walking.

First, we checked how soft the cushioning is on the Runfalcon. Our durometer shows that it is a little firmer than the average of our lab-tested running shoes (by 10%).


Disclaimer: We take 5 measurements with the durometer to make sure we got it right. The photo shows one of the takes.

The foam also gets significantly firmer when exposed to cold temperatures. We put the shoe in the freezer for 20 minutes and measured the softness again. It got 39% stiffer. This is a bit firmer compared to how other foams react to cold. Those running in chilly conditions may find this insight helpful.


On the bright side, firmer cushioning makes the shoe feel a little bit more stable.

The amount of cushioning is moderate

The Adidas Runfalcon cannot brag about how much cushioning it packs underfoot.

Measuring it with a caliper, we found that the shoe's heel stack measures 26.5 mm, which is 7 mm lower than the average. This is definitely not enough foam to keep you protected from harsh landings on longer runs.

As for the heel-to-toe drop, it turned out to be 1.1 mm lower (8.9 mm) than what the brand claims (10 mm). However, for beginner runners, this is not a critical difference at all. In fact, it may not even be a noticeable one.


Disclaimer: We measure the heel and forefoot stack with insole included. In case of the Runfalcon, the insole is 4 mm thick. For reference, the average is 4.5 mm.


Won't hurt the bank

At $65, the Runfalcon is what we consider an affordable running shoe. The average price of Adidas road running shoes is $130, while the average across all running shoe brands is $140.


Affordable quality

Considering its price, the Adidas Runfalcon managed to hold up a little more than what we expected. If you are after good value for money, this could be a worthy option.

Having run 30 miles in it, we don't see the shoe's outsole wearing out as quickly.


The Runfalcon is so light, it disappears

At 9.4 oz, the Adidas Runfalcon is not exactly the lightest on paper. It is just average for a road running shoe.

But on foot, the shoe never felt like it was dragging our feet down.