22 best Salomon hiking boots

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        1. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX - Black
        2. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX - Brown
        3. Salomon OUTback 500 GTX - Ebony/Black/Grape Leaf
          Any color
          Salomon OUTback 500 GTX - Ebony/Black/Grape Leaf
          $210 $150 Save 29%
        4. Salomon Quest Prime GTX - Grey
        5. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid Aero - Grey
        6. Salomon OUTline Mid GTX - black/beluga
        7. Salomon Authentic LTR GTX - Brown
        8. Salomon X Ultra Winter CS WP 2 - Black
        9. Salomon Utility Winter CS WP - Beluga/Black/Green Sulphur
        10. Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP - Black
        11. Salomon OUTblast TS CSWP - Black/Black/Black
        12. Salomon Pathfinder Mid CSWP - Green
        13. Salomon Quest Winter GTX - Black
        14. Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX - Brown
        15. Salomon Acro Chukka WR - salomon-acro-chukka-wr-386a
        16. Salomon OUTsnap CSWP - Black Black Vintage Kaki Gum1a 000
          $130 $75 Save 42%
        17. Salomon X Ultra Mid Winter CS WP - Black/Phantom/Quiet
        18. Salomon X Radiant Mid GTX - Grey
        19. Salomon X-Chase Mid GTX - Blau
        20. Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 Spikes GTX - Black/Black/Quiet Shade
        21. Salomon Evasion 2 Mid LTR GTX - Grey

        Going on a hike can be both a calming and exciting experience when you consider a pair of Salomon hiking boots for your trip. Choosing the right kind of gear contributes to the success or failure of your hike. Salomon’s mid-cut and high-cut boots provide the protection your feet needs and improve your performance on the trail. Plus, the brand’s hikers are geared towards comfort and support to help you enjoy your hike more. If you’re on the hunt for a footgear that can exceed expectations, you should consider a pair of Salomon hiking boots.

        The different categories of Salomon hiking boots for men and women

        best salomon hiking boots
        Best Salomon hiking boots - December 2019

        Not every trail is the same. Some are more treacherous while others can be easier to conquer. Salomon hiking boots are classified under different categories to suit your trip better. All of these boots are designed to perform well under harsh conditions and protect your feet competently.

        Backpacking boots

        Salomon's line of backpacking boots is considered as one of the best in the industry. The brand’s offerings are characterized by their high-ankle design, sturdy uppers, and rigid soles. In addition, the brand’s footgear is also equipped with waterproof liners to enhance protection. Here are two of the brand’s best boots in the backpacking category:

        • Salomon 4D 3 GTX. This is Salomon’s flagship model that belongs to their line of backpacking footwear. The Salomon 4D 3 GTX was released at the start of 2018, earning rave reviews since then. This boot is an adept performer without being a burden on your foot.
        • Salomon X Ultra Trek GTX. This hiking boot can be considered as the Salomon 4D 3 GTX’s little brother. These boots weigh 1,170 grams per pair. Just like its older sibling, the Salomon X Ultra Trek GTX is a capable boot in a lighter package.

        Day hiking boots

        Day hikes are easier than backpacking trips. Since the demands are less, you can go for Salomon’s day hiking boots. They are distinguished by their mid-cut design and reduced weight. Some of Salomon’s best day hiking boots are:

        • Salomon X-Chase Mid GTX. The X-Chase Mid GTX is one of Salomon’s most affordable lightweight hikers. The boot is ideal if you’re after a no-frills footgear that can deliver a satisfying result.
        • Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX. The X Ultra 3 Mid GTX combines a shoe’s comfort with the support of a boot. It’s capable of performing well when used in day hikes and light backpacking trips.

        A quick guide to choosing a new pair of Salomon hiking boots

        Finding new boots for your next hike can be complicated, especially when shopping online. It gets harder because you won’t be able to test the footwear first. As a general rule, you can depend on expert reviews covering the Salomon hiking boots that you’re eyeing. Knowing your foot length and width is also helpful when you refer to the company’s fit and sizing guide .

        • Salomon hiking boots are available for men and women.
        • Men's boots are around 7 to 14 while women’s footwear are around 5 to 12.
        • Salomon hiking boots also come in half-sizes so you can get the exact fit.
        • Before buying a pair, you should measure the length and width of your foot. This is necessary so you won’t have any fitting problems when your new Salomon hiking boots arrive.

        Reasons why the best men's and women's Salomon hiking boots stand out

        Comfort is a priority

        A comfortable hiking experience isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a possibility that starts with your choice of hiking footgear. The brand’s expertise is translated well into a boot that renders adequate comfort. The first thing you’ll notice when you wear your Salomon hiking boots is how snug and comfy they are. The footgear’s high collar and lacing system cozily hold your foot in place. A generous amount of padding is added to the cuff to comfort your ankle during a demanding hike. There’s a padded gusseted tongue as well to relieve pressure across the top of your foot.

        Salomon infused their hikers with Ortholite insoles for extra cushioning. These insoles also provide antimicrobial protection to prevent your feet from smelling bad. Salomon made it a point to make their boot’s forefoot section roomier so your toes won’t get hurt during a descent. A heel cup is also present, so the area between the ankle bones and Achilles is relaxed.

        Setting your trip in a warm environment can be bad if your footwear isn’t breathable. Some of the finest Salomon hiking boots use nylon mesh uppers to ventilate your foot during a hot hike. Good airflow ensures that your feet won’t profusely sweat when you’re outdoors. Plus, the overall weight is reduced so your every step is made lighter. All of these boot features work in unison so your foot can stay as comfortable as possible on the trail.

        Traction is superb

        Slippery rocks and uneven surfaces are a common bane for hikers everywhere. Salomon hiking boots are designed to increase your grip on the ground. The brand’s patented Contagrip outsole technology incorporates an aggressive lug pattern to help secure your footing.  These lugs are effective in braking when going on steep descents. They’re also useful in maintaining grip through muddy conditions.

        Take a look at a Salomon boot’s outsole, and you’ll see varied shapes that extend to different directions. This design helps your move in any direction without the danger of slipping. In addition, the spaced lugs are responsible for shedding dirt and debris from the boot. All of these functions work together in unison to make sure your every step is secure. 

        Support is a no-brainer

        A good reason to get Salomon hiking boots is its stable feel on the trail. Once you don this boot on, you’ll feel its collar wrap softly around your ankles . The same collar is padded, so your movement won’t be restricted. Select boots are equipped with a 4D Advanced Chassis system and a dual-density ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole  This combination helps improve motion control and stabilizes your every step.

        As mentioned earlier, you’ll find an Ortholite insole inside. This component features an EVA heel cup for better heel support on the trail.

        Your feet are protected well

        A trail is filled with all sorts of dangers. Whether you’re traversing over jagged rocks or there are hidden critters around, it’s essential to safeguard your feet from these risks. A pair of Salomon hiking boots wraps around your feet to keep them far from danger. The upper is made from nubuck leather, a material known for its resistance to abrasion. Compared with synthetic materials, nubuck leather stands a better chance against any damage. Salomon hiking boots also use various features to help protect your feet better.

        Water protection

        Dew-soaked grass, streams, muddy puddles and sudden rain—these are just some of the many wet trail conditions you may encounter during a hike. Salomon hiking boots are built to keep your feet dry through all of these obstacles. The brand’s best hiking shoes and boots are equipped with Gore-Tex liners to prevent water from being absorbed. This technology gives you a valid reason to brave rainy days and endure wet trail conditions.

        Foot protection

        Hitting your forefoot against something hard can severely affect your mobility. Rolling your ankles can also signal an abrupt end to your hike. Salomon hiking boots are imbued with features that prevent your feet from getting hurt. At the forefoot section, there’s a toe cap to protect you from sudden bumps. This toe cap is made from sturdy rubber to endure a lot of wear and tear.

        Salomon hiking boots come in either a mid-cut or high-cut design. The tall ankle height prevents debris from easily entering a boot’s insides. It also protects your ankles from getting scraped on a rough trail. Also, there are gussets on each side of the tongue so no debris will make its way inside the boot.

        They’re built to last

        A great number of users have enjoyed the use of their Salomon hiking boots for a long time. A good reason for their continued use is the footwear’s remarkable durability. Every component of the boot is made from tough materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

        For starters, nubuck leather dominates a big chunk of the boot’s upper. Most of the finest Salomon hiking boots use a combination of nubuck leather and textile fabrics in the upper. Although full-grain leather is still the undisputed champion when it comes to toughness, nubuck leather still possesses excellent resistance to abrasion. It’s also lighter so you won’t be excessively burdened on your hike.

        Salomon also created the Contagrip for their footwear. It has three components that include density, compound and geometry. Density is the one responsible for the balance between grip and durability. Therefore, you get a boot that conquers trails and can last for a long time.

        Do I really need a leather upper when I hike?

        It depends on what kind of outdoor trip you’re going to take. If your hike doesn't exceed a day, you’re better off with a pair of lightweight Salomon hiking boots. You’ll have a better time hiking, thanks to its reduced weight and improved breathability. Leather hiking boots are ideal when transporting a heavy backpack over a treacherous trail.

        Factors that make Salomon hiking boots a must-have


        Do a quick search online, and you’ll discover Salomon hiking boots are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The brand has distinguished itself as a manufacturer of quality and long-lasting hiking boots, shoes and other footwear. A clear testament to their popularity is a slew of awards and accolades given to their line of hiking footwear. Numerous expert outdoor websites have bestowed a lot of recognition on the brand’s hiking footwear. In particular, the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX remains a favorite of experts and outdoor junkies alike.

        Getting a new pair of Salomon hiking boots is easy. The brand is sold in over 40 countries all over the world. Plus, there are countless online stores where you can order Salomon footgear. Any hiker you’ll meet will surely recommend Salomon’s footwear as one of the top names when it comes to outdoor activities.

        How did Salomon start out?

        The company started out in 1947 as a simple wood saw and ski edges’ workshop in Annecy, France. Salomon later focused its efforts on producing ski steel edges and cable bindings. They eventually entered the outdoor footwear industry by manufacturing ski boots in 1979.

        1992 serves as a landmark year for the brand when they began manufacturing hiking boots. Since then, the company has made other kinds of outdoor footgear, such as hiking shoes and trail running shoes.


        The brand’s hiking footwear represents innovation and performance at its finest. As such, Salomon hiking boots are pricier than the competition. In reality, the cost translates well into how they perform on the trail. The inclusion of features that cater to your protection and performance makes these boots worth the purchase. The best Salomon hiking boots, such as the Quest 4D 3 GTX, cost around $230. Entry-level options, like the Salomon X Ultra Mid Aero boots for men, are priced at $130. These prices can go lower when there’s a sale going on, giving you more value for your money.

        Shoe technologies

        The higher prices of Salomon hiking boots is justified when you see the technologies packed in them. Most of these features are developed by the brand. Some boots incorporate third-party technologies to further improve a user’s experience with them.

        • 4D Chassis System. This is an advanced chassis sandwiched between the outsole and midsole. Salomon hiking boots equipped with this technology are known to be more stable and responsive.
        • Agile Chassis System. This technology is often found in lightweight Salomon hiking boots. The chassis is coupled with an EVA midsole to stabilize you on the trail and dampen shock.
        • Gore-Tex. Keeping your foot dry inside the brand’s hiking boots is made possible, thanks to a Gore-Tex liner. This membrane’s surface is filled with over nine billion pores per square inch. The microscopic pore design is effective in blocking water while allowing moisture vapor to pass through it. Salomon hiking boots with Gore-Tex linings are recognized for their waterproofness and breathability.
        • Traction is covered by the brand’s patented Contagrip technology. These outsoles are made of high-performance rubber to give you more bite into the ground. They’re also great in handling steep slopes and slippery surfaces.
        • Ortholite insoles improve cushioning and comfort under your foot. This third-party technology also protects your feet from odor-causing microbes to maintain in-shoe freshness during a hike.
        • This is Salomon’s solution to the problem of ill-fitting boots. Boots endowed with this technology offer a precise and comfortable fit to your foot.
        • 3D Air Mesh. Salomon hiking boots equipped with this technology possess excellent breathability. Your feet won’t sweat as much, thanks to this feature.
        • Salomon hiking boots with Climashield use the brand’s proprietary seamless waterproofing technology to keep your foot dry.
        • Select Salomon hiking boots come with a third-party Thinsulate fabric to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures.

        Frequently asked questions about the best Salomon hiking boots

        What kind of socks should I pair with my Salomon hiking boots?

        When it comes to comfort, your choice of socks plays an important role. If you’re searching for a new pair of socks, there should be no other option but those made of merino wool. The said material is exceptional in keeping your feet warm and snug. It’s also excellent in releasing moisture generated by your feet. On the other hand, never pair your Salomon hiking boots with cotton socks. They easily trap moisture and get heavy when exposed to water. If you want your hike to be as smooth as possible, wearing merino wool socks is a must.

        Why are my new Salomon hiking boots so stiff and uncomfortable to use?

        Some Salomon hiking boots can’t be used straight out of the box. You need to walk in them to soften the outsoles. This process is called breaking in, and it’s a must for every new pair. Here are some tips on how to properly break your new footgear in.

        • Familiarize yourself with the boots. Take your Salomon hiking boots and use them in a controlled environment. For instance, you can walk in them at home for a short period every day. At first, you’re going to feel a great resistance from the footwear’s stiff materials. Give it time until they soften up.
        • Increase your use gradually. When your Salomon hiking boots have slightly softened up, you can now take them outside. Walk in them for a couple of blocks to break them in further. If you want, you can also take your backpack. Doing this act will give you an idea of how these boots perform.
        • Don’t take the easy way out. Taking a shortcut in breaking these boots in won’t be good in the long run. Don’t soak your Salomon hiking boots in water to soften them up. You’ll only ruin your footwear and reduce its quality.

        What’s the best way to take care of my Salomon hiking boots?

        At the end of each hike, you can expect a lot of dirt and debris on your boots. Here are some easy cleaning tips to help you out :

        • Get a soft, wet brush. Run the boot under a faucet and wash away any trace of dirt on it. Cleaning your Salomon hiking boots should be done by hand.
        • Under no circumstances should you clean your boots using a washing machine. You’ll not only ruin your Salomon hiking boots, but you’ll also end up destroying the appliance in the process.
        • After cleaning your boots, place them in a spot that’s far from any direct source of heat. Drying your footgear at room temperature is recommended.
        • The leather portion of your boot’s upper cracks when it isn’t maintained properly. Applying water or cream-based wax treatment products preserves leather. It helps restore the leather’s waterproofness as well.

        12 best Salomon hiking boots

        1. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX
        2. Salomon OUTline Mid GTX
        3. Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP
        4. Salomon Quest Winter GTX
        5. Salomon Quest Prime GTX
        6. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX
        7. Salomon OUTback 500 GTX
        8. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid Aero
        9. Salomon Utility Winter CS WP
        10. Salomon X Ultra Mid Winter CS WP
        11. Salomon OUTblast TS CSWP
        12. Salomon OUTsnap CSWP
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