31 best New Balance neutral running shoes (November 2017)

4,305 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 82/100

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Used by a wide range of runners the world over, New Balance has garnered 100,000 + reviews that attest to their products’ high-quality performance. Innovation and design are welded together to provide the best footwear there is possible. For assurance, go with the tried and tested name of New Balance.

How can the best New Balance neutral shoes benefit you?

  • The best New Balance neutral shoes strike the right balance of cushioning and flexibility that allow them to be extremely versatile. Among its ranks are shoes of varying degrees of cushion that provide several options for an everyday trainer or lightweight racing shoes.
  • Versatility of New Balance neutral shoes is also evident in the fact that runners who love to put in some flavor in their training or activities use these neutral shoes. The shoe is a perfect fit for running, walking, gym workouts, cardio training, speed training, time trials, and racing.
  • If you are a runner with a neutral gait or lands with very slight pronation or supination then the New Balance neutral shoes are a clear cut choice that allows you to move into the natural progression of your strides.
  • New Balance neutral shoes have highly-durable midsoles. This permits the shoes to perform optimal shock absorption for prolonged periods. The midsole construction promotes a great blend of cushioning and responsiveness. The latest in their renowned midsole is the REVlite which is 30% lighter than the average foam, but with the same durability while the N-ergy focuses on excellent shock absorption.
  • Fantastic heel to toe transition is also another feature common among New Balance’s neutral shoes. The shoes’ foams attenuate shock and then translate it to a more dynamic toe off movement.
  • New Balance is always on top of their game as far as improvements and innovations are concerned. Their neutral shoes, being their most versatile product, are packaged with some of the company’s best technologies.
  • Unmatched fit is New Balance’s famous commitment and this is very true to their neutral shoes.

Factors of the best New Balance neutral shoes

  • Cushioning. Cushioning is the bread and butter of most neutral shoes. It is here that New Balance really excels with their Revlite and N-ergy foam technologies. As mentioned, the former is 30% lighter than the average foam with exactly the same high-performance while N-ergy answers the need of shock absorption.
  • Outsole Durability. Outsole durability is a feature that is a must with any type of shoes, especially for shoes that are versatile enough to be used in several and varied activities. New Balance neutral shoes are outfitted with the harder carbon rubber, uniquely called Ndurance by the company, near high-wear areas and the softer blown rubber near the forefoot for optimal grip on varied surfaces.
  • Weight. The weight of New Balance neutral shoes sits in the middle between the normally heavier stability shoes and the lighter minimalist pair. Since it does not carry the same technical construction like stability features and support as the former, then it is decidedly lighter. It is heavier though than the almost bare bones structure of the minimalist shoes.