6 best Brooks trail running shoes (November 2017)

274 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 88/100

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Performance meets style in running shoe collections manufactured by Brooks, a globally-recognized sports company that continues to be highlighted in 100,000+ shoe reviews in terms of fitness. If you are curious how the best Brooks trail shoes can improve your running regime, read more or start comparing shoes through our reviews.

What sets the best Brooks trail shoes from others?

  • Trail shoes are favored by those who want to explore the rugged topography. As opposed to road shoes, they feature aggressive treading patterns, durable lugs, better traction and grip and even debris-proof features to keep the elements away from the foot. The best Brooks trail shoes are expected to have a combination of protection, comfort and performance to thrill fitness enthusiasts and athletes made for the outdoors.
  • The outsole is an important part of trail shoes. It is durable enough to last when used on stony paths, muddy grounds and rugged mountain ranges. It is also well-cushioned to provide protection against slight irregularities on the trail.
  • The level of traction and grip is high in the best Brooks trail shoes. With aggressive patterns and lugs, these shoes provide better balance on uneven terrain. They also allow runners to facilitate an efficient gait cycle, given that they check their pronation and use the right type of shoe to control it.
  • Some of the best Brooks trail shoes are weatherproof. There are shoe technologies that make a platform resistant to water while being well-ventilated. There are also pairs that seal the shoe off from snow or wind, making them suitable for colder climates.
  • Versatility can be observed in the best Brooks trail shoes. They are not only designed to take on rugged terrains, but even grounds as well. If you like doing mixed trail and track runs, better find off-road pairs.

What distinguishes the best Brooks trail shoes?

  • Weight. Trail shoes are necessarily heavy, especially if their outsoles are made from pure carbon rubber. However, if you want to go for speed training or racing, there are lightweight alternatives of the best Brooks trail shoes on the market. Technically, the lightest trail shoes would be from 150 grams to 230 grams. If performance and protection are your considerations in choosing trail trainers, average weight measurements are expected.
  • Waterproof features. The best Brooks trail shoes may or may not have waterproof features, so do not forget to read reviews or ask shoe experts. The GTX (Gore-Tex) membrane is a popular component in trail shoes, especially in the Brooks performance line. The brand also has the Element upper technology that guarantees weather protection.
  • Outsole material. In choosing a shoe, ask for the technical aspects of the outsole. If you are up against tricky mountain ranges, you need to look for durable lugs and aggressive treading. When it comes to soft grounds, like muddy areas, a high level of traction and grip should be prioritized. The following outsole technologies available from Brooks are the HPR Plus midsole, Engineered Cush Pod Configuration and HPR Green midsole among others.