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10 reasons to buy

  • Most reviewers applauded the Nike Dunk Low Flyknit's retro look with a unique texturized design brought by the Flyknit upgrade.
  • The shoe is available in a number of colorways.
  • The kick's upgraded traction design offers excellent grip, based on a few shoe users.
  • A good number of consumers noticed the improved comfort of the shoe due to the upper being switched to Flyknit.
  • Some of the wearers appreciate the lighter and more breathable fit of the Nike Dunk Low Flyknit's upper.
  • Others noted that the original Dunk Low was too hot and this upgrade has the same look but more wearable.
  • Plenty of purchasers found the kick to fit true to size.
  • A few shoe users shared that the shoe is perfect for traveling, as it is lightweight and easy to pack.
  • Some wearers mentioned that the pair's construction is durable and of excellent quality.
  • Several long-time Dunk Low fans mentioned that the kick's rich history makes it worth their purchase.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few users of this shoe disclosed that the Flyknit fabric is hard to keep clean.
  • Some loyal Dunk fans didn't take the Flyknit upgrade quite well and said that it belonged to running and more technical shoes, not with the classic models.

Bottom line

Just like a multitude of other Nike models, the Dunk Low is the latest model to receive a Flyknit overhaul. With a fitting new name, the Nike Dunk Low Flyknit is a lighter and breezier rendition of its older sibling, which enhanced the shoe's overall comfort.

While the Flyknit is not suitable for heavy physical activities, the kick makes for a perfect everyday pair. Equipped with the Dunk's signature good looks and superb comfort, the Nike Dunk Low Flyknit will keep you looking snazzy and comfortable all summer.


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The Nike Dunk Low Flyknit is a unisex shoe that is offered in men's sizes. The gentlemen can choose from sizes 4 to 15, while the ladies who want to cop should go one size down from their regular shoe size. The kick's Flyknit upper is constructed to fit true to size.

The timeless design of the Nike Dunk Low Flyknit exhibits a wear-with-anything style. Its minimal and classic silhouette makes for a kick that's easy to match with an array of casual outfits. It could be worn with joggers and a hoodie for the ultimate athleisure ensemble or opt for a pair of chinos, a plain shirt, and a casual blazer for a dressier look for the men. Ladies can match it with leggings, shorts, skirts, or dresses for a comfortable yet feminine outfit.

This shoe stayed loyal to the OG Dunk's silhouette but is now crafted from Nike's Flyknit technology that comes clothed in various colorways offering enhanced comfort and style. Its tongue, heel counter, and Swoosh logo are made of leather for added structure. The outsole features an updated tread pattern for enhanced traction.

The Nike Dunk, born in 1985, was initially released in a hi-top silhouette as it was first manufactured as a basketball shoe. Designer Peter Moore sketched it, and his purpose in creating the shoe is to release a model that will complement different school colors. Hence, the Dunk was dubbed as the "College Color High" at first.

The Dunk is reported to be a mash-up of different Nike shoes that came before it: the outsole resembled the same traction as the Air Jordan 1, while the upper is a combination of the Nike Terminator and the Air Jordan 1. Equipped with the comfort of a basketball shoe and street style aesthetics, it inevitably spread beyond basketball and onto the streets.

The 90s saw a boom in the skateboarding culture and, by this time, skaters have been using the Nike Dunks for kickflips and ollies. Between 1998 and 2000, Nike released the Dunk that featured a nylon tongue, which further attracted the shoe to skateboarders.

Finally, in 2002, Nike released multiple skate specific designs modified to cater to the demands of skateboarding. This shoe was called the Nike Dunk SB. Since its introduction, various skateboarders and designers have reinterpreted the shoe in a multitude of colors and materials.

The Nike Dunk has been around for more than 30 years, and it has transcended decades, different sports and fashion. In recent years, though, the Dunk has been in the backseat due to a shift in consumers' choice in their footwear: slimmer and lighter silhouettes. It didn't take long until Nike released a Flyknit version of the Dunk to keep up with modern trends. Re-introduced in summer 2017, the Nike Dunk Low Flyknit retained its predecessor's design but reconstructed in a lighter and more breathable Flyknit upper.

  • The kick is available in Medium width.
  • An embroidered "Flyknit" is sewn inside the tongue.
  • The shoe's lining is made from leather for added durability and protection for the feet.
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