Our verdict

The Nike Air Max Bella TR3 is a great indoor training shoe. They are great if you are new to the gym and want to try a pair of shoes that are great for most forms of training. I would not recommend them for cardio or a lot of lateral movements but other than that, they are a great shoe! I wear them a lot more than I thought I would!


  • True to size
  • Nice fit
  • Versatile
  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Supportive heel
  • Wide toebox
  • Affordable
  • Better tongue design


  • Lacks support for lateral movements
  • Not for running
  • No tread

Audience verdict


Who should buy it

The Nike Bella TR 3 is a reliable training shoe that I honestly recommend to those looking for an affordable training shoe that is comfy and can do power lifts and high-intensity workouts.

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other models if you:

  • want a shoe that offers lots of support for lateral movements (the Free x Metcon 2 is worth checking out)
  • need a shoe for cardio (in this case, consider the Metcon 7)

Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 first impressions

As soon as I put on the Nike Air Max Bella TR3’s, I loved them! They are extremely comfortable and great for training/lifting in a gym setting. Most Nike shoes typically run pretty narrow around the toes, but these are a little wider which makes them feel so much better. 

If you like a snug shoe then these may not be for you but if you like a little more wiggle room around the toes you will love these.

Great gym shoe

These flat bottom shoes allow you to lift weights while being balanced and flat against the floor. You can do machines, power lift, circuits, and high-intensity interval training all without having to switch shoes. 


The Bella TR 3 is not for cardio

Although these are great for weight training, I would not recommend them for running, stairmaster, elliptical, or rowing. I felt as though they did not have enough support in the arches. 

No shoe tongue

These shoes have an attached tongue so there is no need to worry about it shifting during your workout! I usually like having a shoe tongue to adjust my shoe the way I like it, however, this shoe makes it feel like you are putting on a sock and it stays in place perfectly. 


No lateral movement support

The shoes are low cut on the sides so I didn’t feel as though I had a lot of support in the sides. I was shifting a little in the shoes when I did side lunges or any lateral movement. I typically wear no-show socks and they are so low that you can see my socks on the side when I wear them. 

No blisters in the Bella TR 3!

Although the Nike Bella TR 3 is a little higher in the back heels, they do not rub or cause friction. I am very prone to getting blisters on my heels with any new pair of shoes. After wearing these for multiple days and training in them, I had no blisters or hot spots! 


Not light not heavy

The Nike Max Bella TR3 is an average-weight shoe. I wouldn’t say they are extremely heavy or light. They feel solid but don’t weigh you down.

The Nike Bella TR 3 is very breathable

The Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 is very breathable. The toe of the shoe is a mesh material so your feet are able to get airflow. They would not do well in wet environments due to them being so thin. Water would easily seep into them.


The Bella TR 3 holds up very well

I have had no signs of wear and tear on them since wearing them. They are holding up very well since wearing them in the gym. I do not wear them outside going to the gym so I can’t say how they would hold up in an outdoor setting. I have spilled on them and they are easy to wipe down without there being a stain.

Use the shoe indoor

The Nike Air Max Bella TR3 has no grip or tread on them. They are great for wearing in an indoor or flat setting. I would not recommend them for running outside on pavement or dirt trails. 

Lockdown is great

The Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 is not a tight shoe but you are able to tighten them if needed. I actually like how these are not as tight as other Nike shoes usually are. There is plenty of room without you feeling like you are moving around in the shoe. I felt secure and comfortable every time I wear them! 


Nike Bella TR 3 vs Bella TR 2

What got better

  • Breathability
  • Overall fit
  • Comfort
  • Tongue design
  • Weight

What got worse

  • Grip


In my opinion, the Bella TR 3 is a much better shoe. The changes they made in the newer model are much better. The Bella TR 2 is much thicker/chunky, slightly heavier, tighter around the toes, and the shoe tongue is constantly shifting. 

The Bella TR 3 would be my shoe of choice if you were deciding on one over the other. I believe the TR 3 is more versatile, comfortable, and stylish compared to the TR 2.


I wear the Bella TR3 pretty often and I don’t think I will continue to wear the older version due to the complications I have when wearing them.