Who is it for? This Nike shoe for training is suitable for people who are just starting with their fitness journey as well as fitness enthusiasts.

What is it for? The Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 is constructed to support the agile movements of circuit training. It is also built with a broad base that stabilizes the foot during weight training.

Updates to Nike Air Max Bella TR 3

Much of the changes on the Nike Air Bella TR 3 are seen on the top.

The cage-like structure on the heel now covers a broader area, which enhances heel stability.

The eyelets have been redesigned for an enhanced foothold.


Traction. A full-length rubber covers the underside of the Nike Air Bella TR 3. The compound is durable and provides grip on various surfaces.

Stability. The outsole of this workout shoe is designed to be flat. The wide base helps keep the foot steady, especially during fast side-to-side movements.


Cushioning. A full-length foam makes up the midsole of the Air Max Bella TR 3. It is soft and pliable, making heel-to-toe transitions smooth.

The Max Air unit is placed under the heel. The element uses compressed air to aid in absorbing shock when the user lands on her heel.


Coverage. The Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 employs a breathable mesh for its top. A soft fabric wraps the interior, controlling moisture and temperature to prevent sweaty feet.

Construction. This Nike shoe features a bootie design. Wearers can simply slide their foot in and out in a jiff. A fabric tab is attached to the back of the collar so you can quickly put on the shoe.

Lockdown. However, if one needs more midfoot security, this model comes with a lacing system to help with that. The shoestrings integrate with durable straps that cover the rearfoot and the lateral and medial sides. When the laces are tightened, the saddle-like structure enhances the heel hold.

Fit. Light foam is used for both the instep and the collar of this workout shoe. It prevents chafing and the footgear from flying off during intense training.


The current trend of Nike Air Max Bella TR 3.
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