6 Best Nike SuperRep Training Shoes in 2022

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6 Best Nike SuperRep Training Shoes in 2022

There are different types of workouts, each with specific targets and each enjoyed by a specific sector of the fitness-conscious population. The Swoosh courts the fancy of those who love HIIT, circuit training, and other fast-paced workouts with the Nike Super Rep training shoes. This series of training footwear is designed for a lot of jumping, sprints, and other dynamic moves.

The Nike Super Rep series is surely reliable, but even there is a hierarchy even among the greats. We took it upon ourselves to determine the real standouts in this line, and we present them here in this article.

How the top Nike Super Rep training shoes are determined

To ensure the objectivity of our assessments, we observe the following:

  • No sponsorships to make sure that we are not indebted to anyone and therefore bias-free
  • Actual tests are conducted to really see how each Nike Super Rep training shoe works in real life
  • Although we write reviews that refer to what we actually experienced, we still make efforts to incorporate the experiences of other testers

In addition to our qualitative assessments, we also come up with a Corescore from 0 to 100 for each shoe. This is the weighted average of all the individual ratings that we collect from the web.

Best Nike SuperRep training shoes overall

This performance-ready shoe has a nice, futuristic design. Kudos to Nike for stepping outside the box to design a far-out training shoe. The shoe is impressive and stable when it comes to hard lateral movements. While it runs true to size, the shoe is not suitable for users with wide feet.
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As the brand’s first HIIT-specific trainer, Nike Air Zoom SuperRep is packed with technologies for every possible challenge in a fitness class. A great number of those who have tested the shoe are unanimously positive about its performance. Bouncy and flexible yet stable and supportive, it ticks all the boxes. Although not everyone takes to its unusual design, the shoe still comes highly recommended for the habitues of HIIT classes.
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Best workout Nike SuperRep training shoes

The ZoomX SuperRep Surge is Nike's response to people being forced to workout indoors due to the pandemic. It is a highly-cushioned daily trainer designed for exercises in the studio, gym, or at home. Highly praised for its responsive and supportive build, keeping the athlete comfortable and their performance efficient is this pair's main selling point.
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The Nike SuperRep Go is great for the average gym go-er. They are versatile enough for whatever workout you are going to do. The design of the shoe is great for a variety of training styles. They have a bounce to them as you jump, hop, and do quick movements. They are definitely not meant for long-distance running but if you are just doing a short indoor run or a sprint, they are great.
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Best Nike Nike SuperRep training shoes

The SuperRep Go 2 is a Nike training shoe that attempts to perform better than the original model. It's a shoe that can perform in the gym and workouts at home. If you're looking for a shoe that lasts, you'd probably be better off with the next model.
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What are the cheapest Nike SuperRep training shoes in 2022?

  1. Nike SuperRep Go - from $50
  2. Nike SuperRep Go 2 - from $50
  3. Nike ZoomX SuperRep Surge - from $56
  4. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep - from $75
  5. Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 - from $100

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